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Friday - MAKE



It's the last day of term, we made it! Just one more project to go today and it's a (hopefully) tasty one: Food!  We sincerely hope that this project provides a less pressured day for all involved (parents as much as children). 

Please, no tears today! Just have FUN with this. yesheart



Here's a brief overview of your learning today:

  • Create your delicious dish
  • Write the recipe for your dish
  • Maths: IXL question tasks (links below)
  • Reading: Bug Club 
  • Zoom: 1.15 pm Class Assembly (SAME DETAILS Wednesday and yesterday's workshops, email sent on Tuesday)



Today you are being asked to make a food dish for you and your family to enjoy, inspired by either ONE or ALL the colours of the rainbow.


We discussed this task last week and information has been up since Saturday, so I trust you have given this some thought already and have a plan. However, if you need some inspiration, you may wish to explore the following links:


Your dish can be sweet or savoury, a small snack, a pudding or a main meal. It is your (and your grownup's) choice whether you cook, bake or simple assemble something. Make it weird if you like - green cake? A blue smoothie? Purple pasta? The possibilities are endless and do not have to be outlandish by any means. 


We realise of course that other home commitments, like working from home or caring for other siblings, may complicate this so please dear parents, make this task work for you. Rainbow humus or fruit kebabs? Require smaller efforts and time. Of course you are most welcome to let me know if you plan on completing this learning over the weekend if timing today simply doesn't permit it. 

We sincerely hope that you see this project as an opportunity for a less pressured day and that it is FUN. heart


Please send in a photo of your dish and the recipe (see below) once completed, so we may create our Oak rainbow cook book to share with everyone in class. smiley



Please write out your recipe in clear, easy-to-follow and neat steps. You may want to complete this task after finishing your dish, so you can add to or adjust the original recipe where needed. Once I have everyone's recipes and photos, I will put them all together to form a cook book to be shared with the whole class. 

Things to consider in your writing: 

  • Title
  • Introduction (Is your food sweet or savoury, easy or hard to make, special in some way - e.g. connected to a place or a memory)
  • You will need section (list the ingredients and equipment needed)
  • How long will it take?
  • How many portions does the recipe make? 
  • numbered steps
  • New step = new line (this helps separate them out better, too) 
  • Keep the steps short BUT provide enough detail so we know what you mean 
  • Choose your verbs carefully, e.g whisk, stir, spread, etc rather than just 'do' or 'make'
  • Capital letters and full stops 


You can write your recipe out by hand or type it up - either is fine - but pleae make sure it is as neat and well-presented as you can muster. 



Today you will be going over AREA! Below are links to tasks. REMEMBER: The webpage will allow you to do 10 questions per task without signing up for an account, so just do the 10 questions.

This is for you to practise and increase your knowledge and understanding.



Bug Club! It's the last day of our Bug Club challenge. Top 5 Bugs will be announced in our class assembly Zoom at 1.15pm. laugh



In the afternoon we come together at 1.15 pm on Zoom to share our learning and feedback from the week, check the ClassDojos and announce the winners of our Bug Club challenge. I hope to see you all there!



Have a great day!

Writing instructions with Stefan Gates | English - Facts about Non-Fiction

TV chef Stefan Gates uses a cake recipe to outline how to write a set of instructions. From a series of BBC clips teaching key writing skills - this is v helpful to watch before you begin to write.

"EXACT INSTRUCTIONS CHALLENGE" - This is what happens if your instructions are not exact enough :)

Check out the "exact instructions challenge" that will definitely make you laugh!This hilarious video has emerged of two kids trying to write exact instructions of making a peanut butter and jam sandwich.