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"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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Thursday - CREATE


Today's project focus is music-themed, linking to our learning in science. heart


Here's a brief overview of your learning today:

  • Watch the suggested lessons (Power Point - sorry the sound wouldn't record bizarrely and YouTube lessons) 
  • Create your original piece of music and practise it so you feel confident
  • Write an introduction to your music piece.
  • Maths: IXL question tasks (links below)
  • Reading: Bug Club 
  • Zoom: 1.15 pm Virtual Concert to showcase your work (It;s the SAME DETAILS as yesterday's art workshop - email sent on Tuesday)



Today you are being asked to create and perform a piece of original music, that means you must have made it up yourself. It has to be about 2 minutes in length (we won't be timing you, but we would like it to be longer than five seconds of course cheeky)

You must include at least three different kinds of body percussion (make sure you watch the lessons so you have ideas) but you can also add instruments or your voice, too, if you like (sing, hum, beat box, rap). 

You may want to create notations of our song as you create it, so it helps you remember it. 

Either send a recording of your piece to us OR be prepared to perform your creation in our afternoon Zoom. Please have your introductions ready, so you can read those before we watch your performance. (Links below)

Anna Meredith is a Scottish composer who writes electronic and acoustic music. She likes to work with orchestras, bands and choreographers to create music that uses clapping, stamping, shouting and beatboxing instead of instruments. In Anna Meredith’s body percussion piece, ‘Connect It’ a variety of rhythmic sounds and movements are passed between the performers. This musical effect is known as a canon. A canon is where two or more instruments, voices or sounds play the same music, but starting at different times.



Write an effective introduction for your music piece. Explain the title of your piece, which instruments or methods it requires and what inspired you. PLEASE remember your capital letters (or my head might spontaneously combust laugh). 



Today you will be going over all your times tables up until 12 as well as square numbers! 

Below are links to tasks. REMEMBER: The webpage will allow you to do 10 questions per task without signing up for an account, so just do the 10 questions.

You do not have to do them all at once, you might spread them out during the day. This is for you to practise and increase your knowledge and understanding. We know you will try hard so please don't worry about sending us evidence as it will be hard today!



Bug Club! How many books can you complete today? 

Currently our Top 5 bugs - in NO particular order - are: 

Emilie, Tilly, Lottie, Ollie, THEN three are tied at the same amount, too: Charlie, Hattie and Grace! 

WHO will take the lead? surprise




In the afternoon we come together at 1.15 pm on Zoom to share our finished music pieces. It will be wonderful to see you all then but if you can't make it, please ask a grown-up to send in a recording of you performing your music piece! 



I can't wait to see what we all come up with! HAVE FUN!


We have checked the videos are appropriate for children. Nevertheless, to avoid opening You Tube, click on the red play arrow and watch the video staying inside the school website.

Body Percussion - Lesson/Activity (with sheet music)

The Greatest Show Body Percussion

This is a great warm-up or practise - I know lots of you love The Greatest Showman and you might find it easier trying out these new skills with a song you know well.

Rhythm Play Along: Easy [Among Us Version]

Perform quarter notes, rest, and paired eighths in this easy rhythm play along! Try the regular challenge tempo, then crank it up slightly for the super challenge!

Body Percussion - Can't Stop the Feeling`

Another one of our favourites!