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Monday - DESIGN

Monday 8th February


9am Zoom to start our week! If you miss it or can't make it don't worry, everything you need is here.

(You can even be in your PJs!)



***Update to the update! You should have received login details for your child for the IXL website now. This *should* allow them unlimited access to the activities (but, with my luck, who knows!).***

** It appears that the website we wanted to use for maths today is now limiting the amount of work each person can do. Technology isn't being my friend today! Some people have managed to do more than 10 questions, others are having problems. If this is the case, please don't worry.

Below is a link to some maths games that can be played today. Choose whichever take your fancy!**



You may or may not have mathletics tasks this week - some of you have tasks to finish off but we will not be setting new ones. All your maths will be on here this week and it will cover skills we want you to practise so try your very best!


Today you will be  using your knowledge of the 3/4/8 times tables. Below are links to tasks. The webpage will allow you to do 10 questions per task without signing up for an account. You do not have to do them all at once, you might spread them out during the day. This is for you to practise and increase your knowledge and understanding. We know you will try hard so please don't worry about sending us evidence as it will be hard today! 



Reading: Bug Club Challenge!



Write a farmer's " to do" list. 

Imagine you are a busy farmer. Decide what kind of farmer you will be - arable, pastoral or both?!

You wake up early and have a lot to do throughout the day. To help you remember everything, you need to jot down a "to do" list so you don't forget anything. Try to think of the jobs he or she would have to do throughout the day.  Plus any extra things someone might need to remember!

Aim for at least 10 things.Try and write them in chronological order (time order of when he or she would carry them out). 


To level up your work and make it even more impressive use this check list and include everything!

Check List Have I used this?

At least 10 "to do" things for the farmer

Bullet points to help organise your work  

Brackets to add extra information (what else

would the farmer need to remember about one of their tasks?).


Appropriate detail ("collect the milk and take it to the dairy" NOT "get milk").


Mention another person (someone who you need to call,

or maybe collect something from).


Write in chronological order (Start with the first thing and end with the last - time order.)


Does your "To do list" really give us a feel of some of the things a farmer may have to do? We know it is a hard job, so make them 

sound super busy!





Choose one of these activities to have fun with, or both if you really fancy!


1. Think about what you have learned about farming, can you design a machine or vehicle that would really help a farmer? Draw it out and label it. Write a few sentences to explain what it does. 


2. Design a farm!  Will it be arable, pastoral or both? Think about all the buildings you might need - spaces for animals and for machinery. Draw it out on squared paper like a plan. Perhaps you could create a key. Colour the animal areas one colour, storage another, crops another. 


I have attached a sheet of squared paper that you could use if you wish and also a powerpoint that might give you some ideas. We will discuss this task at our 9am Zoom call, so there will be no sound on this powerpoint, just pictures to give you some ideas.


Zoom 2:  2.30pm

 If you would like to come onto zoom and share your work I would love to see it! Even if it isn't finished feel free to share or come and see what everyone else has been up to.


Remember to check in the Amari Chapters section for today's chapter!