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Year 3 - Mulberry Class

Tuesday 2nd June

How have you all found the enquiry question on Tutankhamen this week? He is the most famous pharaoh and I look forward to see what you find out.


Yesterday some year groups returned to school  and from reports from teachers and children who were in school it seemed to go really well! Although I can imagine different and strange with so many empty tables and chairs and a lot quieter corridors, everyone remained safe and enjoyed seeing friends! It will be interesting to see how the rest of the term pans out. 


I have some exciting news, Mr White has been extremely busy and has informed me that he is in the middle of developing a new type of home learning 50 club challenges to practise. Having only 50 questions rather than 100 will give you more time to complete the challenge and increase your confidence to move onto the 100 club. If you are already in the 100 club it still works out as great practise!


Let me know what you think, have a great week! 

Remote learning questions. 


Here you will find all our enquiry questions and investigations as a word document in one place, please feel free to open, print and use how you wish. 

Picture 1

Monday 1st June

 Hi everyone, how are we already in June?! I hope you have all had the best half term and enjoyed the sunshine with your loved ones! 

We are continuing with our topic on the Ancient Egyptians and I am exciting to see where you are all going to take this topic further. Mrs Smart and I have been so impressed with your work so far, whether it has been making and drawing or writing detail paragraphs well done to each and every one of you! 


You all had a great time in a zoom quiz this week and I know later on throughout the week you are all so lucky to be able to join in with a game of bingo! I will put the details on here in case any of you miss the message from Lottie's mum, I look forward to hearing all about it!


Continue reading and answering those comprehension questions on bug club as well as having a go at the grammar activities. I am pleased to see some of you have been answering and making your own type of comprehension questions to help you with books you are reading at home. This will really help you understand and enjoy the book you are reading. 


On Mathletics we are still looking at time. I have reassigned some activities again for those of you who had red or orange - go for green! Have a go at looking at the games on our webpage as well as the various clocks around your house. How many different types can you find? 


I will be adding this weeks investigation in the same way as usual, a document a well as below. Let me know what you think and keep being superstars!!

Why is Tutankhamun so Famous?

Watch this video to give you a little background information about Tutankhamun.

Task 1

Look at pages 20-21 of the attached book on Ancient Egypt. These pages explain lots about Tutankhamun. (If you cannot open the book, I will also attach a screen shot of the page.)



Your task is to create your own version of these pages with information that you research.

The subheadings we would like you to use are:

Who was Tutankhamun?

The discovery of the tomb

Inside the tomb

What did we learn from this tomb?

You can add your own subheading if you wish to include more information. We would love you to include writing, pictures, facts or even maps! Think about how you could make your presentation really impressive!

Task 2

In a short paragraph, explain to someone who has never heard of Tutankhamun why he is so famous seeing as he was only Pharaoh for around 10 years!

Picture 1

This weeks learner of the week...

Still image for this video

Friday 22nd May

 Good morning everybody,  it's our last day of term today and like I said in my learner of the week video, Mrs Smart and I would just like to say how proud we are with the enthusiasm towards your work the last couple of weeks. It has resulted in some great learning taking place, you have all earned a rest!


Today you only have one task on mathletics, we are starting to look at time. I have however attached some links to some fun games linked to time for you to have a go at to get your brains 'ticking' over if you want to explore further.


If you haven't already sent me your work for this week please do so, I again will be putting some photos on later for you all to share you work as we would do in class. 


Keep on reading through the half term, I find little and often works well and its lovely to enjoy a nice book in the sunshine!


Below is an activity for you to have a look at over the half term. This is certainly not an activity that you have to do, but one that KS2 thought some of you might like to explore and get involved with over half term. If you do please keep me posted and send me a copy of your competition entry, I'd love to see it!


Luke Temple is a children's author who is passionate about getting children engaged with reading and writing. He has:
  • Made his most popular book, Mutating Mansion, completely free to download.
  • Created an activity pack for KS2, 'Luke Temple's Writing Toolbox'. This contains lots of the tools he uses to help make his books really exciting, fun and scary to read. You can use the tools to have a go at your own writing.
  • There is also a competition in the activity pack to win a signed book and a free author visit to school (there are 3 of these prizes up for grabs). The closing date for the competition is 31st May.

The book and activity pack can be downloaded from


Have a fun and relaxing half term everyone, stay safe and enjoy time with your family.


Thursday 20th May 


Hi everyone! 

Today we are starting our new topic on Mathletics, before we look at telling the time we will have a brief reminder on the months of the year and how to use a calendar. I'm sure you'll all be great at these so remember to go for green and use this as a refresher.


I have already received lots of lovely photos of your creations this week. I know this week's investigation has really gripped lots of you so well done for being so enthusiastic, I can't wait to see all your work tomorrow. 


Tomorrow I will be announcing our learner of the week so make sure you stay tuned. Also Friday it will be our last day of term -  how did that happen?! As we will not be able to have our usual end of term service, there will be a video on our school website with a video from Reverend Green for our end of term virtual service so make sure you check that out. 


Keep on going, we are nearly there!

Wednesday 20th May 


Good morning Mulberry class, how is it nearly half term already?! Keep working hard we are nearly there for a well earned rest during half term. I have some news to share with you this week, another proud moment for our team. 

Hattie, Tilly, Elsie and their mum and dad completed the Rainbow charity Run for the NHS and biked 10.5km. The whole family dressed up in rainbow colours to follow the theme! Well done everyone I am super proud. I know lots of you have been riding bikes, running and doing all sorts activities to raise money for charity as well as having fun. You should all be really proud, I know I am!

Tuesday 19th May


Morning Mulberry,

Yay the sun is back! How have you all been making the most of this glorious weather? Lots of you have been attempting the tasks on Mathletics again that you scored less than 50% and I am so pleased to see some of you have even been giving them 3 attempts or more! We are finishing off fractions this week and moving onto a new topic so please feel free to go back and master any of the questions or activities you feel you could improve. 

How did the first day of your new question go? It's a fun one this week and I'm excited to see your work at the end of the week. Please email me if you have any questions. 


Keep being amazing!

Monday 18th May


Good morning Mulberry class, I hope you all had a lovely weekend! What have you all been up to? I have enjoyed lots of lovely dog walks in the sun, although Sammy is now hiding when I go for his lead - I think he's had enough!


Do you remember our competition with Oak class on Time tables rock stars... well unfortunately they've won with more children logging on! I am super proud however with the amount of children that has now started using the website, I can see you are improving your score each time!

Below are our stats for this week... lets see if we can beat them next week! 


Lots of you have completed your problem solving tasks and are asking for more so I have assigned those, let me know if you require any thing else. If you haven't had a go, set your self a goal this week to try and complete one  and let me know what you think. 


I have reassigned some of your work this week on fractions for those of you that have scored less than 50% and have a red. Don't be disheartened if you think you've already completed the assigned activity it's good practise! Go for green!!


Remember to keep reading on bugclub and have another go at the spelling and grammar activities for this week if you haven't accessed these already. 


Below you will find our enquiry question for this week as well as a word document in the regular place. 


Keep working hard!

Who Were the Pharoahs?


Use your amazing research skills, the YouTube video  and the PowerPoint which is on Mulberry webpage and find the answers to these questions. Remember to write in full sentences and add as much detail as you can!

An example of a detailed answer:

Question: What were hieroglyphics?

Not great


Egyptian writing.

Hieroglyphics were a form of writing the Ancient Egyptians used. They were made up of little pictures. Examples have been found on walls in tombs.


Task 1


  1. What was a Pharaoh?
  2. Were Pharaohs only male? Is there any evidence of female Pharaohs?
  3. How do we know about the Pharaohs?
  4. Why do you think the Pharaohs built such huge statues and monuments?
  5. What is the legacy of the Pharaohs? What have they left behind for us?


Task 2

Get Crafty!

We would LOVE you to use your creative skills and make or design something beautiful. It could be a necklace like the Pharaohs used to wear, it could be a head piece. How about trying to recreate a picture of YOU as a Pharaoh?


Have a look at the pictures below and be inspired! It would be fun to try the activities below but don’t worry if you can’t – you can create amazing drawings and designs for us to see!

You could take a photo of yourself,  print it if you can - set the printer to greyscale – then give yourself gorgeous Pharaoh clothing!

These are Ancient Egyptian collars created from a paper plate – but you could make one from any paper or maybe recycle some card! Remember they did love their jewels and gold! You could even recreate with pasta!


Maybe even make a toilet roll Pharaoh!

ANCIENT EGYPT: The Pharaoh civilisation | Educational Videos for Kids

We have checked this video is appropriate for children. This is from a children's BBC site so has to be viewed directly from there. Please preview and make sure you are happy with your child watching it.

Friday 15th May


Please find below our learner of the week! Remember your enquiry question is due in today so if you haven't already sent it to me please make sure you do. You've all been working extremely hard over the last week and I'm pleased to see so many of you now checking your work and improving it before sending it in to me as you would do in class. 


Make sure you enjoy the sunshine over the weekend and keep posted to see next week's learning question as well as new mathletics and bug club activities set. 


Stay safe and look after each other! 

This weeks learner of the week...

Still image for this video

Thursday 14th May 


Today we are looking at equivalent fractions on mathletics. Equivalent fractions are fractions wwith different numbers representing the same part of a whole. They have different numerators and denominators but their values are the same e.g 1/2 of something is the same as 3/6. I have attached a fraction wall for you to glance at if you need a hand. 

I am really pleased to see that lots of you are having a good go at our new fractions topic and are trying again to make sure your score is in the green! Please do not go on and rush to the next activity because it is important we all stay together to make sure we master each topic. If you want to try something else then please have a look at and choose something to practise and develop. 

Picture 1

Mrs Hillsdon has entered our school into a competition to win £5000 of book tokens! Wouldn't that be a lovely thing to return to school with!

You can help our chances by voting for us on:

So, spread the word and let's get voting!

Tuesday 12th May


Good morning everyone. The sunshine is back!! Below I had added some of your fantastic work from last week, remember this is your only piece of written work each week so you really need to try your best. Maybe try doing some each day rather than all in one day for you to come back with fresh eyes. your sentence structure is really important so make sure you read it back to yourself and remember your CAPITAL LETTERS and FULL STOPS! 

I give you a range of activities to choose from but you can pick as many as you like, there needs to be one aspect of writing though!

Lots of have asked for more of the grammar and punctuation work on Bug club so I allocated you then next task on apostrophes to refresh your memory. Let me know what you think. Don't forget we are still in competition with Mrs Hillsdon and Oak class so keep rocking on times tables rockstars! 

Some of our fun celebrations and activites for VE day.

Monday 11th May


Good morning everyone, I hope you all had a great long bank holiday weekend and spent some valuable time with your loved ones in the sunshine. If any of you celebrated VE day or completed any activities please send over some photos I would love to see!

I have received some great work last week, and later on today I will put a collation of your work. Please don't feel upset if I don't display them all, our webpage only can manage a few! 


Remember to keep checking bugclub and Mathletics to complete your daily tasks as you have all been fabulous as keeping up to date! Check out your problem solving tasks, lots of you haven't completed ones assigned yet, they are great for using your knowledge in context!


Something very important! Mrs Hillsdon and I have been talking about our fantastic new subscription with Times Tables Rockstars. I explained how lots of us have been logging all already and practising so she is challenging us! She has claimed that Oak class will have more logins and more games played and more points earned that Mulberry will by Friday 15th May. Now I am positive we will win, I know we can do this! 


If you haven't logged in yet don't worry  - we have set up your accounts to have the same login details as your Mathletics accounts. If you need a reminder, drop me an email!



Our topic learning continues with looking at the way Ancient Egyptians wrote and how we are able to translate this. I think a lot of you will enjoy this one! As always I will attach the task as a word document below.


How Important was the Rosetta Stone?



Hieroglyphics were the way the Ancient Egyptians communicated in writing. They used pictures instead of letters.

Task 1

a) Read through the power point presentation attached separately below. Create a cartouche for everyone who is living in your house or for your family or friends. Use the hieroglyphics above and draw carefully. You can colour them if you wish but if you do, can you use similar, natural colours like the picture has used.


b) How long did that take? Which alphabet and style of writing do you prefer and why?


Task 2

Historians were really stuck when it came to translating hieroglyphics. Can you imagine how hard it must have been?! Can you work out what the coded message below is asking and can you write the answer?



It’s impossible to know the answer isn’t it?

How about if I give you this…


That makes it much easier doesn’t it? This is kind of what the Rosetta stone did.

Use your amazing research skills and find out about the Rosetta Stone and how it made translating Ancient Hieroglyphics possible.

You can include pictures, diagrams, writing, maybe even a map!

In your writing try to include the answers to these questions:

  • Why were hieroglyphics so hard to translate? How long had people been trying to do so?
  • Where and when was the Rosetta stone found?
  • How was it found and by whom?
  • How was it used to translate the hieroglyphics and how long did this process take?
  • Where is the Rosetta stone now? 
  • So, how important has the Rosetta stone been to Historians? Would we understand as much as we do now if it had never been found? Do you think technology would have been able to translate it eventually?

Challenge: Do you think the Rosetta stone is being kept in the right place? Can you explain your thoughts?

This week's learner of the week is...

Still image for this video

Thursday 7th May 


This Friday it is a Bank Holiday to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day.   VE Day is also known as Victory in Europe Day and it marks the day towards the end of World War Two.  


If you want to learn more about VE Day, you could have a look at the PowerPoint below and learn more about why we celebrate. 


There are lots of ideas and activities to celebrate and I have added some documents you may want to print out to have a go. There is a Morse Code cracking activity, a make your own glider and lots of colouring sheets to keep you busy.


Lots of people are decorating their houses with bunting and although many celebrations have now had to be postponed there are still lots of things we can get involved with.


  • There will be coverage on the BBC and local radio during the day.
  • The commemorations will start with a two-minute silence at 11:00am.
  • At 3:00pm there will be the 'nation's toast': "To those who gave so much, we thank you."
  • At 9:00pm, tune in to the BBC for Dame Vera Lynn's singalong to "We'll Meet Again".


 I have added a bunting sheet you can colour or decorate in the traditional red, white and blue Union Jack colours if you wish!


Don't forget to send me any photos of how you have celebrated with your family. 


Have a look at the English Heritage website, they have nine things of importance on their website that we should all know about VE day:


Keep tuned tomorrow to find out this weeks learner of the week!





Wednesday 6th May 


This week on Mathletics we are starting to look at fractions. I know this is something we have only touched on briefly in school so please do not let them scare you! Today and tomorrows assigned activities aren't too tricky, but make sure you click on the i for more information if needed. Of course I am here to contact if you get really stuck.


On Monday when I start assigning things we haven't really looked at I will help with you a some more information on our class webpage, so please don't be scared you do know these! 


Like I say have a go and message me if you need to. 

Fraction Wheel

Fraction Wheel 1

Tuesday 5th May


I received some lovely news this weekend that I wanted to share with you all and I am extremely proud and I know you will all be too!

Emilie and her mum took part in the 2.6 challenge on Sunday. They ran for 2.6 miles for Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells NHS and ended up raising a fantastic £150. I am so proud the Emile and her mum found a great way to help out and do what they could at home to support the NHS. The weather looked pretty warm but I'm sure that end goal made it all worth it!


Well done Emilie and your mum you really have let your light shine! 



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Monday 4th May


Good morning everyone, I hope you enjoyed your weekend with your loved ones, although the weather was drizzly I can see and hear the signs of Spring continuing to bloom. The birds are singing every day and the rain has made the  grass is green!


I have topped up some of your books in Bugclub as well as adding some new grammar and spelling activities. If you haven't already had a go check them out, they're really helpful and allows you to put your SPaG skills to use!


Lots of you have been attempting the problem solving activities in Mathletics and it allows you to use your maths in context to become masters at each topic! We have finished statistics and this week we will be looking at measurement, starting with  length and perimeter. As well as completing your activities have a go at measuring some things around your house or garden. Do you use the same unit of measurement to measure the door and the TV remote? If not why?


We also have some very exciting news, we have now subscribed to Times Tables Rockstars! Just log in to the website with your Mathletics log in details

You  will be asked a variety of x and ÷ and you will be able to keep practising and move on when you are ready. I will be looking online to see who has logged on and how you get on. This is extra to Mathletics so make sure you completed your assigned tasks first. I look forward to seeing you all rock!



Well done to all of you that are using your enquiry question as an extended piece of writing. I know I give you lots of choices with your investigations but remember, this is your main piece of writing per week so make it count! Lots of you are forgetting capital letters and full stops which I know you all will agree are silly mistakes!


Please find your work below, as always you may find it in a word document to print if you wish. 


Keep working hard!   

We have checked this video is appropriate for children.  This is from a children's BBC site so has to be viewed directly from there. Please preview and make sure you are happy with your child watching it.


Watch the video (above) to find out all about daily life as an Ancient Egyptian.


Use what you learn and your research skills to complete TWO of the following tasks:

  1. Draw a diagram of an ancient Egyptian house like you saw on the video. Label each room, write about which activity and objects you would find there. Compare with pictures or a diagram of a modern house. Which one would you prefer to live in and why?
  2. Extension:  both types of home would have positive and negative things about them. Can you think of one of each for the Ancient Egyptian home and modern day one?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  3.  Look at the way Ancient Egyptians dressed. Draw 2 figures in your book – one in typical Ancient Egyptian clothing and one in clothes you would wear today. Label both. Explain how they are different and yet similar.
  4. Historians think that a typical Ancient Egyptian market or street could look like this:



Use what you learn on the video, the picture above and your own research and ideas to write a paragraph describing the scene. Imagine you are walking through the streets, what would you hear, see, smell, taste?  Would it be crowded? Clean? You could even use a thesaurus to level up your word choices!

5. Ancient Egyptians did not use money like we do today. What did they use? How did they buy things?  Did this system work?

Write a paragraph  discussing all the positive things about this system and also looking at the negatives – what could go wrong? Would you like us to use this method now? Why or why not?

Friday 1st May 


Well done for your great pieces of work this week! It is the first day of May today and normally this weekend there would be lots of markets, festivals and gatherings to celebrate May Day. I know it is a bit different right now and we may not be able to visit family or even enjoy the sunshine (where has it gone?!) but we are all remaining the best we can be and working hard and hopefully next week the sun will be back! 

Traditionally, people in the UK celebrated the 1st May with dancing around a maypole and weaving ribbons around the pole. I've attached a mindful  May Day colouring sheet you could print off or even have a go at drawing your own to remind us all about this old English tradition. 



May Day mindful colouring

This is just some of our fantastic work this week! Well done to all of you!

The Mulberry class learner of the week is...

Still image for this video

I thought this a fitting quote to go along with your ever growing resillience!

I thought this a fitting quote to go along with your ever growing resillience! 1

Thursday 30th April


Last day of April hasn't it flown by! I am loving looking at all of your work this week and I'm pleased with that the standard of writing has improved and you are all now trying your best! 

Lots of you have been working on your resilience this week and I'm so pleased to see you trying and working on your mistakes rather than giving up, I can see this on Mathletics lots of you are giving it another go!


Remember if you haven't already had a go at your spelling and grammar activities on bug club give them a try - some of you have started, Monday I will be adding some more. If you haven't already sent me through your enquiry question this week then please do by Monday as there will be a new investigation for you all to explore. 

Tuesday 28th April


What has happened to the sunshine?! I hope you are all well! A few of you have emailed me with questions regarding some questions on Mathletics. I am more than happy to help if any of you are stuck. My advice is to not let division scare you! I know we had a battle with it in class but do not forget everything we learnt about sharing and finding the inverse! Focus on the question rather than the way Mathletics has set it out!


On Bugclub some of you may have noticed I have assigned you some spelling and grammar games. Have a go and see what you think, they are both computer and tablet friendly and should be under a tab at the top by 'My Stuff'. Let me know how you get on! 


Monday 26th April 


Good morning Mulberry class, I hope you all had a nice weekend in the sunshine and are ready for another week of learning. Remember to keep trying your best and working hard as I am looking out for next week's learner of the week already! 


I have loved seeing your work on our new topic and am already really enthused with all you know already. I have uploaded some of the photos of your mind maps to share your learning with your friends. The questions you have been asking have shown me how excited you all are and although we will sadly not be together to begin this topic I can't way to see where we take this topic together. 


Don't forget to keep working hard on mathletics, next week we will be attempting to have a look at our new topic, statistics. Remember to use the information tool if need be or email me if you need any more help, if your score is either red or orange it will be good to have another go! 


This week's history enquiry question is all about the River Nile, please try hard and I can't wait to see your work.

Enjoy this week's investigation...


Ancient Egypt Week 2

Why was the River Nile so Important in Ancient Egypt?

Watch this quick video below to see the modern-day River Nile and some of the sights you would see of you were travelling along it.

We have checked this video is appropriate for children.  Nevertheless, to avoid opening You Tube, click on the red play arrow and watch the video staying inside the school website.



We would like you to create a piece of writing all about the River Nile. You could split it into two sections:

  1. The Nile during Ancient Times
  2. The modern Nile


Use these questions to help you think of what to write – you can of course do some research but make sure all the work is in your own words. We would love it if you drew diagrams or maps in your work too. Fill a whole page with your careful research, facts and illustrations!

This is a map of Ancient Egypt. The blue line is the River Nile.

What do you notice about it?

Where are the cities and settlements?

Why do you think this is?

Something called the “inundation of the Nile” happened every year. Research and find out what this was, what happened and how it must have had good and bad effects on the Egyptians.

Why doesn’t it happen any more?

Can you include some interesting Nile Facts?

What wildlife would we expect to see if we visited?

What are modern day pollution levels like in the Nile?







Egypt: Nile River | Are We There Yet?

On a visit to Egypt, Joanna and Julia ride a Felucca boat down the Nile River. On the way they stop at a village market and make necklaces. After a paddle bo...

Lots of us already knew many interesting things about the Egyptians!

Friday 24th April


As you can see I Mr Clark has a very special message for you all underneath. I must say it has been extremely hard choosing a 'remote learner of the week' as you have all been amazing and putting lots of effort into your work!  


Well done to Charlie as he has really stood out the past few weeks being the best he can be!


Please if you haven't already done so could you send me the document or photo of this week's investigation ready for our new one on Monday. I am really pleased to see how many of you have enjoyed this week's learning and are excited about the weeks to come with our new topic. 


Stay safe and enjoy the glorious sunshine this weekend.

The Mulberry learner of the week is....

Still image for this video

Thursday 23rd April


What beautiful sunshine we have been having, it just makes everything that much cheerful! 


I would like to wish you all a Happy St. George's Day! It seems fitting that today falls on a Thursday when we are standing at our front doors together celebrating our NHS clapping, cheering banging our pots and pans to say thank you! I would love to hear how you and your family joined in. I know my dog thinks the clapping is for him and he for sure joins in with his bark!


For those of you who love stories, you might be interested in something exciting being offered by Audible. The link below is to Audible Stories - a free website where kids of all ages can listen to hundreds of Audible audio titles across six different languages - English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Japanese - for free, so they can keep learning, dreaming and just being kids! I myself have found my love for Harry Potter again after reading the books, listening to someone else read it to me gives me a whole new insight into the books. Give it a go and see what you think. 

Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning everybody! How are you all? I am pleased to see some of your enthusiasm on our new topic as some of you have already sent in some work!

Please remember you have all week to complete this to ensure it is a piece of writing/ work that you are proud of. Don't forget your sentence structure, grammar and punctuation. This week's investigation is split into sections so even if you do some each day to stop it building up. 



There has been lots of information recently surrounding the 'home- schooling' that various schools are doing. As we know it is already quite a stressful for households therefore our expectations for the children's learning in this time remain the same as when we first moved to remote learning. 


This is an opportune time for you and your families to make memories  and spend time together - something we don't always have! Can you learn a new skill, enjoy this glorious weather or even learn to ride your bike! 


However, for those who would like something a little more formal, the attached document below provides some links to free resources being offered by the BBC, the government's new online National Academy and our own PASS PE network. There are no expectations for you to complete this work it is simply some extras you can dip in and out of. Of course I would love to see anything you are getting up to! Stay safe!

Tuesday 21st April 


I am really please and a huge well done to you who are trying several times at each mathletics activity to improve your score. I can see your attempts and its good to know you are pushing yourself to improve. If you score a red or orange in any activity I expect you to read through the 

i (information on each page) and have another go.

If you are completely stuck and the i button doesn't help - please drop me an email and most importantly, don't worry!

Remember you can reach me on:


Equally if you are scoring well and are feeling confident on an activity I have set you please don't feel the need to rush on stick to the assigned tasks for that day. I want you to make sure you master your activity before you move onto something else. Could you test someone in your family on the relevant topic? Maybe you could make a game? Use counters (or anything around your house) to show your learning, just like we would in class!

It is not a rush, I would prefer you to know a lot about a topic rather than know a little about a lot of topics! 

Monday 20th April.


Good morning, I hope you've all had a lovely weekend in the sunshine! Today we would have been starting our new topic in class all together and it is one I know you will all love. 


Our new history topic is the Ancient Egyptians - So you think you know Ancient Egypt? 


Each week there will be our new enquiry question with a range of activities. To help you there will be some notes, pictures or internet links to enable you to answer the questions to the best of your ability. Please remember the expectation of learning in class is the same required of you at home so please try your best!


Below I have also uploaded the work in a word document so you can print if you prefer. I have also uploaded a knowledge organiser that we would normally stick in the front of our topic book when we start looking at any new topics. 


Don't forget to keep checking bugclub and mathletics and keep trying your best!

Ancient Egypt Week 1

  1.  What do you know about Ancient Egypt?

What have you seen in films, on the TV, heard or read about?

Create a mind map and show us what you already know – do not use your research skills for this, just what’s in your brain! You can write words, phrases, draw pictures – it’s up to you!

Set this out in a page in your book like this, with Ancient Egypt in the middle. Add as many things as you can think of, the diagram has space for 6 but I know you will think of more! You could decorate this page in an Ancient Egyptian way if you wish!


  1. Be a Detective!

What can we learn about Ancient Egypt from this painting found on a temple wall?

Look closely, what can you see? Create a list in your book of all the things we KNOW about Ancient Egypt if we are to believe what we see in this painting. You could print the picture out and stick in your book and write your list next to it if you wish. You may also want to enlarge the picture to make it easier to spot clues!




  1. Historians use evidence or sources to make conclusions about people’s lives. There are different types of evidence sources, two are called primary source and secondary source.


A primary source is something written, made or said by someone who was involved in the event. This could be a letter, a diary, photographs, poems or even spoken word.

A secondary source is an account of something that has been created by someone who was not there at the time.

 We think this painting is a primary source of evidence as it was found on the wall of an Ancient Egyptian tomb, but it could actually be a secondary source.


Can you explain why it could be either source of evidence?

You might wish to start your explanation with this sentence:

The painting on the tomb wall could be either a primary or secondary source of evidence.

To be a primary source it…


However, to be a secondary source…


  1. You could watch this short video to show you some of the things will be learning about this term.

Thursday 16th April


Good morning Mulberry Class, 

I hope you all had a nice Easter and stayed safe at home with your families. It has been a strange one hasn't it?

Don't forget Mrs Smart and I would always love to see what you've been up to by sending photos to our class email address


We will be starting our new topic on Monday which I know you will all really enjoy and I look forward to seeing your work. 


Remember to keep reading either on bugclub or any books you have at home, have you been reading outside in this weather or anywhere different then usual? I'd love to hear about it! Maybe you can think of your own ending and even write it down with your own illustrations.


I will continue to unlock daily Mathletics tasks for you to complete little and often and some of you have asked for some of the Problem solving tasks which I will be assigning more next week. If you haven't already access these and you would like me to assign you some let me know. You will find them under the yellow explore tab which will become available when you have completed your tasks. If you need any help locating these let me know. 


If you haven't completed the English task set on the last few days of term please can you do so and email it to me by Friday ready to have a look at our next enquiry question on Monday. If you have decided to choose to do a piece of artwork around the picture maybe you could add some writing to go alongside. 


I am also going to add a time capsule activity for you to have a go at if you have completed your writing activity. This can be something you add to over the time we are not at school or if you are unable to print you can take these ideas to add into your workbook.  We are living in very strange times at the moment and it will definitely be something to look back over in the future therefore this is a great way to capture your thoughts and feelings right now! This is not compulsory but something I thought would be a nice momento we could all look back over. 


I hope you are all well and we are missing you all lots, stay safe!

April Fools!

Did you spot my April fools joke?  What a silly invention! Did you see any other April fools tricks or did anything funny happen in your household?


Have a lovely Easter and look after your families! Keep in touch. 

Wednesday 1st April


I hope everyone is ok and looking forward to the well earned Easter break. After today I will not be setting mathletics over the Easter holidays but feel free to continue with any you haven't completed and I will be setting again on the Thursday we are due back in school. You have also got lots of different questions or task to complete to go alongisde your picture this week, so please continue with that on those last two days we are back. 


Some interesting news caught my eye this morning that I thought the animal lovers amongst us would finnd fascinating. Have a look at this amazing invention and see what you think!  

Monday 30th March.


As we enter a new week of home learning I am pleased to see all many of you working really hard and I thoroughly enjoyed reading through some of your brochures. Remember just because we are not all in class together, Mrs Smart and I would love to see what you're getting up to at home. Whether it's a new skill you've learnt, book you've read or something you've baked - keep us updated! 


This week's work will continue with bugclub books and mathletics. I have now assigned tasks to you from our new spring block and I will be unlocking daily tasks to keep you busy. I have kept some of the Autumn block assigned to you that I think will be helpful but please remember you can do other types of maths at home. Card games, practising your times tables or even challenge someone to a game of quick draw like we do in class!


Your extra task for this week is below, I have also attached it as a document in case any of you want to print it out. Please remember you do not have to do all the tasks we just thought some of you might like a little more to keep you busy! The Easter holidays start on Thursday this week, after which we will be starting a whole new history topic which we know you will LOVE!


Please keep working hard and trying your best! Stay safe we are missing you all!





Look carefully at this picture. There are so many things to notice in it.

I thought you might like a choice of work to do this week. (as well as your mathletics and reading of course!)

You do not need to do all of these activities, I  would love you to do just one REALLY well, but if you want to do more I  would love to see!


Write a story

Can you create a story linked to this picture? Perhaps one of these openers will give you a spark of an idea…

“Leave us alone! This is our home!” the animals all declared as one.

The humans didn’t seem to care…

Can you continue the story?

Or, can you persuade the humans to leave the animals alone? This could be a persuasive poster, leaflet or even a letter.


Writing challenge

Can you write a paragraph to persuade humans to treat animals with respect?   You use these openers/phrases to help you.

It is important that…

It is appalling that...

You could include a rhetorical question:

Did you know that... ?

How can we... ?

Will you...?

Question time!

What is a habitat? Can you give an example? Perhaps draw one with the creatures that live in it.

What is happening in the picture? Do you think it is fair?

Which animals can you see? Can you make a list of things they have in common and things that are different?

What country do you think the picture is from?

Do you think there are any important messages to take from this picture?

If you were driving the digger, how would you feel? What would you do?


Perfect picture!

Can you draw a picture that shows:

 1) the animals’ home before the diggers came along, and 2) what the scene looks like after the humans have finished on the site? Perhaps split your page in half!

Friday 27th March


Good afternoon, 

I hope you have all had a productive week and have worked hard, I am looking forward to going through the brochures this weekend, I can see most of you have spent great time and care completing them. If you have not already sent me your completed work if possible please do via our class email 


I can see lots of you have completed lots of the tasks set to you on Mathletics from last term and from Monday I will be setting daily tasks from our Spring block, I advise you try to complete them on the day rather than let it build up to the end of the week!


I am also uploading the 30,60, 100 club and maths masters sheets for you to practise at home if you wish - there will be no certificates though, you will have to earn these when you're back in school!


On Monday you will have a new task for you to complete for the last three days of term and the two days when we are due back to school. This will give you a chance to enjoy your Easter break with your family and have some important down time!




Wednesday 25th March


Good morning everybody, we are a few days in now with our home learning and I am so pleased and proud of how resilient you all have been. I can see lots of you are reading your books on bugclub and completeing your tasks on mathletics. I have thoroughly enjoyed recieving photos and updates of your learning, and I am really looking forward to looking through your brochure on your chosen country. 


We have been extremelly lucky this week with the weather and I know from updates from parents lots of you have enjoyed some excericising in the garden and getting some well needed fresh air. We can clearly see spring on its way in full force and although we don't have the beautiful blossom tree to admire at school there are lots of signs, noises and smells all around. 


I have attached some spring ideas and activites to keep you busy over the next couple of weeks and I would love to see how many of the checklist you can complete. Maybe you could colour in or tick off once you've completed one and see how many you can do?



Create a painting of blooming spring flowers.




Fly a kite on a windy day.


Create a picture of a butterfly. Can you make sure that the wings are symmetrical?

Ask your friends and family to tell you what their favourite thing about spring is. make a list of their answers and record your results in a bar chart.


Write an acrostic proem about a springtime word of your choice.

Sit quietly in your garden or outside space and have a sensory spring hunt. What can you smell, hear or see?


Write your own spring time story.


Can you make a springtime pictures using only natural materials?





Monday 23rd March 

Dear Mulberry Class,

Today is the first day of working like this online and although this is very different to what we are used to we are all hoping you are remembering to be the best you can be!

We want you to be ready to come straight back to school ready to pick up our learning where we left of so keep practising and working hard!

I want you to make sure you are learning all the year 3/4 spellings, do your mathletics and read your bugclub books. I am also going to give you one piece of topic type work every week. 

You have books to work in so you can always draw  a picture,  keep a diary, write a poem or take some photos. I am really looking forward to seeing your amazing books when you come back to school. Take pride in them, they will be a piece of history for you in the future to look back on. 

Europe brochure template.




I have assigned lots of new books to you,  so read, read, read!



I have unlocked ALL of Autumn term work and the first task of our Spring unit. Do as much as you can this week and from next week, I will unlock 1 or 2 pieces a day for you. 



For your topic task this we would like you to finish your brochure that you have started in class, lots of you have them with you at home so you can carry on. If you don't, attached to our Mulberry class page is a version you can download and print it yourself OR you could draw something similar in your book you have at home. 

Please remember that you should take your time and be careful with your presentation. Put lots of thought into everything you do, we want you to be super proud of all your work you do while you're away from us!


A special email address has been set up ( that you can contact us on. Both Mrs Smart and I both have access to this. The email will act a bit like a virtual classroom, so it would be lovely to hear from you. Of course you can ask us questions about the work you are doing, and we’ll do our best to help you, but it would be lovely just to hear what you’re up to and how you’re keeping yourselves busy!


Mrs Smart and I are missing you all lots and hope you are working hard and staying safe. I look forward to seeing all your hard work and we are all thinking of you. 



Year 3-4 spelling list.

Picture 1 This weeks learner of the week!
Well done to those children who took part in the potato challenge. They all looked great and were very creative. Mrs Woodhouse and Mrs Holman had a tricky job choosing a winner! 

Potato challenge!

Potato challenge! 1

Friday 6th March

Friday 6th March  1 Learner of the week!

Monday 2nd March

Monday 2nd March  1
Monday 2nd March  2

We had a wonderful visit from author Ian MacDonald today. We were extremely lucky to hear a variety of his stories and loved his top tips to creating our own. Mulberry class were extremely eager to get writing and produced a great description of their own alien!

Term 4 Newsletter and homework.

Friday 28th February

Friday 28th February  1 Learner of the week!

Friday 14th February

Friday 14th February  1 Learner of the term!

Friday 7th February

Friday 7th February  1 Learner of the week!

Friday 24th January

Friday 24th January  1 Learner of the week!

Friday 17th January

Friday 17th January 1 Learner of the week!

Mulberry class enjoyed taking part in BBC radio 2's live lesson today. Lots of us are excited to take part in the 500 word competition and are already full of ideas for our stories! The children will be coming home with letters on Friday and if there are any more questions please feel free to speak after school. 

 Below I have attached the link for the 500 words website where you will find lots of helpful resources.​  

Picture 1
Picture 2

Friday 10th January

Friday 10th January  1 Learner of the week!

Homelearning and Newsletter

We hope you all had a lovely Christmas spending time it's friends and family. Mrs Smart and I want to thank you for all of our lovely gifts and cards! Please find attached this terms homelearning and news letter. 

Wednesday 18th December

Wednesday 18th December  1 Learner of the term for term 2!

''Twas the night before Christmas - performance poetry

Still image for this video
As a class we listened to different versions of the poem, 'Twas the night before Christmas. Each group took a verse and practised the words, adding actions and emphasis to certain words to make our poem interesting! We all wish you a very Merry Christmas!


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Friday 6th December

Friday 6th December  1 Learner of the week!

Friday 29th November

Friday 29th November  1 Learner of the week!

Friday 22nd November

Friday 22nd November  1 Learner of the week!

Friday 15th November

Friday 15th November 1 Learner of the week!

13.11.2019 - No Pens Wednesday

Today Mulberry class enjoyed using their speaking and listening skills to join in with National No Pens Wednesday. In maths, we used lots of equipment to show our working out, as well as using playing cards to add and subtract to get to the nearest number. This afternoon, we used our designs in our topic books to make our houses for our Stone Age Settlements. We used a range of natural and man made resources to make our houses look realistic from the certain period we were focusing on.

Friday 8th November

Friday 8th November  1 Learner of the week!

Wednesday 6th November

For our DT learning this term, to link with our topic Hunter Gathereres, we are creating our own Stone Age settlement. Today the children planned their house from either the Palaeolithic, Mesolithic and  Neolithic period or Skara Brae. They decided what material they needed, and started to paint the scene planning where each house will go. Next week, we are creating our 3D Stone Age house, are going to add it to our settlement alongside any detail to make our village realistic to the period. 

Look at our book corner!

Look at our book corner! 1
Look at our book corner! 2
Look at our book corner! 3
Look at our book corner! 4
Mulberry class are really proud of their home learning this week, and so they should be, they are amazing! The children  have used a range of natural materials to make a firework or Autumn picture and we have been able to add them to our seasonal book corner to enjoy them as a class!

Friday 1st November

Mulberry class were extremely excited to share their writing with Lime class this afternoon. The children sat beautifully in both classes listening to year 3's scripts intently, asking questions throughout. The children in year 3 came away extremely proud of their work, after recieiving comments such as "wow this is amazing" and "I wish my wiring was this neat!" We look forward to being able to listen to some great writing from Lime class later on this term!

Term 2 homelearning and newsletter.

Please find the first 3 weeks of home learning for term 2. The following home learning will be sent out later in the term as it will be linking to our learning we will be doing in class. 

Friday 1st November

Friday 1st November  1 Learner of the week!

Friday 18th October

Friday 18th October  1 Learner of the term for term 1!

Friday 11th October

Friday 11th October  1 Learner of the week!

Tuesday 8th October

Today Mulberry class explored using salt dough to create cast fossils. We mixed the ingredients together to make a dough and added coffee granules to create a grainy texture, (our classroom smelt delicious!) We then chose the animal, insect or shell to print in the dough to leave the mould of the creature. 

Friday 4th October

Friday 4th October  1 Learner of the week!

Friday 27th September

Friday 27th September  1 Learner of the week!

Friday 20th September

Friday 20th September  1 Learner of the week!

Monday 16th September - Mulberry class had a great morning creating and eating their Stone Age pizza!

We look forward to see you at our Welcome Afternoon on Wednesday 18th September and Thursday 19th September 2:30-3:00pm. 

Friday 13th September

Friday 13th September  1 Learner of the week!

Term 1 Homelearning and Newsletter.

Friday 6th September

Friday 6th September  1 Learner of the week!

Welcome to Mulberry Class 2019-20!



Monday 9th September

This week's spellings will come home with the children today. They will be tested next Monday so they have a week to learn them. Please help your child learn as many as you can, at the moment all children have 10 to learn. Thank you. Our class newsletter will also get sent home this week along with a suggested reading list linked to our class text.


Homework will be coming home next Monday. We ask that it is returned for marking the following Monday and then the children bring their books home on Tuesdays to complete the next week's tasks.