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Friday 5th March

Good morning everyone! It's our last day of remote learning!



I have adjusted the amount of work set to reflect that it is in fact the last day of remote learning - and I know how tough it has been for you all. 

Let's make sure we FINISH STRONG!


Please join us for a short Zoom call this afternoon at 1.15pm. Your parents were sent the Zoom details yesterday and - fingers crossed - this one WILL WORK! I am using my Jedi mind powers to persuade technology to work for us today. enlightened

If you had dressed up potatoes (I know I do), a favourite book or clue quiz to share from World Book Day yesterday, please bring these along. 


I hope to see you all there! heart



Today's lessons and tasks:

Maths, English and reading.

Remember you can do these in any order you wish. 



As we didn't have our usual English lesson yesterday, we have two to complete today. Mrs Hillsdon and I can't wait to see the results of the last two weeks' learning and see your healthy snack adverts:





BugClub or your own book choice for at least 20 minutes. Remember to let us know if you need a reminder of your Bug Club logins.



As it's our last day of remote learning, I want you to create a poster or mind map of ALL the maths things you have learnt this lockdown. It could be as simple as 'the top number of a fraction is called a numerator' - if you didn't know that already, or 'I can now find equivalent fractions 1/10 = 2/20' or 'I now know my 6 times table' and so on. This can include your times tables, area, division, ANYTHING maths-related that you learnt since Christmas. 


You can use bubble writing, examples of the things you can do, subheadings, etc. - you're the designer!


Make it bright and colourful but, most importantly, easy to read! laugh 




If you are stuck for things to do you could:

  • practise your times tables
  • finish any work from World Book Day that you hadn't completed
  • catch up on the Amari chapters so you're up-to-date for Monday (lots of you told me last week that you haven't been watching the videos at all) - I am going to read and record my chapters this morning again - yesterday sadly was a flop. So keep checking back! yes
  • do something active: Yoga, PE with Joe, etc



Have a great last day!