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"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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Poppy Class

Monday 8th March

Friday 5th March - Learner of the week

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26th February 2021 - Learner of the week

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Friday 12th February

Learner of the term

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The Emperor's Egg, Part 3

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Thursday 11th February - English

Tuesday 9th February - The Emperor's Egg, Part 2

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Friday 5th February


Good Morning Poppy Class

Below I have put a nice treat for the weekend - another story read by Mrs Colley!

Enjoy and have a lovely weekend! 

Learner of the week

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The Emperor's Egg - Part 1

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Friday 29th January

Learner of the week

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Friday 22nd January

Learner of the week

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Monday 18th January

Dear Greenpeace, Part 3

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Friday 15th January

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Learner of the week

Dear Geenpeace, part 3

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Thursday 14th January


Hi Poppy Class!

It is so wonderful to have our only Poppy pupil not yet back class with us, joining our English lesson every day, as well as doing so much Letters and Sounds and Speech and Language Therapy. And so beautifully!!


This term, our shapes & measures Maths topic is “Time”!
Please keep singing our days of the week, months of the year, and seasons songs with your families at home (like we are doing in Poppy , too) – see the symbols and words on this page below.


Please also try keeping a calendar which you change every day, with the day of the week, the weather, and the date (you can write this the short way, or practise writing the long date-you choose!)

There’s an example of a calendar chart and key words you will need, symbolled, below, if you have a printer. I can print these out for you to take home if not, so ask your parents to let me know if that would help, please.


I’ve asked your parents if you can wear a watch into class on a Thursday and Friday (and at home, sometimes) as we will be giving you lots of O’Clock and then ½ past clock face time reading challenges from next week- analogue, not digital, for now!

Thank you for making our Maths learning such fun.

I’ll put up a “Time” activity idea here at the end of each week , for home fun, hopefully, too.


Remember that your Bubclub and Mathletics accounts all have new books /activities for your home learning.


Look out for our Poppy Learner of the Week here on Friday, of course!
And then have a wonderful weekend. You have all been such stars this week and so deserve a lovely rest and time to play.

Mrs B and the Poppy team.

Dear Greenpeace, part 2

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Tuesday 12th January

Dear Greenpeace, Part 1

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Friday 8th January

This week's learner of the week is.......

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The world came to my place - next installment

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Teen numbers place value, adding and subtracting

Thursday 7th January

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Hi Poppy Class


Above is the next installment in our power of reading book. Enjoy!

Below there is a powerpoint from Mrs Cripps. With an adult's help you can enjoy these music resources, games and stories! Just open the powerpoint, click on the pictures (links) and they will take you to web pages relating to the picture.

For some PE activity videos, please follow this link, select EYFS or Year 1-2 and try out the videos with an adult's help!


Wednesday 6th January


Hello Poppy Class


Below are some Maths activities for you along with some more videos for your power of reading English learning.

We have also uploaded a list of the high frequency words that Mrs B has been referring to in letters & sounds.



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Tuesday 5th January

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Monday 4th January


Dear Poppy

Happy New Year!


We can’t wait to see you back in Poppy Class again soon to share your holiday news.
Sadly, we can’t share this together this week, but you could tell an adult in your family your favourite Christmas news (recount/narrative skills) and either they might find time to scribe it and send it to us (using the Poppy teacher email address),maybe with a photo, or they may be able to support you write or type your news yourself.

If you recorded your news, we would love to see a copy, to put in your English books and celebrate!

Don’t forget all the Castle points you can win, too!


Please watch the video clips here, as it’s a greeting to you, but also is the reading of the first page of our new English book.


The title and illustrations are a secret at the moment, but I have given you an activity challenge: to draw what you imagine while doing good listening, and to guess what or who might come to the garden if the girl and her Grandmother wait quietly and listen.  
There will be a second instalment tomorrow as a video clip, too (and more recorded by different Poppy teachers over the week), which will help you develop your drawing, thinking and discussion, so please do keep looking at this Poppy webpage with your family.

We shall also be posting Maths, Science and RE activities for home learning and home watching.

Mrs B will be updating your Bugclub and Mathletics accounts today and will have called your parents to arrange meetings on line for Speech and Language Therapy and, if wished, Letters and Sounds sessions, too.

There will be some PE links, as well.


As Poppy, Lime and Cherry classes all follow similar themes in our learning, it is also a very good idea to visit their class webpages, especially Lime Class’, for further great ideas of Topic and Science activities, if you want any other or any more ideas.


There is also the Oak Academy and Bitesize online offers, which include learning about animals in general, and birds in particular, as well as South America, which we shall refer to more specifically later in the week, along with a reminder of the websites linking directly to our English, which we sent home just before the Christmas holiday began.

We hope that this will be fun and interesting, and help you continue your learning at home this week!

We miss you.


Mrs Bartholomew, Mrs MacDonald Gay, Mrs Colley, Mrs Smythe and Miss Skelly, The Poppy Team.

Hummingbird - Part 1.MP4

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Hummingbird - Part 2.MP4

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Learner of the Term

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We wish you a lovely Christmas break and we are looking forward to seeing you in 2021!


In case you missed it, these are the websites you may like to visit:   (Jane Ray's illustrative techniques),uk​   (Nature & Wildlife activities) 

A Bundle of Joy

I am excited to present our Key Stage 1 Nativity; A Bundle of Joy from Out of the Arc.


We have published the video privately through the school’s YouTube account.


We hope you enjoy our show!

Learner of the week - 11th December

Learner of the week - 4th December

Learner of the week - 27th November

Learner of the week - 20th November

Learners of the week - 13th November

For her wonderful Letters  & Sounds this week, remembering 3 Sounds in the right sequence, independently, and spelling, handwriting and then reading these words so well.

Her concentration and perseverance here was so pleasing to see!

In English, she helped friends with their drama and repeated Traditional Fairy Tale language, with her excellent role play, body language and expressive voice use. Her Story Mapping showed real focus and attention to detail.

We are so proud of you, and know that you have waited a long time for his award, now so deserving it! Thank you for saying that you will keep this up.


The Poppy team.

Learner of the week - 6th November

Learner of the week - 16th October

For really wonderful reading, using Cued Articulation signing to Fred Talk sounds and then blending and Makaton signing to read real whole words!

For handwriting, including using joined writing, he has also improved hugely this week with great pen control and clever fingers.

Most especially, for his speech target efforts, which have been the best ever,  this week! Mrs B, Mrs Smythe and particularly Miss Bannister, are all so proud of his perseverance here. Well done and please keep up this great learning! !

Leaner of the week - 9th October

For his massive enthusiasm to challenge himself and persevere with new skills & ask for help to improve  (never saying " can't do it", any more) , including  his wish to improve his name & letters writing, his scissor skills and his reading. Well done!

Leaner of the week - 2nd October

She is our SEAL Golden rule :"We are kind and helpful, we look after our own and others' feelings" expert .

She looks out for the good in other people and congratulates others when she sees them meeting their targets and improving their own skills. She is very observant- she sees small , but important, progress in others, saying  "Well done" to them

She is also good at looking after her own feelings by telling others, using good vocabulary and using Zones of Regulation to move back to calm, if ever needed.

Her learning attitude, efforts and so progress in every area is fantastic and exciting to see.

We know she will keep all this up, because it's what makes her so special!


The Poppy Team. 

Learner of the week - 25th September

For his amazing attitude to learning all week!

He has been working on self-calming, and has let his light shine by contributing to all our English, topic, science and RE discussions, working  for his tricky syntax targets. He amazed us with his amazing Maths (he has some unexpected conservation of volume conceptual ability well in advance of his age, but despite his struggles to explain the whys of his thinking, he persevered and got his maths mastery thinking across beautifully!

Learner of the week - 18th September

Though concentrating to read in a group is still a big challenge, your reading in a 1:1 showed massive improvements this week in several ways - we’re all so excited and know that with some real effort, you can do this in a small group next week onwards, too!

Your focus to achieve in topic and computing has meant that you were superb at finding our country in our continent on Google Earth ( your visual-spatial skills are better than Mrs B’s, that’s for sure!)

You've persevered with joining your letters for beautiful handwriting in writing your full name and remembered not to join up the capitals on your own!


Wow! Amazing! We’re all so proud.  Please keep this up!

Learner of the week - 11th September

For building on what you had learnt last term in the McGinty bubble about planets and sharing this knowledge with your Poppy friends.

For quickly learning new concepts and Wow words about our seven continents in Topic and for confident independent spelling using your Fred talk and phoneme mat.

WOW - Keep up the good work!

Welcome Back!


Please find below the latest Poppy newsletter. 

We won't be using blue contact books this year so please email if you have any messages. If a message is urgent regarding collection, please contact the office who will pass the message on.