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Year R - Chestnut Class

The learner of the week is... Layla!

We are so proud of how hard Layla has worked this week at 'Key worker' school. She has taken great care with her letter formation and identifed lots of intial sounds in words. 

This week she has also been extra helpful towards adults and peers.

Well done Layla, you are amazing! 

Friday 5th March


Good morning Chestnut Class!


Today is our last day of ‘home learning’. We are so excited about seeing you all at school next week!

We hope you enjoyed completing some of the World Book Day challenges.

We continue to look at superheroes today and your second topic question along with some practical ideas is attached below.

Don’t forget our last zoom session is today at 2:30pm.


Have a great day!

Thursday 4th March 


Good morning Chestnut Class,

We have been so impressed with all your amazing pattern work and the lovely crosses you have created, well done! 

Today is World Book Day! To celebrate as a whole school we have created a world book day set of challenges for you to complete! Please see the document below. Also, some of our Year 6 pupils have recorded themselves reading a story, if you wish to watch these please visit Ash class webpage.

You may like to listen to the World Book Day song. We have attached the PDF below.

Our Power of Reading story 'Ruby's Worry' has also be uploaded to Tapestry with our phonics video. 

Have a fantastic day! 

Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning!

How did you get on with your superhero challenge?

Today our little challenge is linked to our Power of Reading story 'Ruby's Worry'. In the story Ruby has a worry. Everybody has a worry sometimes, it's ok but it's important to tell someone our worries. Do you ever have a worry? We would like you to make a 'worry monster' so that you can 'post' any worries you may have to your worry monster. Have a look at the photos below to get some ideas. 

Have fun and don't forget to send us a photo of your worry monster. We can't wait to see them!

Worry monsters

Tuesday 2nd March

Good morning!

How are we all? Only 4 more days of home learning to go!

Our challenge for you today is one linked to our topic of superheroes. Superheroes are helpful and do good things for people. So, we would like you to do something helpful today. This could be laying the table, helping to cook the dinner, tidying your toys away, making your bed. The choice is yours! Are you up for a superhero challenge?

Have fun Chestnut class and don't forget to send us photos of your amazing home learning!


Monday 1st March

Good morning! Hope you had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine.

Only one more week to go! We are so proud of all of you for the amazing efforts in your home learning and so excited to get back into school to see you all.

All the resources for this week are uploaded below.

Today's RE is a Power Point which has been uploaded to Tapestry.

Have fun this week.

Planning grid

The learner of the week is... Olivia!

Olivia has worked incredibly hard during the whole of 'home school learning' and this week is no exception. She always has a smile during our zoom sessions and joins in with enthusiasm.

She enjoys all the tasks set and completes them with great care and thought. 

Well done, we are very proud of you! 

Friday 26th February


Good morning!


Calling all Chestnut superheroes! Today we would like you to think about what you already know about superheroes and then think about what you would like to find out.

Please look at the topic document below, it has key questions and some practical activities. We will be talking about our new topic in our zoom session today at 2:30pm, so if you have any superhero toys please have them ready to show!

Have fun!


Thursday 25th February 


Good morning Chestnut class,


It has been fantastic seeing all your amazing work on Tapestry, well done!

We are so excited about being back in class on the 8th of March!

Today we would like you to get active. The weather is warming up so you may like to get outside on your bike, scooter or play in your garden.

How many star jumps can you do in 1 minute? How many jumps? Can you put up two markers and see how many times you can run in between them?

If you have a ball you could practise throwing and catching. If not, you could always use several pairs of rolled up socks.

Why not put on some of your favourite music and dance away!

We can’t wait to see your pictures of Tapestry.


Don’t forget to watch our Power of Reading story ‘A Brave Bear’ which is on Tapestry.

Have fun! 


More pattern ideas

Wednesday 24th February


Good morning!

How did you get on with the building challenge yesterday? Don't forget to send us a photo of your creation. 

Today we would like you to get busy with your fingers again and do some fun threading. Have a look at the ideas below and see what interests you.

The resources for today are attached below.

See you later on zoom at 2:30pm!

Have fun Chestnut class.

Tuesday 23rd February

Good morning!

Well done finding so many patterns! Did you find any repeating patterns?

Phonics is a video today on Tapestry. The phoneme frame template and pictures are below.

Today our little challenge for you is a building one. Use any building toys you have at home to make anything at all! We have uploaded a few ideas below. Don't forget to send us a photo, we can't wait to see your creations!

Have fun!

Building ideas

Monday 22nd February

Hello Chestnut class!

Welcome back to Term 4.

Hope you are all well and had a lovely half-term break.

The sun is shining and we are ready for a new term's learning!

Below is the planning for this week and any handouts. 

The Maths input today is a video with Mrs Penfold on Tapestry.

For RE today you may like to paint or draw a picture of Jesus after watching the Power Point. You could also write some words to describe him around your picture.

Have fun Chestnut class!

Friday 12th February


Morning Chestnut Class!


We have made it! This term has been very different, but we hope you have made some special memories with your family at home. We have been so proud of how hard you have worked.  Every day you have impressed us with the amazing work you have completed. Thank you, parents, for your amazing support!

Our maths session and story time have both been uploaded to Tapestry.


Today is Chinese New Year, you may like to have your own celebration/party.

Please remember there is no afternoon zoom session today, but we are coming together at 10:30am to celebrate the end of term. The link was sent in an email.  


Have a fantastic half term!

Thursday 11th February


Good morning!


Did you enjoy the dragon dancing? Today we are going to carry on our Chinese New Year theme and would like you to make your own Chinese dragon. Below are lots of ideas. Please upload your photos to Tapestry, we love seeing all the amazing work you are doing!

The maths video for today has been uploaded to Tapestry and the challenges are on the planning grid. Have fun!

Wednesday 10th February

Good morning! We hope you had more fun in the snow and maybe tried something a little different.

Today our little challenge is linked to Chinese New Year. We would like you to watch the video below and make up your own Chinese Dance. Try to use different movements, including up and down, turning, speeding up and slowing down.

Don't forget our zoom today at 2:30pm. We are sharing a joke today to make us all smile and doing a little drawing as well. Mrs Penfold has got some snowy jokes to share!

Have fun doing your dance and maybe playing in the snow some more!

Chinese New Year Dragon Dance

Tuesday 9th February

Good morning!
Are you enjoying the snow? 

Our phonics video with Mrs Penfold has been uploaded to Tapestry. The accompanying activity has been uploaded below.

Today our little challenge for you is a snowy one!
Below are a list of activities if you would like to try something a little bit different as well as some photos to give you ideas. As you play and investigate, talk about and describe what you feel and see. 

- Try freezing a little toy, a leaf or something else in some water overnight. Can you explain what happened? How can you get it out again? 

- Try mixing some salt with the snow. What happens?

- Experiment with food colouring in the snow. Use something that you can squirt with such as a pipette, Calpol syringe or a bottle with a spray top. What happens when you mix the colours?

- Use a stick to draw or write in the snow.

- Make 'snow cakes', use cake cases, a muffin tin, snow and little stones! What else could you mix with the snow for your cooking creation?

-Have fun with some bubbles. Do they freeze?

-Hide some little toys or stones in the snow. Have fun digging them up and finding them again!

Have fun and don't forget to send us some photos!

Monday 8th February

Good morning!

Did you enjoy the snow? Hope you managed to get out in it, play, build a snowman or make snow angels. If not make the most of it while it is still here!

We have one week left to go, and we can do it! We have been so impressed this term Chestnut class, how you have let your lights shine. You are all amazing!

This week's activities are uploaded below, hope you have fun!

Planning grid

The learner of the week is... Harper! 

For recognising all his key words and his fantastic reading! We have also been impressed with how hard Harper has been working on his letter formation. We are so proud of you Harper! 

Friday 5th February


Good morning Chestnut Class,

We have been so impressed with your adding this week! Well done everyone.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit about Amazing Africa.  Today we leave the wild animals behind to fly to a country which is famous for its mythical creature the dragon! To find out our next destination please watch the PowerPoint presentation below, this has also been uploaded to Tapestry.

We can’t wait to see you at 2:30pm for our dress up zoom session. Please have a piece of paper and pencil ready as we are going to be playing bingo.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday 4th February


Good morning Chestnut Class,

We hope you are enjoying the African challenges so far.  Today we would like you to try some weaving.

Weaving is a very important part of African culture. It is a form of art that is used in everyday life to create clothes and baskets. The colourful and unique patterns are not only beautiful, but they often tell a story about the weaver’s history. The techniques and skills used in African weaving are generally passed down from generation to generation.

Below are some ideas for practising weaving, you may like to be adventurous and try some of the outside weaving ideas.

Weaving is a great activity to support hand and eye co-ordination.

Don’t forget Mrs Penfold is reading our Power of Reading book today which is uploaded to Tapestry.

Also don’t forget to find your favourite dressing up costume ready for our zoom session tomorrow! We can’t wait to see you!


Have fun!

Wednesday 3rd February

Good morning. Did you have fun making your African Art?

Today we have a little challenge for you. We would like you to watch the story Handa's surprise below and make a fruit salad of your own. We wonder, which fruit you will put in your bowl?

Don't forget our zoom today is at 2:30pm. We will also read this story in our zoom so don't worry if you don't get time to watch it.

Have fun with your bouncy blending today, see you later on zoom!

HANDA'S SURPRISE - Picture Book- Animation

Tuesday 2nd February

Wow! We have loved seeing your Art for the story 'Jesus calms the storm'. Well done everyone. 

Today we would like you to get creative again. Our Power of Reading story is set in Africa, Amazing Africa. We would like you to create an African picture. You may like to do the animals and think about their patterns or you may like to create the scenery. We have attached some photos below to give you some ideas. Don't forget to send us some photos!

Have fun being creative!

Monday 1st February

Good morning!

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and are ready for some more exciting learning. Did you play in the puddles?

Our RE activity today is an Art and craft one. Have a look at the photo ideas below. You may like to represent the story with the boat on the sea or you may like to make a 'dove' to show the message of the story. 

Our zoom this week on Friday is a dress up one! We would like you to dress up in your favourite costume. We wonder what you will wear?

We can't wait to see your amazing learning this week, don't forgot to upload to Tapestry so we can take a look.

Have fun Chestnut class!


The learner of the week is... Darcey! 

For working so hard with her learning at home and settling quickly back into school. Darcey always gives each task 100% and we are so proud of her! 

Friday 29th January 


Good morning Chestnut Class,

We have completed another week of ‘home learning’.  You should all be so proud of yourselves. The pictures you are uploading to Tapestry are amazing! Well done everyone!

Today we leave the beaches and animals of Australia behind to visit another amazing place. Please watch the PowerPoint, which is also uploaded to Tapestry, to find out our next destination. 

Don’t forget to join us for our zoom session today at 2:30, we are going to be going on a scavenger hunt.

Have a lovely weekend! 

Thursday 28th January


Good morning Chestnut Class,

Did you write a postcard to the ladybird? Did you tell her about all the things you saw in Australia?

Today there is story time with Miss Penighetti on Tapestry who is reading ‘The selfish crocodile’.

Also on Tapestry is the phonics PowerPoint. The board game is below.

Our little challenge for you today is to dive down deep into the waters of Australia and visit the Great Barrier Reef.  What can you see?  You may like to look at some photos of the Barrier Reef first, there is one below.  We would then like you to create your own picture of the Barrier Reef. You can paint, draw, use different materials to create your own picture. We have put some examples of artwork below. We can’t wait to see your finished master pieces!

Have fun!



Wednesday 27th January

Did you have a good day celebrating Australia Day?

Where did you go in your role play? What did you see?

Today our little challenge is for you to write a postcard to the ladybird telling her about your adventures in Australia. You may like to draw a picture. We have uploaded a postcard template if you would like to use it. Have fun writing to the ladybird!

Don't forget zoom later today at 2:30pm. We are going to sing songs about some of the animals in Australia.

Hope to see you all later!

Australia Day!

How exciting Chestnut class, today is Australia Day! It is a National day celebrating the first day a fleet of ships arrived in Australia, effectively founding Australia. What will you do to celebrate? Hope you have fun on your journey to Australia!


Tuesday 26th January

Good morning!

We hope you managed to get outside yesterday and enjoy the lovely sunshine.

Today there are two videos uploaded to Tapestry. One is a phonics video with Mrs Penfold to support you with your oral blending. The other is a PE game with Miss Brooks for you to join in.

Our little challenge for you today is some role play. We would like you to pretend your sofa is an aeroplane and go on an adventure to Australia! What will you see? What will you do? Maybe you might go deep sea diving and see the Great Barrier reef or maybe you might have a bbq on the beach! We wonder what animals you will meet in the Australian Bush? 

There is also a story time with Mrs Penfold on Tapestry who is reading 'The Koala who could'. 

Have fun joining in with the PE game and your adventure to Australia!

Monday 25th January

Good morning!

We hope you had a lovely weekend. Did you see any snow?

We wonder what memories you will make this week while you have fun!

Uploaded below are this week's tasks. Maths is a video today on Tapestry with Mrs Penfold. There are some additional activities for Maths if you would like them. Today's RE is also video with Mrs Penfold on Tapestry. After watching the video we would like you to have a go at retelling the story today. You may like to act it out, draw a story map or if you have any little sheep and a farmer you could use those too! Please do let us know if you need any help getting into Tapestry or resetting a password. Just email

Have fun Chestnut class!

The learner of the week is... Elicia! 

For working so hard with her learning at home and in school. We have been so impressed with her oral blending and fantastic reading. 

Well done! 

Friday 22nd January


Good morning Chestnut Class,


Did you enjoy your Indian dancing? We now leave India and continue our journey around the world. Please watch the PowerPoint to discover our next destination. The PowerPoint has also been uploaded onto Tapestry.

Don’t forget to watch the number 10 maths PowerPoint which has also been uploaded to Tapestry.

We look forward to seeing you on zoom today at 2:30pm. You may wish to bring your Indian flag if you made one, a special toy to share or a piece of work you are really proud of.

Have a lovely weekend!

Thursday 21st January

Good morning Chestnut Class,

Did you make a flag for the country India? We hope you are enjoying all the little challenges we are setting you.  Please keep putting all your lovely photos onto Tapestry. We love seeing all the hard work you are completing.

The challenge today is to try out some Indian dance moves. Dancing is a huge part of the traditional Indian way of life. The use of hands, fingers and eyes are of great importance in Indian dancing. Below is the title of the YouTube clip. (Running time 4:30)

Learn Bhangra dance steps for kids by Rockstar academy chandigarh india.

Have fun! 

Don't forget to watch our story time Video with Mrs Penfold (on Tapestry) She will be reading our Power of Reading book ‘No Dinner’ by Jessica Souhami.

Take care Chestnut class!



Phonics- Watch the video on Tapestry by Miss Penighetti

Wednesday 20th January

Wow! We are so impressed with your blending robots. Hope you had fun blending your words. Have fun making your blending wheels today!

Maths today is a video with Mrs Penfold which you can find on Tapestry. Please do let us know if you are having any problems logging into Tapestry. (

Today our little challenge for you is to make the flag for the country India. You may want to look on the internet or look in a book if you have one. 
Don't forget our zoom today at 2:30. We look forward to seeing you!

Take care Chestnut class!

Tuesday 19th January

Good morning. How is everyone doing?

Did you enjoy a game of hopscotch with your sounds yesterday?

Today we have a little challenge for you. We would like you to make a set of sound cards to use in some of your phonics sessions. You may like to write the sounds yourself on card and cut them out or you may like to print the sounds attached below.

Have fun making your blending robots today as well. I wonder what name you will give them? We can't wait to see a photo!

Take care Chestnut class!

Monday 18th January

Good morning! We hope you are all well and ready for another week of exciting learning. Don't forget to send us any photos to Tapestry, we love seeing your work and finding out how you are getting on. 

Our quote above today is all about the importance of play. So much of the EYFS curriculum is based around learning through play. When young children play they are learning so many different skills. Skills such as problem solving, making choices, thinking creatively, sorting, acting out their experiences, developing language and negotiating are just a few. Children need to play independently and with others, including adults. While we are all at home, do enjoy playing with your child. 

Below are the resources for this week.

Have fun Chestnut class!


We were experiencing some technical problems with zoom today and apologise if you were unable to join the session. We will be recording the story and uploading it to Tapestry. 

The learner of the week is... Eliza! 

For engaging in so many different home learning activities. 

Well done! 

Friday 15th January


Good morning Chestnut Class,


Today we leave cold Antarctica and continue our journey to a new country. To find out where we will be landing next, please watch the PowerPoint below. We have also uploaded the PowerPoint to Tapestry.

In class we would have set up our role play area as an airport and then added extra resources/props to bring each country alive. You may like to set up an airport with your child. You could use the sofa as an aeroplane, if you have a suitcase they could pack things they may need for their journey, you could use their passport they made last week. Children at this age learn so much through play, talking and acting out experiences. When they arrive at their destination, they may like to talk about things that were in the PowerPoint.

We look forward to seeing you all in the zoom session today. We were so impressed with your Antarctic scenes and thought it would be nice if you wish to share them at the beginning of our session. We will also be reading our Power of Reading story and revealing 'learner of the week.'


We have also uploaded on Tapestry a video of Mrs Head signing some key words linked to our topic.

Well done for all your hard work this week, we love seeing all your photos and videos. 



Have a fantastic weekend! 

Thursday 14th January

Good morning Chestnut class!

We hope you enjoyed your singing zoom session!

Did you make up your own penguin dance? Did you discover some new moves?


For your practical maths activity today, we would like you to use your toys to help you with your numeral recognition and counting. Below are some photo ideas. You can adapt these ideas to suit your child’s interests and the toys they have. You may like to draw some houses with numerals on the door then stick dots on dolls and ask your child to take the doll to the correct house.


An extra challenge for you today is to play a game of ‘copycat’. Explain to your child you are going to complete an action and they then need to copy it exactly. We have played this in school before where we pass the action around the circle. For example, clap 3 times and your child must listen carefully and clap back to you 3 times. Jump on the spot 6 times. They then must copy. This game helps to develop your child’s listening, looking, counting and concentration skills. You may like to challenge your child and perform more than one action for example touch your head then turn around.


You may also like to have ago at a science experiment. Ice fishing!


Maths ideas

Don't forget to watch the phonics session on Tapestry!

Wednesday 13th January

Good morning Chestnut class!

Well done on your Antarctic pictures, they are amazing! If you haven't done one yet or haven't finished, don't worry. Just send us a photo on Tapestry when you have. We look forward to seeing your creations!

Today, we would like you to get active. Our challenge for you is to make up a penguin dance! Watch the video clip of "The Penguin Dance' from Mary Poppins (1968). Can you make up your own dance to the music? Can you include some penguin movements such as waddling, turning, flapping, gliding?

You may like to watch Andy's Wild adventures 'Series 1 - Emperor Penguins' to get some ideas. You can find it on BBC iPlayer.

Have fun with your dancing!

We are looking forward to seeing you on Zoom today!

'The Penguin Dance' from Mary Poppins (1968)

Tuesday 12th January

Good morning. How did you get on sorting 'sh' and 'ch' objects and pictures yesterday?

We have uploaded the blending Powerpoint for today's phonics.

Also don't forget to watch Mrs Penfold read 'Penguin Small' on Tapestry.

We are aware that Tapestry was a bit slow yesterday, hopefully it will be better today.

Our challenge for you today is to make an Antarctic scene for your penguin that hopefully you will draw in our Power of Reading session. You may like to use different materials such as strips of blue paper, shiny foil, cotton wool. Or you could use different shades of cold colours with the paints or colouring pencils.

Have a look at the photos below to get some ideas!

Once you have completed your picture, why don't you play with your penguin? How does he move? Does the penguin in the story 'Penguin Small' give you some ideas?

Have fun Chestnut class, we can't wait to see your creations! 

Antarctic Art scenes

Monday 11th January 

We hope you have had a lovely weekend and managed to get outside, even though it has been freezing!

We have uploaded this week's planning grid with all the resources/worksheets you need for phonics for the week and RE today. The Maths you can follow the links and download them all directly from the website. 

An alternative practical activity has been suggested on the planning grid for phonics and maths. Please do not feel you have to do both, you may choose. In class most of the activities we do would be practical as that is how young children learn most effectively. However, we do appreciate that your child may like to do a worksheet or a printed game.

This week any PowerPoints will be attached directly to the website, or straight to Tapestry if they are to large. Please remember they do have sound, so ensure the volume is up and you play as a slideshow. 

Have fun this week Chestnut class, continue to be amazing and let your light shine!

From the Chestnut Team!

Power of Reading - Blue Penguin

Craft ideas for RE

Instructions on how to make a Diwali lamp - Friday 15th January

The learner of the week is... Freddie! 

For his wonderful blending and great concentration when practising his cutting skills. 

Well done! 

Friday 8th January

We have been so impressed with all your cutting skills. Well done Chestnut Class! 

From this week we leave Britain and take a golden ticket tour around the world. At the end of last term the children chose to learn about 'Our World'. In class we would normally make these sessions as interactive as possible. We would explore and handle real objects, role play, dress up, create small world tables and include little short activities for the children to complete with a partner. We appreciate the home learning is looking very different with lots of videos and PowerPoints.  Please feel free to pause the presentations to allow your child a movement break or a chance to discuss more about a slide. So often in class we divert from where we started as the children ask questions which take us down a different path, it is so important to allow your child to ask these questions as it encourages their natural inquisitive minds and broadens their knowledge. We always tell the children that if we don't know the answer, we can find it out. We use books and the internet to research further. 

Below is our topic PowerPoint. The challenge we would like you to complete afterwards is to make your own passport. A template is attached, or you may like to make your own. Please keep them safe as we will be using them throughout the term.

Don’t forget our zoom session at 2:30, bring your Christmas toy!

Have a wonderful weekend! 

Thursday 7th January


We are lost for words of how proud we are of all of you! Children you are working so hard, parents you are supporting the children brilliantly and sibilings, well done for joining in and being stars too! 

Seeing all your lovely photos and work really brightens our days. 

Mrs Penfold was so pleased to see so many of you today on zoom! Well done everyone. Miss Penighetti is looking forward to seeing you on Friday with one of your special Christmas toys. Have a little think about what you may like to tell your friends about your chosen toy ready for Friday. 

Our Challenge for you today is to practise your cutting skills. Why not try cutting a range of materials. Can you cut different shapes out? Or cut along a wiggly line? You could try cutting different pictures out of an old magazine or newspaper and create your own collage. 

Below are some photo ideas to help you. 

Please encourage your child to hold their scissors correctly and support them with moving the paper. 

Miss Brooks has also recorded a story for you to listen to. It will be uploaded to Tapestry ready for tomorrow. Enjoy Chestnut Class. 


Wednesday 6th January

Wow! We are so impressed with your learning!

Thank you parents for supporting your child and please keep those photos coming.

We love seeing your writing, pictures, counting and hearing about your holidays. Gold star for you all!

Today for phonics you are going on a hunt to find words to then blend and read. You may like to listen to the oral blending Powerpoint from yesterday again first as the words are the same. You could make two sets of the words and play a pairs game as a challenge.

Our little challenge for you today is to log into Mathletics and do the task. It links to our maths session on counting to 5.

We hope you enjoy your walk today, looking for features of the local area. Fingers crossed it will stay dry for the afternoon!

Keep up the great work, see you on zoom later!

The Chestnut Team. 

Tuesday 5th January

Good morning. We hope you enjoyed your first day of home learning.

We are so impressed with all the learning that we have seen.

You are all amazing Chestnut class! 

Parents, please do continue to add photos to Tapestry. We really do enjoy seeing how the children are getting on.

Today, there are a number of videos for phonics. The first one 'Speed sound set 1' with Mrs Penfold practises all sounds as we would do in class. The second is an 'oral blending' powerpoint for you to join in with. It can be downloaded to PowerPoint straight away. It has Mrs Penfold's voice so please make sure you have your volume up and you can hear it.  We have also attached a number of videos by Mrs Hook, they are underneath the Maths and topic you need for today. Each video contains one sound, its cued articulation sign and demonstrates how to write the letter on a white board. You may like to do them all, or just do those letter sounds you need a little more practise with.

In the afternoon the Topic PowerPoint can be used in the same way as the 'Oral blending' Powerpoint, as a slide show, with sound. 

We have a little extra challenge for you today. Make a thank you card for somebody for one of your Christmas presents. You could paint, draw, write or use different materials! Maybe you could take a photo and email it to that person or pop it in the post!

Have fun!

Any questions, please do email us. We were so pleased to hear from so many of you yesterday. (

Good luck!

The Chestnut Team

Speed sound set 1

Still image for this video

Sound 's'

Still image for this video

sound 'm'

Still image for this video

sound 'a'

Still image for this video

sound 'd'

Still image for this video

sound 't'

Still image for this video

sound 'i'

Still image for this video

sound 'n'

Still image for this video

sound 'p'

Still image for this video

sound 'g'

Still image for this video

sound 'o'

Still image for this video

sound 'c' and 'k'

Still image for this video

sound 'u'

Still image for this video

sound 'b'

Still image for this video

sound 'f'

Still image for this video

sound 'e'

Still image for this video

sound 'l'

Still image for this video

sound 'h'

Still image for this video

sound 'r'

Still image for this video

sound 'j'

Still image for this video

sound 'v'

Still image for this video

sound 'w'

Still image for this video

sound 'x'

Still image for this video

sound 'y'

Still image for this video

sound 'z'

Still image for this video

Monday 4th January

Hello and welcome back to Term 3 and online learning!

Parents, children, we can do this!

We are so going to miss seeing you all tomorrow and look forward to hearing how you are getting on at home and seeing your amazing learning. Please do upload any photos of work or learning to Tapestry. 

We hope the guidance letter we sent by email was helpful. We have attached it again along with the planning grid for this week and all the resources you need for today. Our phonics this term we start learning our 'special friends'. Special friends are two letters that make one sound. This week we focus on the 'sh' sound. The RE you can open in Dropbox or just download as a PowerPoint. Please play as a slide show. It does have sound so make sure your volume is up. Please do let us know if you have any problems viewing or hearing it. We will check the class email regularly throughout the day so just email with any questions.

Good luck everyone!

The Chestnut Team

Friday 18th December

What an amazing term! We are so proud of everyone in Chestnut class. Your learning has been 'out of this world'! We would like to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas. We hope you enjoy our Christmas pictures below!

A Bundle of Joy

We are excited to present our Key Stage 1 Nativity; A Bundle of Joy from Out of the Arc.


We have published the video privately through the school’s YouTube account.


We hope you enjoy our show!

Learner of the term.......
For his excellent progress this term in all areas of the Early Years curriculum. Also for being such a thoughtful and kind friend. Well done. We are all very proud. 

Friday 11th December

Chestnut class have loved learning about The Christmas Story and finding out why Christians put on Nativity Plays. They have even enjoyed putting on their own Nativity Play in our class 'Stable' role play area as well as making 'Inn doors' for our song 'There's no room for you' in the school Nativity Play.

Learner of the week.........
For her fantastic enthusiasm and great signing. We have also been so impressed with her amazing art work and great fine motor skills. Keep up the wonderful work! 

Friday 4th December

As the weather turns colder we are finding ways to keep warm outside. Chestnut class have enjoyed using a range of equipment and are doing brilliantly in their PE sessions. This term we have been exploring travelling in different ways and in different directions, as well as moving at different speeds. We are so impressed how they are listening, following instructions and negotiating the space around them. 

Learner of the week........
For always trying his best and his great enthusiasm towards learning. 

Friday 27th November

Another fantastic week in Chestnut class! This week we have been learning about 'one more' with numbers to 5 through number stories and practical hands on activities. We are so impressed with how the children have picked up this concept and are using the language of 'one more'. Have a look at our photos below!

Learner of the week............
For excellent blending when reading and using her phonics so well when writing. Well done. 

Friday 20th November

Chestnut class are loving our new topic of 'Space'. They have been so engaged in our first story related to the topic 'Whatever Next' and used our story map to retell the story brilliantly. Our Space station role play has proved very popular and the children have already made journeys as far as the sun! On Monday a pair of 'Space boots' were delivered to class and investigations are underway to find out who they belong to. We can't wait for more exciting space related activities as the term unfolds. 

Please don't forget to email us if you need any support with anything or just want to ask a question. 

Learner of the week...............
For his fantastic focus this week and great phonics works.๐Ÿ˜€

Friday 13th November

This week Chestnut class took part in a virtual Remembrance Day Service. They were all so sensible and sat quietly during the 2 minute silence. Some of the children enjoyed making poppies and playing with our army small world. See our lovely photos below!

Learner of the week.........
For showing so much enthusiasm towards our new topic, answering and asking thoughtful questions about our learning. Also for fantastic phonics work. Well done. 

Friday 6th November

Welcome back to term 2! We hope you all had a lovely break. 

This term will see us blasting off into space as part of our topic about Robots and Space which the children chose at the end of last term. 

This week they were fascinated about the different jobs robots do to help us and asked some great questions! More information about this terms learning can be found in our newsletter which is attached below. 

The children also took part in a 'balance ability' session and they all really impressed us with their fantastic listening and great bike skills!

Well done Chestnut Class. 

Please see below for our learner of the week and photos in class. We have also attached the reading letter and a Reading Power Point to help you support your child in their reading journey.

Learner of the term. . .

For coming back really settled after the half-term, engaging in all activities with such enthusiasm and for playing so nicely with your friends in Chestnut class. Well done, we are very proud of you!

Have fun learning to read!

Balance ability

Friday 23rd October

What an amazing first term! We are so proud of Chestnut class in how they have settled, their eagerness to learn and all their achievements. 

To conclude our topic about ourselves this week we have been learning about our senses. The children have thoroughly enjoyed exploring all the Autumn sensory experiences. Check out the lovely photos below!

Letters handed out today in class are attached below as well.

Lastly, we would like to wish you a lovely, relaxing half-term break, so well deserved!

Learner of the term...............
For settling quickly into school life and having a great desire to learn new things. For listening carefully at carpet time, sharing ideas and asking thoughtful questions.
For tackling  every task with enthusiasm and curiosity and always keen to give new things a go.

Well done!

Friday 16th October
Learner of the week.......
For settling so well into Chestnut Class and quickly making lots of new friends. For always being polite, thoughtful and eager to take part in a range of activities.

Friday 16th October

The children have loved our Power of Reading book this term 'So much' by Trish Cooke. We have been so impressed how keen they have been with all the activities from retelling the story, ordering the characters, writing invitations, and creating their own 'lift the flap' page for our own version of the story. Well done Chestnut class!

Friday 9th October
Learner of the week.....
For always trying his best in his learning and being interested in all the activities provided. Well done!
During Forest Schools we went on a sound hunt. We then completed some mark making using sticks and chalk. 
Write Dance
During our Write Dance session we listened to an Autumn poem. We then listened to a piece of music and imagined all the things we had heard about in the poem. On large pieces of paper we had to draw shapes to create what we saw when we listened to the music.
Friday 2nd October

Learner of the week. . .

Showing great enthusiasm for learning new things and being thoughtful and caring towards her peers. Well done. 
In our maths sessions this week we have been looking at different ways to make the number 5. We have used a range of resources to support our learning. 

Friday 25th September

What a fantastic week in Chestnut class! We are so impressed how the children have coped going full time, although we suspect they may be a little tired this weekend! They are so positive in class and have really enjoyed our number time and phonics sessions. 

We have attached the Reading letter to go with the books they have brought home today for your reference.

Also check out some photos below of the children enjoying learning and school life.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday 18th September


Hello and welcome to Chestnut class!

We are super proud of all the children and how well they have settled at school. 

They have enjoyed their lunches this week and impressed us with how they have sat and ate their food so nicely. Well done Chestnut class!

We are looking forward to next week when the children go full time and really getting stuck into our learning. Next week we start to introduce phonics.

Please see below information about our learning for this term.

Don't forget our email is if you need to contact us for anything. 

Have a good weekend!