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Year 4 - Oak Class

After taking time to look at everyone's homework this week, hearing how we all went about making our instruments,  we had a little concert in Oak class...sound optional!


Still image for this video
Amazing achievements by Emily! So many medals and banners won for her dance skills.  Well done Emily, fantastic work!
Picture 1
Congratulations to Alex for an incredibly successful weekend! 2 medals and a trophy for her dance skills. Well done Alex, all your friends in Oak are very proud of you!
Picture 1
We continued our science topic this week with lots of mini investigations to see how we can change pitch. A very busy afternoon!

Have you ever seen a whistle made from a carrot?

Now you have!

Well done Olwyn on a very original piece of homework!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Multiplication table tests were a big discussion point at parent evening. Please find below a link to the Top Marks website which has lots of games the children can play. Hit the Button is a particular favourite!

This week we were lucky enough to have Kent Fire and Rescue service come and visit us to speak about fire safety.

They spoke about the importance of having a fire escape plan in our homes. The children had some information leaflets to bring home where you could all work together to plan your escape route. 


Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3


Happy New Year to all our families!

We got straight back into the hard work today by completing a BP STEM design  challenge.  The children were asked to design some wearable technology that fulfilled a need. They worked really well and we have some great ideas! The ideas will now be sent off and we wait to see if we win anything!

Dragon's Den here we come!

Mrs Hillsdon, Mrs Sands and Miss Walker wish all of our children,  parents and their families a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year!
Picture 1
Christmas maths puzzles around the school this morning. We keep working until the last day of the school year!
A lovely time spent making our Christingles today. The classroom smells lovely!
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

Amazing work from lots of Oak class this week! Some marvellous PowerPoint presentations,  models made,  newspapers designed, archaeological digs created and wonderful Christmas baubles. 

Today the children had the chance to share their presentations and have a good look at what everyone else had produced. 

Well done Oak!

Our Egg-speriment!

Before half term we set up an investigation to see how various liquids affected egg shell.  Egg shell is similar to tooth enamel so we didn't want to test our teeth so this was the next best thing!


We used water, milk, coke, pineapple and orange juice. We predicted that.milk would have no effect and coke would have the most effect as it was full of sugar

 Below are a few photos of the results!

Picture 1 The egg that was in water was just a bit paler.
Picture 2 The jar of water had gone cloudy!
Picture 3 The milk was fresh when we started!
Picture 4 The egg that had been in milk cracked!
Picture 5 Pineapple juice after the experiment!
Picture 6 The egg that was kept in pineapple.juice.
Picture 7 Pineapple juice egg had gone a very funny shape!
Picture 8 Inside the pineapple juice egg.

Term 2


Welcome back! Last half term seemed to go very quickly and we are all ready for another busy run up to Christmas!

This term we not only have our class assembly (dates to follow) but we have a visitor arriving from the Stone Age, so lots to look forward to!



As we said to lots of you at parent evening, learning the multiplication tables is really key this year. The children must know up to 12x12 by the end of year 4 if they are to stay in line with government guidelines. Although we practice as much as possible we really would appreciate your support in making sure your child has a great understanding of these facts.

For the first 3 weeks of Term 2 we will not be setting official homework as we have done before, and we ask that you spend time with your child learning the multiplication tables. (The government suggests they should be able to recall an answer within 5 seconds.)

We have put some links on Oak's page on the website which links to some games the children might enjoy, but nothing beats chanting /saying the table facts aloud to help stick them in their heads.

Alongside the usual multiplication facts the children are expected to know the corresponding division facts, so:

if I know 3 x 4 = 12


I also know that 4 x 3 = 12 


12 divided by 3 = 4


12 divided by 4 = 3


The order the multiplication tables are taught in are:


2/5/10x  (year 1 and 2)

3/4/8x (year 3)

6/7/9/11/12x (year 4)


We are focusing on the 6 x table at the moment in class but please help your child with any they are unsure of. 

Monday 14th October


Some more  amazing homework appeared this week!

Oak class had obviously put a great deal of time and effort into thinking about what inventions were needed by their friends and families!

We had such a mixture of incredible ideas, from a "Google doll" to a soap maker to a tie tying teacher!

The children had great fun sharing their ideas and showing the class their creations. We look forward to seeing even more

Picture 1 Noah created a table top recycling system.
Picture 2 Emily organised all her mum's stationery.
Picture 3 Yes, that's a printer!
Picture 4 Phoebe created a Google Doll.
Picture 5 Alice made a cry technical soap maker.
Picture 6 Alex's task wheel makes sure jobs are shared.
Picture 7 Henry created a calming sounds app.
Picture 8 Luca's amazing hoovering, cleaning, ironing car!
Picture 9 Ati became a new fashion designer!
Picture 10 Taylor's Tie Tying Teacher! Terrific!
Picture 11 Serenity created an all purpose storage unit!

 Roald Dahl Homework!


We have had some amazing homework this week!

Taylor and Ollie channelled their inner Willy Wonka and made chocolates and biscuits! Both were shared out and we all agreed were delicious!

Luca created his own Enormous Crocodile who has taken up residence in our book corner for now!

Update: Olwyn treated us all to some vanilla and smartie fudge. Oak class really are inventive when it comes to homework!

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5

To help us with our instruction writing, we created Stone Age pizzas with delicious toppings such as mud (chocolate), maggots  (cheese) flaky skin (ham) and lots of other quite horrible things!

However horrible our ingredients were,  we all agreed that most of our creations were very tasty!


Worst combination: ham and strawberry!

Best combination: jam,  chocolate,  strawberry and raspberry. 

Music at Malling

The annual concert is to be held at the church next Tuesday 17th September. Oak class are the only class who are playing in the concert, although children in other KS2 classes are invited to watch. This year the theme is the Roald Dahl version of The Three Little Pigs.

The concert is from 2pm - 3pm so we arrive back at school slightly after 3pm on that day. Children who get taxis will be escorted back to school for 3pm.

Multiplication Practice

As explained in the newsletter, Year 4 have a compulsory multiplication table test at the end of the year. Here are a few websites that your child may like to use at home.



Monday 9th September


This week's spellings will come home with the children today. They will be tested next Monday so they have a week to learn them. Please help your child learn as many as you can, at the moment all children have 10 to learn. Thank you.


Our class newsletter will come home this week - we will also upload one onto our class page.


Homework will be coming home next Monday. We ask that it is returned for marking the following Monday and then the children bring their books home on Tuesdays to complete the next week's tasks.

Term 1 week 1 spellings

Welcome to Oak 2019-20!


We look forward to seeing you relaxed and ready to work on Tuesday 3rd September!

Please remember PE kits as we will be jumping straight into our curriculum.


Mrs Hillsdon & Mrs Sands