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Wednesday 3rd March

Good morning everyone! Happy Wednesday!

We are well on truly on the final stretch now. heart


Please join us for a short Zoom call this morning at 10.00 am where we will discuss today's tasks and go over equivalent fractions, as I know a lot of you found that mind-melting yesterday. smiley I hope to see you all there!


Today's lessons and tasks:

Maths, English, reading and science. 

Remember you can do these in any order you wish. 



Today you're building your word bank to include persuasive language, which will is paramount for your adverts:



BugClub or your own book choice for at least 20 minutes. Remember to let us know if you need a reminder of your Bug Club logins.



Mrs Hillsdon let me know that a few of you found the equivalent fractions tricky yesterday. We will of course pick this up in class when we are all back in (can't wait, yippee) BUT in the meantime, I would like you to complete the below IXL sessions:



Then choose one of the following activities to practise further:

  • Design a cassowary enclosure:

  • Colour by number:

Fancy somethig harder?

  • Memory game:

  • Birds v robots:


Of course you can do more than one, if you wish. laugh



Last week we explored different engineers - everyone who submitted work did a BRILLIANT job with their research. Next week we will start our new unit together, so for today I have something practical in mind. 


As you know, engineering is about solving problems by improving existing products or creating brand new ones. 


You have a choice: 



a.) Design a new product of your choosing and present it to us. This could be a new kind of food, a machine, tool, and so on. Of course you don't actually have to make it BUT you could create a detailed diagram or model. If you choose this option, make sure you include 

- what your product is 

- what current issue is it solving

- how does it work 




b.) Try out different paper plane designs. There are LOADS of tutorials online - I have included a few below, which you can watch without leaving the school website. 

Once you've made at least three different paper planes, try them out and evaluate your products. 

- which was the best

- why do you think this was the best

- how can your discovery help engineers design better aircrafts? 

How to Make a Paper Airplane (EASY)

How to Make 3 EASY Paper Airplanes that Fly Far - Dagger, F-15, Arrowhead