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"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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Tuesday - GET ACTIVE

Similarly to yesterday technology is not my friend today. The zoom meeting set for 11.30 did not work for us today, I did try to rectify the problem but I couldn't see what was wrong. Thankfully, today was just a quick catch up and I know lots of you have taken advantage of the SNOW DAY! Have a wonderful day and an amazing half term!

( I know you will have lots of fun with Miss R this week!)


Snow day!

Although there is plenty of work below to keep you busy,  we would love it if you had a screen free day today.  You can do the activities if you wish,  or you can build a snowman, throw a snowball,  create snow angels or just have a walk and look at how pretty everything is!

I will be on zoom still at 11.30, but I really do hope to see less of you than normal as you'll be out getting fresh air and having FUN!!

Tuesday 9th February


It's TUUESDAYYY! Check out two of our amazing mascots! You made our decision soooooo hard! As we spoke about on Zoom yesterday, we couldn't pick just one mascot - we really did love them all. Something that we did think was brilliant was the acorn idea (I do always call you my acorns after all!). So when we return to school we are going to let all of you who used an acorn in your design work together to create a combined mascot! Until we are back at school, we will pop two a day onto the website so you can see everyone's hard work.

A truly amazing job Acorns! Well done!


Fantastic work from you yesterday. Your Farmer to do lists were even better than I hoped for! We seem to have the maths problem sorted, so I hope it works today!


We will zoom at 11.30am today and you can share your letters if you would like to.



You are going to use your knowledge and understanding of multiplication today. Use the login I sent out to you yesterday, complete at least 10 questions of each type. They aren't too tricky - they are all things that we have done before. :) 



Reading: BugClub Reading Challenge!



Write me a letter. 

I admit I have not been very active lately. I work at the computer all day and then it’s dark! Can you advise me (or convince me) how I could get more exercise during this remote learning time. What could I do? Where could I do it? Why should I do it? You could use pictures to try and encourage me.


 at 11.30 today to share your letters.


Get Active!

Well, with all this snow you may choose to go outside and have a snowball fight, or sledge or build a snowman!

If (like me) you prefer to stay in the warm, why not try one (or a few) of these activities!

Try to have some fun with these activities - can you play against someone or create a scoring system? Can you beat mum or dad? I'd love to see some photos if you take any!


Horizontal climbing

Rock and roll gymnastics

Sock Wars

Reaction Wall

#ThisIsPE - Throwing for accuracy