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– and The McGinty Speech and Language Centre

"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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Poppy Class

Learner of the week - 20th November

Learners of the week - 13th November

For her wonderful Letters  & Sounds this week, remembering 3 Sounds in the right sequence, independently, and spelling, handwriting and then reading these words so well.

Her concentration and perseverance here was so pleasing to see!

In English, she helped friends with their drama and repeated Traditional Fairy Tale language, with her excellent role play, body language and expressive voice use. Her Story Mapping showed real focus and attention to detail.

We are so proud of you, and know that you have waited a long time for his award, now so deserving it! Thank you for saying that you will keep this up.


The Poppy team.

Learner of the week - 6th November

Learner of the week - 16th October

For really wonderful reading, using Cued Articulation signing to Fred Talk sounds and then blending and Makaton signing to read real whole words!

For handwriting, including using joined writing, he has also improved hugely this week with great pen control and clever fingers.

Most especially, for his speech target efforts, which have been the best ever,  this week! Mrs B, Mrs Smythe and particularly Miss Bannister, are all so proud of his perseverance here. Well done and please keep up this great learning! !

Leaner of the week - 9th October

For his massive enthusiasm to challenge himself and persevere with new skills & ask for help to improve  (never saying " can't do it", any more) , including  his wish to improve his name & letters writing, his scissor skills and his reading. Well done!

Leaner of the week - 2nd October

She is our SEAL Golden rule :"We are kind and helpful, we look after our own and others' feelings" expert .

She looks out for the good in other people and congratulates others when she sees them meeting their targets and improving their own skills. She is very observant- she sees small , but important, progress in others, saying  "Well done" to them

She is also good at looking after her own feelings by telling others, using good vocabulary and using Zones of Regulation to move back to calm, if ever needed.

Her learning attitude, efforts and so progress in every area is fantastic and exciting to see.

We know she will keep all this up, because it's what makes her so special!


The Poppy Team. 

Learner of the week - 25th September

For his amazing attitude to learning all week!

He has been working on self-calming, and has let his light shine by contributing to all our English, topic, science and RE discussions, working  for his tricky syntax targets. He amazed us with his amazing Maths (he has some unexpected conservation of volume conceptual ability well in advance of his age, but despite his struggles to explain the whys of his thinking, he persevered and got his maths mastery thinking across beautifully!

Learner of the week - 18th September

Though concentrating to read in a group is still a big challenge, your reading in a 1:1 showed massive improvements this week in several ways - we’re all so excited and know that with some real effort, you can do this in a small group next week onwards, too!

Your focus to achieve in topic and computing has meant that you were superb at finding our country in our continent on Google Earth ( your visual-spatial skills are better than Mrs B’s, that’s for sure!)

You've persevered with joining your letters for beautiful handwriting in writing your full name and remembered not to join up the capitals on your own!


Wow! Amazing! We’re all so proud.  Please keep this up!

Learner of the week - 11th September

For building on what you had learnt last term in the McGinty bubble about planets and sharing this knowledge with your Poppy friends.

For quickly learning new concepts and Wow words about our seven continents in Topic and for confident independent spelling using your Fred talk and phoneme mat.

WOW - Keep up the good work!

Welcome Back!


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We won't be using blue contact books this year so please email if you have any messages. If a message is urgent regarding collection, please contact the office who will pass the message on.