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Daisy Class

Thursday 4th March - World Book Day!


Good morning everyone - and happy World Book Day! 


It's very bizarre for us to not be dressing up as a book character and having a fun-filled day of activities all together. But... Mrs Woodhouse has formulated a bingo-style grid of activities for you to explore at home.


In school, we will be sharing some books, creating and writing about a potato character, going on a word hunt and making a new bookmark. Last week, for English, we didn't finish our work on superheroes in class, so we will be completing that before moving onto some Book Day activities.


Please can you all create a potato (or other vegetable!) character and write a description about them. It will be so interesting to see how different they all look! I will leave the other activity choices up to you for the day, but do expect you to try at least 3 of them, please.


Year 6 have created some videos of them reading books for younger children. Have a look on their class page to watch.


The activity grid is attached below - enjoy!

World Book Day Bingo Grid

Monday 1st March


Welcome to the last week of Lockdown. I have set fraction work below that will last 2 to 3 days again, decide if its mild, hot or spicy and try your best. Looking forward to seeing your learning. Spelling and handwriting below, please practice as I will test on Monday 8th. The last lesson on lockdown is how the Egyptians lived.



Lesson 2  covers how the ancient Egyptians lived. Have attached a a PowerPoint, however its very wordy so you can use the bitsize link to learn about it. There is a cloze paragraph to complete.

Friday 26th February


Today, our focus is on our new book again, with quite a lot of activities and questions to work through this morning. 


This afternoon - and for each Friday afternoon this term - we will be spending time in the forest area with two activities to try. See below for more details.


Have a lovely day!



There are two videos today, each one a different part of the text being read. Please use the Word document to help guide you through when to watch each one.


As always, please get in touch if you need anything.

Video 1

Still image for this video

Video 2

Still image for this video

Forest Fun Activities


This afternoon, we will be attempting these activities in the woods, and spending some time playing:


1. Nest building:


Birds come in all shapes and sizes and so do their nests! The materials the nest is made of depends on the bird and the environment it lives in. Whether built in a tree or on the ground, all nests must have the same basic components:

  • Well camouflaged in case of predators.
  • Strong and sturdy to withstand the weather.
  • Soft inside to protect eggs and young. 

Gather together a range of natural materials to create your own nest. Find somewhere safe to build it and use the materials you have gathered to create the nest structure. 


2. Blindfold Explorers

You'll need to work in a pair. One of you is blindfolded. The other person guides the 'blind' one towards an object. Remember to tell them if they need to duck! When they reach the object, they must reach out and touch it: how does it feel? Then, guide them back to the start point and remove the blindfold - now they need to go and find what they were touching!

Thursday 25th February


Hello everyone!


I'm so excited to be back for Term 4 - and not long now until we're all back together, hurrah!


Today, we are learning English and RE and have a brand new book to explore!


Please see the Powerpoints below. 


Have a fab day,

Mrs Reeves


English - Sessions 1 and 2

RE - Humanism Lesson 1

Wednesday 24th February


Zoom meeting today at 11.30am to welcome you back and we will play a quiz so have a piece of paper and a pencil at the ready. See you soon.


I have set Wednesday activities in mild and hot for today. 


Monday 22nd February


Hello Daisy and welcome back to Term 4! I can't believe it's Term 4 already! Time is flying by! Hopefully you had a restful half term break and ready to return to class or online work. It would be great to hear about what you got up to the break, remember to email them to Daisy class teacher's email.

Looking at the timetable this term we will need the boys to now come in to school wearing their PE kit on Wednesdays. On Fridays, continue to bring in your wellingtons for Forest school.


Spelling and handwriting


This weeks spelling is looking at the sound k with 'k' not 'c' before e, i and y. This will be tested on Monday 22nd February. Practice the 10 spelling words each day and if you want a challenge then work of 5 challenge words.


We are starting he term with the surprising fractions! No fear boys. I chose to do it this way as it links closely with times tables. I have set the work below in three groups, if you are not confident start with mild.  Try the hot as its folding paper into half quarter or thirds.There is 2 days of work for mild and hot, while spicy has 3 days of work if you want the challenge. All have an extra support or mastery questions to finish the unit.



Daisy will be learning about ancient Egypt this term. Can you remember what we covered last year? Well, this time we will spend time learning new facts that was not covered before. The first lesson is just the beginning about life in Egypt. there is three levels activity and the pictures of artefacts on a different document. then the PowerPoint has audio recordings. Enjoy!!!

🎼 Ending on a musical note! 🎶


Friday 12th February


This morning’s learning is all about music!


Mrs Cripps has organised some great activities to learn more about different instruments. There are 3 activities - aim to complete at least two of them, with a break in the middle.


At 10:30 there is a school Zoom meeting to announce the Learners of the Term - check your email for the link.


This afternoon, we will be heading out into the woods for some outdoor fun - our focus will be musical instruments. We might try and make an outside music area - watch this space!


Everything you need is included in the document section below - there is no particular order to complete these.


Enjoy doing something a bit different and have a wonderful, restful, half term.


Mrs Reeves wink

Musical Moods

Instruments of the Orchestra

Thursday 11th February


As we are winding down to the end of term, there are only English activities to complete today.


We have now finished our learning about Leaf - and what a wonderful book it was to share with you all. It's now a firm favourite in my house! We will be starting a new book after the holidays so today's learning is a sum-up of what we thought of the Leaf story, with a book review to complete.


Session two has a SPaG theme - capital letters and full stops. Whilst we talk about sentence structure all the time, and you can say that they need a full stop and capital letter, it's so easy to forget to include them. 


Tomorrow, we take a break from English and have a morning of music learning instead! Mrs Cripps has some fantastic activities that I'd like to share with you all.



Wednesday zoom meeting


Sorry due to freezing temperatures I need to get home quickly so no zoom meeting this week. there is learner of the term assembly on Friday that you can join. the link will be sent to you tomorrow.

Last Maths Activities Uploaded!


Well done for all your amazing efforts and fantastic maths learning this term - you have done so well and we are really proud of you all.


Today's activities are all related to number facts. Remember, you can explore the other folders if you'd like a different challenge.

New Maths Uploaded!


Tuesday's maths is all about keeping warm in the snow. Have a go at the activities in the folders (consolidation and a bit of work on patterns). Then make time to go and have fun in the snow!

Snow Day in school!!!!


Today was an unusual day, 3 made it in today and we had lots of fun in the snow. Take a look at the great photos and hopefully the videos of them sledging.

Child 1, a dare devil!

Still image for this video

Child 2 Can they stay in their sledge?

Still image for this video

Child 3 Was Speedy Gonzalez!

Still image for this video

"There's no Business, like SNOW Business...!"

Monday 8th February


Good morning! 


I hope you have all had a wonderful, snow filled weekend to blow out the cobwebs and break the lockdown routine. We certainly felt refreshed after a walk to the park to build a snowman.


For maths this week, I thought I would focus on a winter theme, seeing as our visiting snow is unusual these days.


Visit the Mild, Hot and Extra Spicy folders each day to see new activities to try. I'm doing one day at a time this week, depending on what the weather decides to do! Some will be liked to multiplication and division, but there will be some other topic areas covered too.

For Geography this week, we are finishing our River topic. The last lesson is looking at Britain's longest river, the River Severn. After the PowerPoint, you can write a poem about the river. It can be based about the animals living at the river or the Bore which is the tidal wave that runs up the estuary. You can find more information on the links below.

If you want to take it easy then make the River Severn.

River Severn Source to Mouth

Geography KS2 Source to Mouth example

Friday 5th February


Hello everyone!


Wow - Friday again! We are on the home straight to the holiday now and you all (especially parents!) deserve a break. Only one more week to go!


Today's lessons are English & science, both of which are detailed below.


Have a fabulous day - and make some time for a walk or some outside play.



Today's sessions are centred around Leaf's emotions throughout the story. Your first challenge is to create a 'Graph of Emotion' to show how he felt at each main event in the story.


Next, you will need to use this graph to help you to retell the whole story from Leaf's point of view - we have already had a go at some of this. Get creative! Act it out however you like and film it - the video will be very handy for next week.



Session 1 - Extra Info

Still image for this video



This week is all about reflection. You will need: a torch, some materials (see the activity sheets) and some card.


Read through the PowerPoint and watch the short clip. Then search around your house to find 6 different materials/items that might be good to go on your bookbag design.


There are two activity sheets to help you - one for your design and one for your investigation.


Have fun!

English Session 1

Still image for this video

English Session 2

Still image for this video

Leaf - full story

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Monday 1st February


Hope you all had a good weekend. Mrs Reeves is setting the online maths work again this week - see below. She also has shared her experience of her bird watching, please look below this week's work to see what she caught in her garden.


Spelling and handwriting.

Please test the children on last week's spelling and start learning this week's. They are learning and ..est adjectives that need no changes. Below are the documents.



This week I have linked a YouTube video that explains how a meander part of the river is formed, as well as oxbow lakes. It's 18 minutes long and, if you wish, you can pause to draw the 2 diagrams that the lesson shows.

However, you can choose to look at the PowerPoint that shows the meander and the mouth of the river. 

I am attaching an activity to label the erosion and deposition on an image of a meander river. The children can draw arrows where they can spot the highlighted words and an oxbow lake on the map.

Erosion/Deposition Landforms in the Middle Course┇Geography at Home - Full Online Lesson

Time to look at meanders and oxbow lakes!
This is full lesson about how meander rivers are formed. The children can draw diagrams as the river looks when its being formed through the video. Pause the video to give time to draw.

Maths: Monday 1st  - Wednesday 3rd February


I have added new lessons and activities into the subfolders below - continuing with our work on division.


Please let me know if you have any queries - on anything at all! 


Enjoy laugh

Feathered Friends - Unusual Visitors...


How has your Big Garden Birdwatch gone? I hope you’ve had lots of birds come to visit. 

Have you had any unusual visitors? Have a look at mine in the video below... I’m a bit excited about it! 

If you’ve had an unusual bird visit your garden, send a picture or video to your class teacher - I wonder who has the most strange?! 

Unusual Visitor!

Still image for this video



Below, you will find a video introducing the birdwatch and details of how to get involved. 

It’s really helpful for the RSPB for us to track our garden visitors, so do get involved if you can. 

Enjoy! 🐦


Still image for this video

Friday 29th January


English - Session 1


We have our Zoom meeting scheduled for 10am today and you will need to have session 1 completed before then (sorry, earlier start!). But don't worry - it's a bit of research and note taking about climate change. We have talked about this in school a lot in the past.


On the last page of the story that we read, Leaf told the animals about how he got there. Why was the ice melting where he lived? Talk to your grown up about the things you already know about climate change and global warming and maybe write down some bullet points.


Now, watch the following videos and do your own research to find out more information about climate change. You might like to think about:


  • What has happened so far to the world?
  • What is happening to some animals (including polar bears)?
  • Why is climate change happening?
  • What can countries/governments do to help?
  • What can adults do to help?
  • What can children do to help?


In our Zoom lesson, we will be sharing what you found and writing a big class list of what we found out.

The poster examples from Zoom

World Wildlife Fund - Climate Change, Global Warming

Discover how climate change is effecting your world.

A climate message from the Arctic's sea ice

Find out more about our climate change work's Polar Expert, Rod Downie, emphasizes the importance on why we need world leaders to...

Climate change (according to a kid)

Follow Rappler for the latest news in the Philippines and across the globe. Don't get climate change? Watch an animation explaining the phenomenon as a 12-ye...

Polar Bears and How to Save Them | Mission Animal Rescue

Learn all about polar bears and how you can help them!➡ Subscribe for more National Geographic Kids videos: ➡ Check out o...



This week, our investigation is about exploring what happens to the length of shadows when the light source shines from different angles.


The experiment worksheet and angles sheet can be found below. I've drawn each line using a different colour to make them easier to see. You could colour your results table in the same way, if you like.

Thursday 28th January


Good morning everyone!


I hope you’ve all had a great week so far? 

The video below explains what today’s English sessions are all about. You’ll find everything you need for the morning underneath that , along with the video of the next part of the book (apologies for the background noise - Libby the dog decided it would be a good time to get a drink! laugh). 

for RE, there’s a narrated PowerPoint and Word document further down this page. The focus this week is about The Grace. 

Have a wonderful day,

Mrs Reeves 😊

English Sessions Explained

Still image for this video

Leaf Story

Still image for this video

RE Lesson Materials - The Grace

Monday 25th January


Spellings practice, ir and ur is attached below.


In Geography, we are learning about the features of a river from source to mouth over 2 weeks. This week is an introduction to the features. Use the YouTube video and the glossary link to help label the features. The word document is editable so no need to print off. Good luck.

The River Severn From Source to Mouth

Downstream changes along the River Severn

Maths Changes

Still image for this video
Here, I tell you about how maths is going to look a bit different this week.

How I'm going to try maths this week...


Underneath this message should be three folders - Mild, Hot & Extra Spicy. These are where you will find the lesson videos and activities/challenges for you to try. 


There are a range of things in here - please space them out over the three days.


In addition to these, please spend at least 10 minutes each day on TT Rockstars to really get to know those tables! 


I have also set some Mathletics activities for you to work your way through over the three days.


If you think the activities are too easy/hard, feel free to explore another folder.

Friday 22nd January


Today's English is focussed on writing in role as Leaf - we finally get the chance to think about what's happened to him and what might happen next. 


Science is all about shadows once again - this time creating shadow puppets and experimenting how to make them larger/smaller. You'll need a torch, some card and a piece of paper or a thin fabric sheet to create your screen. The videos on the worksheets make it more clear.


As is the norm on Fridays, we'll be aiming to get out into the forest school area for the latter part of the afternoon - please try to get some outside time too.


No Zoom today - the activities don't really lend themselves to attempting as a group. 


Wishing you all a wonderful weekend,

Mrs Reeves laugh

Story Video - next page

Still image for this video

English Lesson Video

Still image for this video

Science Lesson Video

Still image for this video

Thursday 21st January




The information for both sessions today is in the Dropbox folder below. There, you will find 2 videos, a worksheet and a photo. One video is the story, with the next part being read - watch this one first with the Word document open. The other video is me explaining what to do for each question - it's quite a long one, sorry! Pause for each bit and return to it as you need to.


I have forgotten to talk about question 4 on the video (oops!) but it's quite easy to do and doesn't need much explanation. If you have any questions, please just email in and I'll answer as soon as I can.


Underneath the Dropbox folder there are two links to You Tube videos. I have checked their suitability but please try to avoid the comments as I can't screen those. Try to watch the links through the school website (by pressing the play button) so that you don't need to go to the You Tube site.



Early Flying Failures Stock Footage - The Film Gate

Assortment of experimental aircraft designs from the early days of aviation. Crashes and mishaps!

Red Bull Flugtag World Record



Please find below a narrated PowerPoint and a word document to help you with RE this week.


It's all about kenning poems and how we can use these to help us describe God in the Trinity. You might want to spend some time looking at kennings before you get started.

Wednesday 20th January

I love seeing the work that you are doing at home. Please send any work that they have completed to the daisy page, i would love to create a slide show of all their learning. 

I set up a zoom meeting for 3.30 today and the internet seemed to have been fixed yesterday so we should see each other soon.




Hope you all have been working hard on your times tables this week. Don't forget to login to TT Rock Stars to keep practicing and if you go go to the arena you challenge your class to a match or play against the world. Today section 1 is doubling so have 6 pairs of socks to help or Lego to help double up to 6. Section 2 is learning the 3 times tables and colouring it on a 100 square. Section 3 is learning to divide with remainders.


I have written notes and some recorded instructions. I hope its all clear and you don't have to do all the sections on the PowerPoint, only what you are comfortable to achieve.

Tuesday 19th July


It was a lovely day yesterday. The boys were engaged in their learning and persevered to work out the 8 times table while others spotted links and doubled the 4 times table to help them. They then used their own knowledge to work out the related division facts for the 8 times table. In geography, the children got to water their rivers they made last week; fingers crossed that the cress will grow. They were amazed that we are drinking the same water that the dinosaurs drank in the past. They listened to the new vocabulary and labelled the water cycle. We ended the day with yoga. I hope it was a positive day for you all yesterday as well.




Today, like yesterday, I have split the lesson into 3 sections. If you choose to do the 2 times table, please get 12 pairs of socks - you will be working on odd and even numbers. I have written notes to help on some slides. The 2, 5 and 10 times tables I have recorded myself and there are notes written too. The third section is completing a times table square covering 2-5, 8 and 10 times tables. The resources has the things you need for each of the sections (I tried saving as Word, but it did not work!) and the practice is extra.


Good luck with the work.

Monday 18th January


Good morning Daisy! I hope you all had a lovely weekend and enjoyed the sun on Sunday. This week's timetable is below:-

Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Reading/ Spelling Reading/ Spelling Reading/ Spelling
Maths Maths Maths


Reading and spelling

Below is this week's spelling list and handwriting. I have included a 'crack a code' activity with the spelling words. Remember, we test the spellings on Monday. I could not save these as Word so they are pdfs.




This week we are starting multiplication and division. In the PowerPoint I have created 3 sections, each one covers different times tables. Choose the section that your child will need. They are called 2 times table, 5 times table and 4-8 times tables. On some slides I have recorded some prompts. I hope it makes sense! The activities are in the resources section where there is also more practice or you can record the work on sheets of paper.


Remember, to practise your times tables log in to Timestables Rock Stars using the same logins as for Mathletics. 



This week, Daisy will be learning how rivers get their water. By the end, they will understand how the water cycle works. the main activity is to label the water cycle, it's differentiated. Their is link to BBC Bite size for more information.

Speeches for the Animals

Still image for this video
Here are our speeches that we prepared in class.

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Still image for this video

Some amazing efforts!


My thanks goes out to you all, once again, for your amazing efforts with your home learning. 


I am so sorry for the technical issues this morning with our meeting - but news just in is that we have the ICT specialists coming to school early next week to try and sort the issues out. It seems it wasn't just us today that had a drama!


Please see below a slideshow of some of the home and classroom efforts from the last couple of days. Speeches will follow over the weekend.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs Reeves smiley

Friday 15th January


Good morning! Here we are, at the end of week 2 and, once again, your efforts have been wonderful!


Today, we have two sessions of English and one session of science. In school, we are hoping to head over the woods for a little while at the end of the day - hopefully you can get outside too. 

Please find everything you need in the folders, videos and links below. 

English - Session 1


Our English lessons today are all about persuasion - we are going to be thinking about reasons for and against helping Leaf and then writing and performing a speech to persuade the animals to help.


All the information is in the video and worksheet. You will need to complete questions 1-3 BEFORE our Zoom meeting at 9:45 as we need your answers to help us during this meeting.

English - Session 1

Still image for this video
Listen to this video to find out what you need to do BEFORE our Zoom meeting.

Picture of Debate Page

English - Session 2

Still image for this video
Everything you need to know about writing and recording your speech.

You Tube Video Links


The links appear to be working today!


We have checked that this video is appropriate for children. Nevertheless, to avoid opening You Tube, click on the red 'Play' arrow and watch the video staying inside the school website.

How To Change The World (a work in progress) | Kid President

Kindness Speech By 10 Year Old Girl

The speech starts at 0.23

Debate Page Text

Still image for this video
At the end of the English sessions, find out what happens at the animals' debate.



Today's science is all about shadows!


Go on a shadow search around your home. When you find a shadow, take a picture of it (without the flash) and try to work out where the source of light is. 


Can you spot which shadows are the lightest/darkest? Listen to my video for ideas on how you can work this out. 


Why are some shadows darker than others? Answer scientifically!


Below is an example of how you might record your findings - but you might have a MUCH better way!


Still image for this video

Leaf Videos from School!


Here are our videos from this morning's session 1. As I receive more by email, I will upload them to the same Dropbox folder.

Thursday 14th January


Hello everyone!

Well, just when I get settled into my new flow of online teaching, I'm now tackling online resources and being in the classroom as well - eek! 

Everything set for the rest of this week will be what we are also learning in class. I have tried to make it as user-friendly as possible for parents - please do let me know if I've missed a trick, here. As always, please do what you can.




As for last week, please see the below link to the Dropbox file with everything you need for today's activities. It's all active and fun today! There are 2 videos, a picture and a couple of documents that you can refer to. Enjoy.



Please see the below PowerPoint presentation for RE. Apologies that there is little audio - I couldn't get it to work, got cross with it and gave up. wink


Be creative with your stained glass - tissue paper and Christmas sweet wrappers work well (if you have any left!). You could also use chalk on real glass as well, though you might want to practise first.


The Miracle Maker - Jesus Baptism

Monday 18th January

 Good morning Daisy, hope you all had a good weekend. This week we will be starting multiplication and division. In geography, The boys will be learning about the water cycle. I will do links to the BBC Bitesize explanations of the water cycle as well as a PowerPoint. Your time table this week:-


Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Reading/spelling Reading/spelling Reading/spelling
Maths Maths Maths


Reading/ Spelling

Monday to Wednesday please read a book you enjoy or login to Bug club and practice the spelling for the week as you can test them on Mondays. there will be handwriting practice as well. 




This week, I have created a 3 sessions PowerPoint. They all do a different times table activity. Session 1 is the 2 times table, the 2nd session is the 5 times table and the last session is 4 and linked to 8 times table. You don't need to do all the sessions, pick the one that suits your child and the activity resources or more practice is in the word or pdf document.


If they want more practice in their timestables, remember to login to Timetable rock stars with the Mathletics logins.




Today they can learn about the water cycle and how it helps to form rivers. There is PowerPoint and they label the Water cycle in word or pdf. You can learn about in the link below as well.



End of the day Wednesday


It is the end of the week for me, I have enjoyed teaching the boys this week. They worked hard, and had lots of laughs. we finally finished our rivers, however, ours did not look as good as TK's one, which was done at home. I have loved seeing all the work you have done and having fun with capacity. 


I am sorry for the delay in setting up the zoom meeting today. As it slipped my mind after the first week back in school. I will set up a weekly meeting every Wednesday at 3.30 for 30 minutes, hope we can catch up next week.


Have a good end to the week and a restful weekend, see you all next week.

Wednesday 13th January

Today the daisy boys will complete their capacity work, so I have added problem solving activities that can check their understanding of the topic. I am also adding some links of a couple of online maths activities you can do when the work is complete.

It has been a lovely 2 days in school. They have been engaged in their learning and even felt proud, when they faced their fear of the 3 times tables and achieved better than they thought. We made progress on the Indus River and now waiting for the glue to dry. Today, we will complete it and begin growing or cress along the river.



Day 3 is on slide 18. First you will be looking at the three bears and the capacity of 4 bowls, Goldilocks and the 3 bears. The PowerPoint is model of how to record the cupfuls in a table and present it in a pictogram. LCF and TK can then create their own cupfuls of 4 bowls at home and draw it in prepared blank Pictogram. The rest of the class will carry out a vote on the families/classes favourite drink fro a choice of 4 drinks and create a pictogram. You can use the blank pictogram for support in resources. these are described in the notes in the PowerPoint. 

        The next part of the lesson is about 4 different sized bottles. They need to decide which will hold the most. then they can check my measuring in a Litre jug. Some will read to nearest 100 ml and others to the nearest 10 ml.

       The PowerPoint ends with the learning of the 3 days and there is problems that the boys can try group info is in the notes.


Have a good day, and the rest of week as Mrs Reeves teaches tomorrow.

Tuesday 12th January

Good morning all, it was lovely seeing the boys coming into school yesterday. They did brilliantly in maths, Get comparing at home and good attempts at estimating how many cupfuls it would take to fill a container. We made a start in making our Indus river and we will finish it of during the week.

I have added the spellings for this week below and after feedback on the Geography, I had another idea. Instead of making a river, you can make a poster about the benefits of the Indus river and the problems they face with dams and flooding. This may work better at home.




Today they are either going to use a litre jug to a litre and half litre. On the PowerPoint go to side 12 for Day 2 , the note on the LI has the  items you will need, which I hope you have access to at home. when you label 1/2 a litre get them estimating if the items hold more or less than half a litre. Then check.


After that:-

TK and LCF will use the items from yesterday and measure how many cupfuls they hold. Then they can compare the capacity


The rest of the class will use an egg cup or yogurt pot and work out how many of them would fill a litre jug or bottle.


On another note, if you are ever stuck you can practice time table and additions and subtraction to 20 so that they learn their number facts.


Monday 11th January

Hope you all had a restful weekend and are ready to start another home school week.  I am excited to see you coming in to school. Don't worry if you are not, as I am still setting work that we are learning in class for you to do at home.

 Our Timetable this week is below:


Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Maths Bug club/ Spelling Bug Club/ Spelling
Maths Maths Maths



Today I am setting Maths and Geography work.




This week Daisy will be learning about Capacity. Please get 8 different containers ready for today (1 jug and 3 for you to model and show results and 4 for them to practice), a 2 Litre bottle, a cup and washing bowl for the boys to pour water into the 2 litre bottle. (Hopefully the washing bowl will catch the spilled water.)

I have made notes for adults in the Capacity 3 Day PowerPoint. Please see lesson one and how I have differentiated for the boys in the notes. On slide 8 there is bar graph already made for you to match to the containers you are using to model with. Measure how many cups they take and change the graph by deleting so they show what the other containers hold. 


LCF and TK - Resource empty and full sheet to introduce vocab . They need 3 containers to compare which hold more of less. Keep the containers for tomorrows lesson. You can also get them to draw levels on images of bottles matching the vocab full, half full, nearly full, and nearly empty. 


Rest of the class: Resource compare capacity to warm up for main activity. They need 4 containers to estimate and measure how many cups of water will fill the containers. Then show their results in block graph. You can then practice more with sheet 2.




This week Daisy will learn how the people use the Indus River. There is a lot of new vocab so take your time and once read through the Kids can make a part of the Indus river and grow their own crop (water cress) fields. the instructions are below. this can be completed the next three days as you nee glue tissue paper, stones and plastic bag. if you are successful please share the pictures.

Fabulous Friday Activities!

Friday 8th January


Happy Friday everyone - you made it through the first week of homeschooling, hurrah!


Today, we have two English sessions (one on our Zoom meeting at 12pm - link on email) and a science lesson that introduces us to our new topic of light. I would also really, really like it if you could spend some time outdoors this afternoon, just like we do in school. Go and find some puddles to leap in, clear some leaves, collect sticks for the fire or just enjoy a walk.


Below you will find everything you need, including a little video from me to explain what to do. Have fun! laugh



Below is a link to another Dropbox folder. In it, you will find a short video, a worksheet and a sample letter for you to read.


When you are writing your letter, please remember:


- say your sentence out loud before you write it down.

- write your sentence on a rough piece of paper first and read it back - does it make sense? Can you make it even better?

- when you are happy, write it on your letter.



Our topic this term is light. The PowerPoint will talk you through the activities you need to do - some fun things to get you thinking all about light. 

Thursday's Super Learning (and some outside time - yay!)

The Plan for Thursdays and Fridays


Hello everyone and Happy New Year!


I'm so sorry that we haven't been able to see each other for almost a month now, but hope that you all had a wonderful Christmas break.


The timetable for Thursdays and Fridays will loosely look like this:



English – Session 1

English – Session 1



English – Session 2

English – Session 2







I would also strongly suggest that you enjoy some outside time during the day too - a bit like the fun we have in the forest on Friday afternoons!


There will also be a Zoom meeting each Friday - details of the time of this will be published on Thursday evening each week. The link will be emailed via the Daisy Teacher account.


Work for each day will be posted the evening before. There will be a mixture of videos, PowerPoints, worksheets & activities. I will, of course, be waiting at the laptop for any questions and to see your amazing efforts. Trying your best is all we ask. wink

Thursday 7th January


Morning everyone, I hope you're ok on this chilly January day!


Please find below a list and details of links to various videos, pictures, worksheets and PowerPoints for today's learning. This is my very first time organising remote learning, so any feedback would be welcome.



There are two sessions for English today, and I have recorded a short video for each one. Our learning focus will be on feelings of characters. The below link (Dropbox Folder) has everything you need to get going. It's my first time linking to any documents, so please let me know if you have an issue.

Video Link

Below is the link to the You Tube Video for the book about Human Rights.


A book about Human Rights, written for children.


This term we are learning about the Trinity. It's a really tricky subject to learn about, so we'll be looking at it in very small steps.


Below is a narrated PowerPoint for you to use, and there's a worksheet too.

Wednesday 6th January

Well done to the pupils that attempted the maths work today. some used weighing scales to measure in grams and others used hangers and rope to make their own balancing scales. Amazing!


I have sent all Parents a Zoom meeting link for today at 10 am. This is the fist meeting i set up myself, so fingers crossed it will work. The pupils are to be included in the meeting so they can ask questions and a chance to say hisg to each other after the holidays. I hope to see you at 10 am.



Today open PowerPoint from yesterday or I have saved it as a pdf today and work on Lesson 2. Get fruits out or random objects and measure how much they weigh. Measure using grams or balancing scales but remember to be consistent with Lego or building blocks to balance the scales. record the weight or number of block used to balance and then compare which was heavier or lighter and the extend work out the difference in weight.

The activity sheet is saved as pdf and word so you can type your answers if that is easier.

Sheet 1 to be completed by LCF and TK

Sheet 2 to be completed by FE, SE, JG and OL

Sheet 3 (for question) and sheet 4 (for answers) to be completed by DB, TW, AL, BT and JH


If you have any questions about the work ask me in the Zoom meeting

Tuesday 5th January

I was was amazed with all the work you all did yesterday. I loved the pictures of your weighing and baking your biscuits. Good reading and writing the facts you learnt about the Indus River. As we are only setting Maths work 3 times a week and English 2 day, please read bug club books for 10 minutes on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday please complete a Mathletics weight activity or weight problem solve in explore of Mathletics.



We have added spelling and handwriting practice that you can work through the week.



There is a PowerPoint that goes over examples of comparing weights it cover Tuesday and Wednesday work. Sorry, I have chosen objects that I hope you have at home e.g. potatoes, apples, bananas etc to try to compare weights. Try balancing weight with Lego or building blocks but be consistent with what you are measuring the weight.

The Tuesday PDF has 3 levels

sheet 1 to be completed by LCF and TK

Sheet 2 to be completed by FE, SE, JG and OL

Sheet 3 to be completed by DB, TW, AL, BT and JH


Good luck with the work. 

Monday 4th January


Welcome back after the Christmas Holidays and  Happy New Year.


To start Term 3 we are moving online again. There will be maths lessons to complete on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. On Thursday and Friday, English work will be set. We will also set a topic, R.E and Science lesson during the week.



Daisy will be starting this term with measurement. Today they are begin with weight. I am not asking you how much weight you put on over the holidays! I am asking for you to begin baking! Carefully weigh the ingredients and please measure in grams. Take pictures of your amazing cooking skills and email it to Daisy teacher please. Enjoy decorating your biscuits if you wish!

Recipe attached below



This term we will be learning about Rivers. This week learn about the Mighty Indus River. The PowerPoint (or PDF) will introduce you to facts about the river. Use this or online resources to complete the fact sheet about the River. 

Learner of Term 2!

Still image for this video

Learner of the Week 04.12.20

Logan is this week's learner of the week for his amazing effort in his speech work and independent writing. Well done, Logan, we are so proud.

Home Learning 04.12.20

These spellings will be tested on Monday 7th December.

Learner of the Week 27.11.20

Jack is our learner of the week this week because he has made such an amazing effort in all areas of his learning. He has listened well during class input and has tried his best in everything he has tackled. Well done, Jack!

Muddy Forest Fun!

Muddy fun

Still image for this video
We had so much fun playing with mud today - everyone started off with gloves on and then ended up stuck right in with their bare hands! It was a joy to see teamwork, fun and plenty of smiles on a glorious autumn afternoon.

Homework - 27th November 2020

Please see attached a summary of our learning this week and some ideas of discussions you can have together.


Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday 20th November


This week we were pleased to meet Miss Beadle who will be joining the Daisy Team next week as a TA working on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  

There was also lots of wonderful learning going on.  We have included some details below, together with ideas you can do together at home.

Learner of the Week

This week's spellings (to be tested on 23rd November)

Friday 13th November


This week we've enjoyed working with our friends in Poppy on Tuesday and Thursday mornings as well as doing lots of great learning in Daisy!  

Below we have recapped some of the things we have done in school and given some ideas to help you carry on with your learning at home. Don't forget to practise your spellings!


There is one person who has stood out this week for living out our school values. 

For his caring and forgiving attitude towards others, his resilience, perseverance and fantastic progress in reading, here is Daisy's learner of the week!

Friday 6th November


We've had great first week back, with everyone settling back superbly and putting lots of effort into their learning.  It was hard to pick just one learner of the week this week, but we have chosen Thomas.  Since joining Daisy in September, he has come to school every day with the same positive and cheerful attitude. This week he has been more focussed and shared lots of fantastic ideas with the class. Well done, Thomas!


Below are some more details of what we have been up to this week in Daisy, with some ideas for continuing your learning at home.  Don't forget to practise your spellings for your test on Monday!


Have a lovely weekend!

This week's spellings (to be tested on Monday 9th November)

Welcome back to Term 2!

Friday 16th October,


End of another busy week, the boys enjoyed our 'Here We Are' book and discussed the problems of bulling. The learner of the week really listened to what they could do to stop bullying and he even volunteered to become an anti-bullying Ambassador to support his peers in Daisy. I failed to get a photo of him today so Well done Owen and keep it up!


Below is the weekly homework.

Friday 9th October


This week we dodged the rain and had fun in our learning. Thanks for bringing back the Christmas cards to be posted. This weeks learning and Star of week is added below. Have a good weekend! 


Daisy's Star of the week, For learning to self administer his medication more independently. Keep it up!

Friday 2nd October 2020


September has come to an end and October is here! The boys are continuing to do excellent work, even if they were stuck inside all day due to the rain.


The weekly Homework is attached below as well as the Learner of the week.


Have a good Weekend.

Daisy's Learner of Week, writing his poem independently and supporting poppy during play time.

Friday 25th September,


Daisy's weekly Homework

Daisy's learner of the week.

Our learner of week is someone who has grown in maturity towards his work. He is participating in class discussions and putting a lot of focus in his learning. Well done and keep it up.

Friday 18th 


The Daisy boys had a lot of fun in the their learning this week. Look at the weekly Homework attached below to find out about it. Have great weekend.

Daisy's Star of the Week for settling so well into Daisy and participating in his learning.

Welcome to Daisy Class

Friday 11th September

Please find below the latest Daisy Homework, Star of the week, Daisy's Timetable and Newsletter.

We won't be using blue contact books this year so please email if you have any messages. If a message is urgent regarding collection, please contact the office who will pass the message on.



Daisy's Weekly Home work

Daisy's Learner of the Week

For showing a greater maturity in his learning. He put a lot of effort into his writing, especially when describing what you can do on Earth and sports you play on Earth. 

This was all linked to or new book 'Here We Are'. Keep up the good work.