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"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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Year 4 - Oak Class

Monday 23rd November

It's a chilly start to the week!

Please remember we have to have our windows and doors open so the children really do need their school jumpers! 



Learner of the Week                                                20.11.2020


This week's Learner of the Week has stood out to us all term for his positive, resilient and keen learning attitude.

Congratulations, Joshua       


No matter the task or instruction, Josh is always ready quick as a flash, joining in with the lessons, being a kind and helpful talk partner and an all-around super star! We are so proud of you, Josh! Keep up this exemplary effort! 

Monday 16th November



This week is our Anti Bullying week at school. Every day we will be doing an activity which links to the theme of United Against Bullying. If you would like to find out some more about the Anti Bullying Alliance and what it does there is a link below.


This week's spellings and the Autumn Hunt sheet are attached below. Paper copies will be in school for the children to take home too.




Learner of the week                                                            13.11.2020


Our new learner of the week has thoroughly impressed us with her incredibly mature, calm and resilient attitude in class and on the playground. She tries her best in every subject, listens carefully to feedback, asks questions when she is unsure and is always ready to learn. 



Keep up the marvellous efforts! 

Bug Club

I have updated everyone's Bug Club books - I have also added a book to all of your libraries called Mixed Up Myths which you might like to have a look at!

If you need a reminder about your BugClub login please let us know.


This week's homework

Thank you for all your wonderful emails and books with fabulous autumn photos and pictures! I have looked at them all and am currently in the process of putting them together in a printable document so we can stick them into books and possibly make an autumn collage. 

Please find below a template for a wordsearch for this week's work if you would like one! There are 2 to choose from - a smaller one and a slightly larger one depending on how many apple varieties you find!

Monday 9th November

Week 2 Term 2


It certainly has turned chilly this week! Please make sure your child has a jumper and coat so they are warm in class and on the playground. 

Our PE this term is on MONDAY as we have Mrs Barratt our specialist PE teacher teaching us rugby! The rugby we learn is non contact so please don't worry. Luckily we have the last slot of the day so if we get a bit muddy it's not the end of the world! Top get the most out of our time, this lesson runs almost until our hometime so please bear with us if we are a little late or unorganised when we come out on Mondays!


This week's spellings are below - this week we are looking at -sion words which sound like -zhun

Learner of the week                                   6.11.2020


A huge congratulations to our learner of the week:                                                  Emili                  

Emilie is a kind, caring and thoughtful friend to her classmates, always demonstrating our school value of 'compassion' to those around her. Emilie's enthusiastic approach to all aspects of our learning is marvellous to see and we love hearing her brilliant ideas. Keep it up, Emilie! 

Monday 2nd November

Welcome back! It seemed as if we blinked and the half term was over! It certainly has been a rainy one, i'm keeping my fingers crossed that the rain eases and we have some lovely autumnal sunny days so we can get some fresh air at break times.

We are on the slippery slope to Christmas now - 7 weeks and we'll be there! It will be interesting to see how this term develops with the new systems in place but for now, we carry on as we were.

PE has changed for Oak this term. We will now have PE on a MONDAY afternoon with Mrs Barratt our specialist PE teacher. 

Please find below this week's spellings, Term 2 homework and also Term 2 Newsletter, paper copies will be sent home too.


Happy Half Term! We have worked hard these past weeks and it's been a more challenging first term than ever before. We are proud of Oak Class for settling in well and it's incredibly exciting to see so many letting their light shine. Enjoy the well-deserved rest (as will we). Take care, see you in a week :)

WOWEE! We already have three pupils achieve 'Silver Super Star' status by reaching 50 dojo points - you are brilliant!

Congratulations to our first Learner of the Term:



From the first day of the term, Zac was eager and ready to learn. Not only has he impressed us with his whizzy maths work, but also his proactive, enthusiastic attitude to work hard, share his ideas and join in with all aspects of her learning - even the things he finds challenging! Additionally, Zac listens carefully to his peers and adults, trying his best to implement the advice or feedback given to improve his work further (often independently). 

Moreover, Zac has consistently demonstrated our school values, being a kind, compassionate and modest member of Oak Class. His well-mannered, caring way sets an excellent example to his class mates. 

Keep up the great work, Zac! 

Amazing news for Oak!

This week one of our students completed the 100 club. Not just the 30/60/100 clubs, which in themselves are hugely challenging, but also the Maths Masters which follow the other clubs.  And, not just 1 Maths Master, but ALL of them!

He is the first person in the history of West Malling to do this and we are so proud of his huge achievement. Although a natural mathematician, he has consistently worked incredibly hard to achieve this and we couldn't be happier for him!

Fantastic job, well done from all of us!


Monday 19th October

Week 7


We have finally made it to half term - almost! It's been a fantastic first term back with Oak class, who have really worked with positivity and eagerness. You would never know we had all been away for so long.

(Please note that at times we are having trouble checking our email account - as ever, if anything is urgent please call the office who can pass on a message.)


Last week we tackled some tricky conjunction challenges in pairs. We experimented with using them in the middle of sentences and at the beginning to see which effect we preferred. 


Horrible Histories Special | Black History Month with Strictly's Oti Mabuse | CBBC

We are sure you are aware that October is Black History Month and has been so in the UK since 1987. The Horrible Histories video below gives a fun and musical insight into the lives of a few of the important black role models our world has had.

**warning: contains toilet humour!

More superb homework this week! I was really so impressed by your ideas and your presentation. I have put my orders in for quite a few of these incredible inventions which included a laundry folder, a car toilet  and a lego sorter!

Fabulous work Oak!

Chittering, chattering, jibbering, jabbering sea monkeys galore! We have been working hard to create informative leaflets on these marine mammals (from our book) and today added illustrations and diagrams in the style of Sarah McIntyre (our book's illustrator). Be warned, these crazy critters will destroy anything in their path!

Les chiffres de 1 a 20 (French numbers from 1 to 20)

We greatly enjoyed a boogie to this bop whilst practising our French numbers (1-20) today. Here's the link in case you want to practise some more. C'est fantastique!

Learner of the week                                      16.10.2020

It is our utter delight to announce our new Learner of the Week. This student is always ready to learn, transitions quickly between tasks and works hard to achieve her full potential in all our lessons - even when it's tricky! 

Congratulations, Florence

We are very proud of your mature, humble attitude to learning, Florence. Keep up the wonderful work. 

Monday 12th October

Week 6


We had a great week last week with lots of hard work! Oak class even managed to get their first corridor display completed which  has been praised and commented on by everyone who sees it! (We know there's no ? at the end of the title - that's how the book has it displayed!)

Please find the spellings for this week at the end of our fabulous pictures!

Despite the dreary weather, we managed a great afternoon outside playing some hockey too. Oak have some wonderful, skillful players and everyone showed what great team players they were. 

Your homework continues to be wonderful. So many amazing pieces of research this week. We couldn't believe the range of inventors you chose; from TV to Braille to chocolate to trampolines! All were so interesting!

Our class book 'Oliver and the Seawigs' inspired us to create our own Rambling Isles. Don't they look marvellous?

Learner of the Week                                       9.10.2020


This week's Learner of the Week has been impressing Mrs Hillsdon, Mr White and myself since our first day back to school with his exemplary behaviour, good humour and conscientious attitude to his learning. 

Congratulations, Alfie! 

We are so proud of you, keep up the excellent effort. 

Tuesday 6th October

Pink for a girl!

I had the lovely news today that Miss James has safely delivered a beautiful baby girl.  Lola arrived at 2pm today (just as we were finishing our PE lesson!) and mummy,  baby and daddy are all doing perfectly. 


Monday 5th October

Week 5


I hope you all managed to stay dry this weekend. Where I am, it rained ALL day yesterday! I am keeping my fingers crossed for dry weather for the week so we are able to get outside for PE on Tuesday.

I can't believe there are only 3 weeks left of term 1, the weeks have flown by. The children have settled into our new routines marvellously and it feels as if this is how life always was.


This week you will see there are 2 sets of spellings. We have used these first few weeks to assess the children's spelling and now have split them into 2 key groups. They will both be learning the spelling pattern of the week and both will look at revising some of the key words. The difference is that one group will have 10 spellings and the other 5. Your child will be told which they are to learn (and we always have paper copies in class for them to take home). If you find they are unsure drop us an email and we can let you know.  We call our groups Fivers and Tenners  - you'll see these names on the spelling sheets too.

This split is so we can really focus on solid understanding and more importantly, the children retain the spellings they learn. Thank you for your ongoing support helping your child learn these words.


This week in history...

...well not really this week,  and not actually last week,  but the week before!

I wanted to update you on Miss James' pregnancy.  She is currently 11 days  past her due date and no sign of baby making any attempt to come and meet us yet! We are in touch regularly, (mainly me texting her and asking if baby has arrived and her replying patiently, no), and I will let you know as soon as there is any news.  You will hear it here first!

Learner of the Week                                   2.10.2020

Congratulations to our Learner of the Week:


Hattie has been showing a lot of care and respect to others and our school environment, proactively tidying up or helping classmates. Hattie also worked hard to create a very effective diary entry, writing as our main character from Oliver and the Seawigs. Keep up the fantastic work, Hattie.

Admire our marvellous Christmas card creations! We had a splendid time making them.

More Marvellous Homework!

Monday 28th September

Week 4


The weather certainly has taken a turn for the worse now autumn is officially here! Please make sure children have jumpers or cardigans to wear in school as it is bound to be chillier than usual in class. Also please make sure they have a coat as we will try our best to get outside, even if it is a little drizzly.


Remember we have no PE on Tuesday this week as it is school photo day, please make sure your child is in normal uniform. Thank you!


This week in history!

On September 27th in 1825 The world’s first public railway service began with the opening of the Stockton and Darlington Railway. Built by George Stephenson, the track was 27 miles long, and the steam locomotive Active pulled 32 passenger wagons at 10 miles per hour. An average train today travels at around 65mph.

Learner of the Week                   25.9.2020

Congratulations to this week's Learner of the Week 


Grace always tackles her learning with positive enthusiasm, sharing her ideas in whole class discussions and isn't afraid to check what something means. Your positive learning attitude is just marvellous, Grace. Keep up the great work! 

This week's science lesson saw us recreating the digestive process using a visual model - it got pretty messy!

Please can you make sure your child has a jumper or cardigan and a coat, when necessary, at school.

We are following government guidelines so all our windows and doors have to stay open.  Even on warm days we have had several children shivering.  We are afraid it will be like this for the foreseeable future, so envisage layering up this winter!

At the end of day collection,  we often find ourselves outside for quite a while and without a coat it has begun to be quite chilly.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding. 

Amazing homework this week Oak!

Well done! 

Your posters were colourful, clear and well thought out.  Here are some photos of just a few of your fantastic designs. 

Monday 21st September

Week 3


This term seems to be flying by already! Our work continues this week with lots of fun learning opportunities including writing and improving complex sentences and also looking at the time line of the Ancient Greek civilisation and how the Greek empire has changed over time.


Please find below this week's spellings. You may notice that some weeks we learn a new spelling pattern but also revisit some of the past words we have learned. 


Your child should come home with a slip of paper on Mondays telling you how they did in their maths clubs (30/60/100/masters). We are sure they will remember to tell you but we will try to remember this in case they don't!


This week in history!

Michael Faraday was born in 1791. He was such an important scientist - watch this video and think about all the things we would have to do without if he hadn't made his discoveries!




Michael Faraday and the Electric Spark


Learner of the Week                   18.9.2020


Congratulations to our second Learner of the Week this term:      William

William has been working hard in all aspects of our

learning, joining in with class discussions and is always ready to learn. Keep up the great work, William!

Monday 14th September  Week 2


Please find below this week's spelling sheet. The children will be given one to bring home - if you do not need/want a paper copy please let your child know and they can tell us when we hand them out.


This week we carry on with our hockey lessons and learn more about the people of Ancient Greece. 

Remember if you have any quick questions you can email us on . If it is an urgent message, please contact the office.


Friday 11th September


What a great first full week back. Well done Oak! We have really settled into learning and are mostly into our new routines.


We are still waiting for homework books to be delivered, so they will be sent home as soon as they are!


Our first ever Oak 2020 Learner of the Week is...




Most of Oak worked super hard, as we expected, so it was hard to choose just one person this week. Lilly stood out as always being ready to learn, always listening, always taking part in class discussions, always doing what was asked of her and being a general all round superstar!


Keep up the super work and we will see you next week.

Monday 7th September


Our first full week! 

We are sure there will be lots of questions you all have and we have tried really hard to preempt all these in our newsletter which you will find below. 

You will also find a copy of our termly homework and we will put our weekly spellings on this page too. Please let us know at drop off or by calling the office if you would prefer a paper copy and we will send one home in your child's school bag. 

A note about our spellings: We follow the government guidance for y4 spelling patterns and also our school Read Write Inc. scheme. All the children start the year learning the same spellings although after a few weeks we will assess this and be able to target key words certain children need to focus on.


Have a great week and check back regularly as this will be our best place to communicate with you all!

Oak Class Homework Term 1

September 1st 2020

Hello Oak!

Welcome to our webpage. Keep your eye on here throughout the year for useful weblinks, videos and news. We also celebrate your successes here and share our work so come back regularly!


To start us off, below you will find a few links to multiplication games that will be useful as we all need to know all our X tables by the end of the year! We need to practise, practise, practise!


Something fun to start the year...



HOW TO Say Hello in 15 Different Languages