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"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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Year 4 - Oak Class

Sunday 19th July


Hello my little acorns, I hope you are looking forward to tomorrow/today (depending on when you are reading this!).


If you would like to join Mr White and I for a picnic on the field we would love to see you at 12.30 and then around 1pm we will split into 2 groups and have a chance to say hello / goodbye and play a few games. 


At 1.45pm you will get a chance to have a socially distant play/catch up with your friends and then I officially hand you over to Mr Rye! You will be Year 5!


See you soon!

Mrs H


Friday 17th July


Good morning Oak class.


Did you know that on this day, in 1955, the first Disneyland opened in California? An interesting fact for some, and somewhere you may one day visit.

The more interesting fact, for us, is that this is our last day of learning together. What an amazing journey you have been on, throughout this school year. But what is more incredible, is how you have applied yourselves through the last two terms. You have worked so hard, and produced such excellent work. Well done Oak class!


As always, there is the Learner of the week to choose. How wonderful is it, that this is always such a difficult decision?


We are looking forward to seeing you on Monday, very much.


Enjoy your weekend! You deserve to.


Let your light shine.


Mrs H and Mr W


Last Learner (s) of the Week!

Still image for this video

Thursday 16th July


Good morning Oak class.


Today is our penultimate day of learning together! One more day until we have to consider our final learner of the week. Your work, this term, has been fantastic. We cannot wait to see what you can do in these last few days. Please keep sending it in.


Today you will look at symmetrical patterns, as a part of your maths. You will also be considering the seaside, and reading poems about it, in English.


Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday 15th July

Middle of the week for us! I have had some great work sent to me already - lots of you have really enjoyed Zoo by Antony Brown. Today you will look at a different text  -  a poem called First Fox. You will need to use your amazing description skills to write a paragraph about foxes too - remember to really push yourself, use all those techniques we do in class, alliteration, similes, metaphors and amazing vocabulary!


Speaking of pushing yourself. Phoebe sent me this photo today. She's definitely pushing herself! That's amazing Phoebe, well done!


In maths today you will use your multiplication facts to help you solve trickier multiplication problems.


For example:


You know that 6 x 7 = 42

so you can work out that 6 x 70 = 420


Let us know how you get on!

Tuesday 14th July

How was your Monday? I still find it funny to think this is our last week as Year 4 this year. Still, we have next week to look forward to before the summer holidays begin.


A chicken update from me; the hens came out into the garden for the first time today. They had a good scratch around and explored everywhere quite happily. Esther did a very good job of putting them back in their coop when it was bedtime - we only had 1 escapee. Ada made a run for it across the garden but was soon tucked up for bed. 3 eggs today! I have quite a collection now. I think I will soon be an expert in egg recipes.


Onto Tuesday's learning.

In English today you will continue to look at the wonderful Zoo by Antony Brown. You will be reading and commenting on some different opinions, explaining who you agree with and why. You will also do a short piece of writing in the form of a letter to a zoo owner  -  I can't wait to see what you come up with!


In maths, it is day 2 of x by 10 or 100. This really is such an important skill that we would love you to be able to do in your head - so keep working hard at it!



Monday 13th July

Our last week of learning online this school year!

What a funny year it has been - one we won't forget quickly that's for sure. 


I am very sad that I wasn't able to be your actual in class teacher for the last few months, you are all wonderful and we used to have such fun with our learning. Remember we have a time to say goodbye next week - and I can't wait to see you all - even if it's at a distance and we will be sat on the field! We will have a good natter and catch up on everything that has been happening over the last few months. I bet when we are all back together it will feel like no time has passed at all. 


My weekend was very exciting and busy. Esther became a teenager so we had lots of cake and we also got 3 new pets!

We now have 3 hens called Olive, Ada and Dotty. They are very sweet and have been laying us lots of eggs. They are bantams which means they are a small type of hen and their eggs are smaller than the usual eggs you buy in shops. When they are used to us we will let them wander about the garden.

Today they discovered that our neighbours across the lane also have hens and both sets have been shouting at each other since about 10am. They have just put themselves to bed, something I wish Kitty would do at a reasonable time!



The LAST Monday learning from me...

In maths we start the week looking at our X table facts and using these to multiply multiples of 10 and 100. There is a powerpoint to help you out if you need a reminder. I have allocated pretty much everything on Mathletics now so you may have some bits to finish or try and improve on there too.


In English you will watch a lovely video of Zoo by Antony Brown. You will use this text to remind yourselves about adverbials and prepositions, then do a short (but excellent quality smiley) piece of writing.


Have a great Monday!



Zoo by Anthony Browne - Give Us A Story!

Dad, Mum and two brother spend a day at the zoo, looking at the animals in cages - or is it the animals that are looking at them?

Friday 10th July


Once again it is Friday, and once again you have shown us what an amazing class you can be when it comes to your learning.


We have seen a lot of fantastic work this week. The effort that is being put in by Oak is worthy of praise. We told you to have a pat on the back, last week. This week, have two! Let's keep this going next week, as it it the final week of term. Then we can look forward to meeting up again for the transition day!


We have seen some fabulous letters from your future selves. We look forward to reading the rest of them.


It is always tough to pick a learner of the week, but we have managed to make that difficult decision.


Mrs H and Mr W


Oak’s Learner of the Week is....

Still image for this video

Today's Maths.

Thursday 9th July


How did you all get on, writing to your future selves? We are looking forward to reading all of those letters. Where will you be, and what will you be doing? We hope that you had some great advice to pass on!


Today you have some poems to look at, and some shapes to move on a co-ordinate grid. Enjoy!



Wednesday 8th July

Puzzle Wednesday! I wonder if the black and white puzzle will be trickier than the colour ones? You'll have to tell me!



Today is the last day you will be looking at Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters and you will get a chance to give the future you some advice


In maths you will look at coordinates today. There is also a powerpoint for you to look at.


along the corridor, up the stairs


...reminds you which axis to look at first(X then Y).


Here is a link to a coordinate game, maybe you could play this first to remind you how to find them.

Tuesday 7th July

I had a lovely surprise earlier, I opened my phone and there was a photo of this gorgeous little person. Mrs Sands had sent me another beautiful photo of Abigail - I think she has grown so much already (and I am still waiting to be allowed to have a cuddle!).


Mrs Sands sends her love to you all and hopes you are doing well. I have told her what I always tell everyone, that Oak are doing marvellously as we are the best class in the school. We are working hard and keeping in touch and you are making our job of picking Learner of the Week extra hard every single week!


Today's learning in English carries on from yesterday. You will continue to use Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters as your text, but this time you will be thinking about how the characters would respond to events and how you would react in their situations. Remember, this is a piece of work where you can really explain your thoughts.

Think back (all that time ago) when we used to have guided reading sessions - remember the 1, 2 or 3 point questions? Try and judge whether you think each question is a 1, 2 or 3 point question and answer with as much detail as you think you need.


One of yesterday's questions was, How did Nyasha respond to her?

You could have written:


4. Kindly.


...but that wouldn't be using all the skills we practise so much in class. A MUCH better answer would be:


4. When Manyara was in a bad mood or said unkind things to her, Nyasha responded kindly. She was not nasty to her sister and said kind things to her like calling her clever and strong.


Really push yourselves today when you answer your comprehension questions - I'd love to do a Tuesday night gallery of amazing comprehension work to show you all!



In maths today you will be looking at factors - make sure you look at the little challenge  on the page - this will give you a mini investigation to look at - email me with your ideas!



Monday 6th July

** Sorry everyone! I seemed to have uploaded English x2! Maths is now there!**

Happy Monday everyone! Bright and ready for a new week of learning whether you are in a key worker group at school or at home. Remember, we expect you to do your best and complete your work to the standard you know we expect of you - so far you have not let us down!

I hope your weekend was good - it rained ALL day on Saturday here. That was a bit of a disappointment, but today has been bright, sunny and windy. My favourite kind of weather.

Onto this week's learning...


In English today you will be making some predictions based on the cover of a book - Mufaro's Beautiful Daughters, reading the beginning of the story and answering some comprehension questions. Remember, full sentences, correct spellings, full, careful answers and brilliant punctuation!


In maths today we are looking at the 7x table, which can be quite tricky for some of us. Remember, if you are having problems, write yourself a 7x table marathon (remember the lists of multiples we used to do!) on your work - that will help!


Please keep up to date with your X tables while we are learning like this - if we were in school we would be doing a little every day. It would be great if you could at home too. I know XTables Rockstars can be a bit stressful for some of you (and me!) so don't worry if you don't like it, you can practise on your own or even use some of the other X table games we used to play.


I will also reassign a few activities to those of you who have anything left on Mathletics - remember, these will be for the whole week not just today!


Have a great day!



Friday 3rd July


Here we are! It is the end of the week, and it has been another fabulous week of work from Oak class. We think you should all give yourselves a well deserved pat on the back.


Your great efforts always make it so hard for us to decide upon a Learner of the Week. However, we have decided, and once again it is well deserved.


Keep up the great work, and have a fantastic weekend.


Mrs H and Mr W.


Learner of the Week!

Still image for this video

This week, we would like to share some of your stories and other work

Thursday 2nd July


Here we are again, just over the halfway point of the week. We are now also over half way through 2020!


How has your week been? What fantastic plans do you have for the weekend? I know that it has been a mixed "bag" with the weather.


You have all been working so hard again, and tomorrow evening is when Mrs Hillsdon and I will be making that difficult decision on the Learner of the Week!


In the meantime, here is today's learning.





Wednesday 1st July

It's July!

In 9 days I will have a teenage daughter as Esther will turn 13! 


This week's Wednesday puzzle is a little different, below is a link to a tweet by Chance to Shine which is a national charity that helps children to learn and develop through cricket. Watch their little video and see if you recognise anyone! (Parents - I have watched the video, however please view the video before you show your child to ensure you are happy with them viewing it! Thank you!)


Learning for today:

English - you will be looking at an illustration and doing a piece of writing about it using verbs and trying to use the present perfect form!


Today's maths is all about adding and subtracting 0.1 and 1. 

A few of you had problems with yesterday's decimal work. Perhaps this video might help you understand it a little more.



Year 4 - Introduction to Decimals

Tuesday 30th June

How was everyone's Monday? You've already started sending in some great work! 

Remember, you don't have to send every piece to us on the same day you do it - you can also save it up and send it over on Thursday. Please let us have it by Thursday as then we can make a really well informed decision about our Learner of the Week and also Mr White can put all your fabulous pictures into our gallery.


Tuesday's work is attached below with some extra bits to help/challenge you!

In maths we are moving on to looking at numbers with one decimal place. That means having one number after the decimal point like 2.5 or 1.9. Remember the value of the number after the decimal is tenths ( 1/10). So 1.2 means 1 whole and 2/10. We haven't done very much of this in class but on Mathletics lots of you did very well. Let me know if you have trouble and i'll try and help out. I have also attached a decimal point challenge with your maths work today!


English continues with the Kapok Tree - you will be thinking about what the animals might say and using the present perfect tense. This can sound a bit scary, but it's not. Watch the video below to remind you about it and remember, you use it ALL THE TIME you just might not know what it is called!

If you fancy a little extra reminder about verbs, I have also attached a colour-in verb sheet you might like to do. I know some of these need printing out - but please don't worry if you can't. We are more than happy with work written into your books or done on a computer.


I have a special Wednesday puzzle for you out for it!


When to Use the Present Perfect Tense | With example sentences

Monday 29th June


Monday again! How did that happen? I hope you all had a lovely end of week and kept out of the sun / rain over the last few days! 

I learned a new and pretty useless fact this weekend (thanks to a family quiz!). When you have an exclamation mark and a question mark together like this ?! it has a name all of its own. It's called an INTERROBANG. I like strange words and that is a very strange word, isn't it?! (Did you see what I did there?)


Aaaaand onto this week's learning. I will assign a big chunk of Mathletics for any of you who have any left - remember it may look a lot but it's for the whole week!

In maths we are continuing to learn about and remind ourselves about fractions. This week we begin with equivalent fractions.

Remember, this only means 2 fractions that look different but actually mean the same amount. A bit like 1/2 and 2/4. So, don't panic and think calmly and remember YOU CAN DO THIS!


English starts this week with us listening to a reading of The Great Kapok Tree and using its text to revise work on verbs and tenses.


As always, let me know if you have any problems and I look forward to seeing your great work come in!


Friday 26th June

Wow Oak!


What a great week you have all had. We have seen so many fantastic examples of your work. You have created stories about the adventures (or perils) of Ananse. There have been lots of calculations, using fractions. There have also been all of your wonderful stories and pictures, about your daily activities.


As always it has been a difficult task to pick a learner of the week. But we have managed to pick one.

The Oak class learner of the week is.....

Still image for this video

It is that time of the week again. The 50 Club. We hope that you are enjoying the challenge.

Thursday 25th June

Well, we are now over half way through the week. We are also over half way through this Term! The weather has been fantastic, and hopefully it will stay like that for the weekend. Hopefully you have great plans for the weekend. I will definitely be cooking a BBQ, rain or shine.


Thank you for all of your hard work. It is so great to see the effort that you are putting into your Maths and English.


Please also keep sending in the wonderful stories of your other activities.

Wednesday 24th June

It's the middle of the week! It's also National School Sport Week at Home! I have attached 2 documents below that might give you some ideas of activities you could try out. If you do, please send us some photos, we would love to see!


 Day 3 of learning this week. In English you will use the style of the Ananse stories to create your own using an illustration as a start point - I look forward to reading your work! In maths you will be adding and subtracting fractions - remind yourself about this by looking at the powerpoint first.


Seeing as it is Wednesday here is my puzzle for you. A sporty one today!

Tuesday 23rd June

I hope you enjoyed the new look work yesterday. Let me know if you have any problems.

Day two of both maths and English today. More fraction work in maths and another Ananse story in English.


 Remember our TTRS challenges and also, please have a look at this link I posted AGES ago from Mrs Cripps.


The challenge is NOT just for choir so don't worry if you are not a member.

She would love to put together a song while we are all working in different places. I heard from Mr Clark today that only 1 person has sent her anything! frown My first thought was, Oak will come to the rescue! I know singing isn't everyone's idea of fun so of course you don't have to but I would love to hear that Oak are the Champs and have saved poor Mrs Cripps!


Now, a treat for you all!

Someone you may recognise has been reading a few stories and has kindly uploaded them to Youtube. Ill pop one below - the channel is "West Malling Stories"...make sure it's OK with your grown up and check out the rest of these fabulous videos. I know they will make you smile!


The Magic Ice Cream and Wagger The Dog.

Monday 22nd June

ALL CHANGE this week!

There are a few changes to our learning this week, not too complicated but something new to get used to. smiley



Lots of you have completed the Mathletics activities. I will assign some of the tasks you have left to do weekly - so there will appear to be more than usual for some of you but please just stick to doing 2 a day.

If you do not have any mathletics tasks, or if you fancy a change, please complete the task I post daily. There may sometimes be a powerpoint to look at to help you too. Please don't worry if you can't print anything - it is absolutely fine for you to write things out in your book or type into a document. The maths tasks will have challenge activities and also things for you to do if you find the lesson a bit tricky. There are also the answers so AFTER you have finished you can check how well you did! 

This week's maths is looking at fractions - something I know a lot of you aren't too keen on but they are so very important to understand. We will have covered all of the work before in class, so it is great revision. I know when you are working at home it can be hard. Just do your best.



This is now in place of our Ancient Egyptian topic.

Just like with the maths, there will be a daily activity posted here so you will need to check here every day to find out what you need to do. As with maths, some of the activities suggest you print things - texts or a table to fill in - but in most cases this is not necessary. We are happy with you reading the text online and I know how great you are at drawing tables (with a ruler!) and presenting your work thoughtfully. This week's English is based on a story called Ananse and the Pot of Wisdom. We will be revising verbs and clauses and use conjunctions to write sentences. We will also plan and write a short story which is something I know a lot of you have missed.


If there are any questions about the new way of working please drop me an email and Mr White or I will be there to answer your queries.


One thing to note -  the file names may have strange week numbers on them  - don't worry about the week number in the file name - I am selecting work that I feel is appropriate for Oak class so they may not go in chronological order.


I think you will like this new set of work -  it makes a bit of a change!


Just before you all rush off to get working, last week I asked for any videos you'd like to share. Emily sent this one to me and would love me to share it with you. smiley Well done Emily - you are a star!



Unstoppable by Emily

Friday 19th June


Another AMAZING week from Oak! You really are the best. We have seen pyramids, jewellery, diaries, paintings and amazingly presented research.

It was so hard to pick one of you as our Learner of the Week, but eventually after a lot of consideration we managed it.

Well done to all of you,  Ancient Egypt has now come to an end for us for now.  There will be something new for you to work on next week so look out for that. Have a wonderful weekend!

Mrs H and Mr W

Learner of the Week

Still image for this video

Thursday 18th June

Nearly the weekend everyone! I hope you have some fun plans to keep you amused. I am not sure what my plans are, but I hope they include a long lie in bed (and hopefully a cup of tea!).


Here is your maths lesson for today, (if you have nothing on Mathletics, or if you just fancy a change!). Remember TTRS - I have managed to beat a few of you on the challenges, but not all of you!


I also found this lesson on teeth and the digestive system - I thought I'd post it for you to have a look at as we learned about this in class!


Remember it's Learner of the Week tomorrow!




Wednesday 17th June

Thank you for all the wonderful work that is coming in already this week. It's lovely to see how hard lots of you are working. 


Maths lesson for today if your Mathletics has finished:


Here's my Wednesday puzzle picture...i realised I forgot last weeks!

Tuesday 16th June

I hope your Monday was good and you made a great start on your work for the week. Remember in your Ancient Egyptian work you can research any aspect of Ancient Egypt that you would like to find more out about. If you know someone who has been to Egypt, you could even interview them and find out their thoughts.


If you find that you have no tasks assigned on Mathletics, that is because you have done them all and achieved green in everything!  If this is you,  always come and look on this page as I will pop a link here every day to a maths lesson for you to complete. You will nearly always need a pencil and paper to complete it but you can do it in the book you were sent home with. Sometimes the activity asks you to print things - do not worry if you can't, you can simply treat the question sheet like a text book and write the answers into your book. As always, let me know if you get really stuck on anything. The work I will post links to will be things we have already covered so a great chance to check your understanding!


A few of you have been sending me videos of work you have done, or things you have made or amazing skills you have. It's lovely to see you and they always make me smile. Last week I received the video below from Ollie...he has allowed me to post it here for you all to made me smile (and a little bit jealous as my hoovering is really boring), and made me wonder what other secret talents you could all be hiding...feel free to send videos, silly or not so silly, of your talents and I will try and post a few more on our page!



Still image for this video

Monday 15th June

Halfway through June already! Time really is flying.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, I am happy the weather improved for us all! I spent most of my weekend decorating my daughters' bedrooms but did manage a quick BBQ in the sun. My girls and I watched the new (ish) Pixar film, Onward on Saturday. It's a lovely story! We highly recommend it.


Onto our learning this week...

This is our last week of Ancient Egyptian work, so we are handing it over to you! You can choose any aspect of Ancient Egypt to research and present to us, please see the attached "week 9" sheet for a few more details.

I will also attach the 50 club answers so you can check your work.


Mathletics will continue of course - as always if you find you would like more maths activities please look at for daily maths lessons which follow our school curriculum and work brilliantly as revision and recap for the class.


BugClub has been topped up, always check it carefully as I am assigning grammar and spelling tasks on it too.


Timestables RockStars is there for you to use as well - that reminds me, I haven't checked my account for a few days, I must see if anyone has challenged me!


I spotted the video below a few days ago, and I thought it explained our situation quite well. If you're feeling a bit frustrated with not being able to see your friends or family, maybe it will give you an idea of how to communicate with them.



While We Can't Hug

Friday 12th June

It's Friday! Congratulations to Alex for being our Learner of the Week, if you've not seen her fab video, check it out below!

Make sure you get all your work finished off today and have a wonderful weekend!

I'll see you bright and early on Monday!

Love Mrs H xx

Learner of the Week

Still image for this video

Thursday 11th June

We are seeing some amazing work this week - as always - from you, Mr White and I are impressed! Don't worry if you are a little behind on things, or have forgotten to show us what you have been doing, we understand that some days things might take a little longer.


I was looking at the Cosmic Yoga site today and spotted this; I am sure you will all remember who LOVES Pokemon in our class! Why don't you have a go and see what you think!

Mr White and I will be choosing our Learner of the Week tomorrow, so keep being the best you can be!


Pokemon | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure

Wednesday 10th June


Have a look at the video Alex sent me, it made me smile and I bet it will make you chuckle too! Well done Alex for being so creative! I love the wig!

My favourite part of your film is when you check to see if the meercat is still alive or not - very important when mummifying something!

How to Mummify a Meercat

Still image for this video

Some exciting news for all of Oak who love a challenge!


Kent School Games & the Kent Children's University, in partnership with the School Games Organisers have developed a fantastic resource for primary aged pupils called the "My Active Rainbow Challenge."


Children and families need to complete an activity from each colour of the rainbow, from within the booklet. Once you have completed it, you must colour in that part of the rainbow. Depending on how many complete rainbows/activities you do, you can submit the work and win prizes including Kent School Games Medals - which are lovely medals! Your parents can submit the evidence and the medals get sent directly home.


A video on how the challenges and booklets work can be found here:


The challenge booklet I have attached for you all below. This is such a great resource and it’s completely FREE OF CHARGE!!!


Any questions please contact Kent School Games directly: 


These activities look fab, and you can get all your family to join in. If, like me, you find getting active a bit of an effort after all your school work, this could be just the thing! I am going to challenge my daughters to join me in it!


One last thing from me for today. Remember you can always watch Newsround online - we used to enjoy catching up on the news in class didn't we? Link below along with the activity leaflet.


Tuesday 9th June

What a dreary day yesterday was! I hope you had some sunshine where you are! For now I have given up on the sun and put our pool in the garden away, I do hope we are back to sunshine again soon!

Please make sure you are completing all the Mathletics activities. There are the usual daily sessions, problem solving tasks and also I am now setting some timed assessment tasks. Just do your best and work independently, these help me see how you are doing and where you may need help.


In case you are a fan of wildlife, Steve Backshall is still doing his Live Q&A on Youtube every Wednesday at 9.30am. The link is below if you fancy tuning in. He really does talk about some fascinating things!


I know Miss Richards pointed you in the direction of Cosmic Kids Yoga a few weeks ago. Here is the link again, there are lots of fun sessions you can choose from.


I am sure some of you are missing our art lessons in Oak class, so why not have a look at these BBC lessons, something might catch your eye and you could create something wonderful!


I know all of you are becoming great computer programmers, so don't forget you can access Scratch from home too!


Have a fabulous, busy Tuesday!

Monday 8th June

I hope you had a lovely weekend. It's been a bit colder lately hasn't it? We had a huge storm here a little earlier which was nice, I like storms, but I hope the sunny weather is back soon!

I have had a lazy weekend. I took part in a Zoom quiz with my family - there were my family who live in this country and cousins in America and South Africa. 3 of the 4 cousins all have the same name so it got a bit confusing when we were trying to speak to each other! Next week we all have to write 5 questions and run our own part of the quiz. I am trying to think of a good subject to do them on. If you have any ideas let me know! The ages of the players goes from around 25 to 80, so I don't think Pokemon or Minecraft would be very welcome! 




Something fun!!

Mrs Cripps has put a fun project on the music page on our website - the link is below or you can look online under: Class pages: Music: Choir


I know how amazing Oak class are at rising to a challenge so I would love to receive videos from you which I will pass on to Mrs Cripps.




50 Club answers will be attached below - see how you did!


Learning for this we go!


Mathletics and Times Tables Rock Stars are there and ready for you, as is BugClub

If you would like a little more maths to challenge yourself, please look at  which has daily lessons which will reinforce your learning. If you find that you have no mathletics lessons for a day, it will be because you have moved on and completed what the rest of us are doing - please use that link to complete your daily maths. There are lots of lessons there and you can find one you like, or one that you need to improve!


Our topic learning this week is one of my favourite aspects of Ancient Egypt. We will be learning all about the death rituals that the Ancient Egyptians had - so very interesting! I hope you enjoy finding out about them!

Below you will find the document with all the information you will need and the PowerPoint that will help.

Remember all your work is coming together beautifully into a project you can really be proud of! Keep making sure you are working carefully and thoughtfully, taking care over spelling and punctuation. Remember, when you think you are finished, do a little more!



Friday 5th June

I cannot believe it is Friday already! I hope you all have a fantastic weekend and are ready to carry on our learning on Monday!

Mr White has been very busy the past couple of weeks creating something exciting for us to practise at home. I know how many of you have been eagerly practising the 30, 60 and 100 club sheets to improve your score ready for our return to school. We now have something brand new called the 50 club! This is something completely separate from the original 100 club at school and is something you can get involved with in a regular way to keep your mental maths skills developing. There will be three different levels of the 50 club, Level 1 uses 60 club, Level 2 uses 100 club, Maths Master uses MM Level  1 so you choose your best fit. You have 10 minutes to complete as many as you can, the same as the original quiz at school.The quiz will be posted on our web page on a Friday morning for you to have a go and the answers will be posted on the Monday. This is non-competitive and there will be no certificates, the achievement is you improving and beating your score from the previous week! We of course would love to know how you are getting on! There will then be a different quiz posted on the following Friday for you to tackle new questions to improve your score. 

Learner of the Week

Still image for this video

Thursday 4th June

I hope your learning is going well this week and you are having some fun!

We are carrying on catching up and improving our Mathletics scores and I have given you all some new SPaG activities on Bug Club that you might like to try.


Virtual School Trip!

Freddie sent me an email today and mentioned the British Museum had an Ancient Egyptian gallery tour online. You will even see the Rosetta stone! Here is the link:,-0.1274951,2a,75y,172.87h,89.26t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sFyBuFtvu6FeVvVVc5--uiw!2e0!7i13312!8i6656?hl=en


Also, on the Museum of Scotland website, they have a few Ancient Egyptian games you might like to play.


I am off to think really hard about our Learner of the Week. You guys makes it extra hard for me!


Wednesday 3rd June

I hope you are all enjoying your week so far. I have already had some amazing work arrive in my inbox which I look forward to sharing with you at the end of the week.



I have set everyone another 2 tasks today, lots of you are impressing me and improving your scores! 

Remember to have a play with TTRS and challenge your friends...or Mr Rye perhaps!



Today I have given you all some SPaG activities on BugClub so have a look and have a go!


Wednesday puzzle coming up! Can you find the penguin?!  


Have a great Wednesday! 

Tuesday 2nd June

How was your Monday?

Mine was busy! As well as all my school work, I helped Kitty write a persuasive letter to her Head Teacher to convince her to buy a school pet. I imagine most of Year 2 would go for the kitten/bunny/dragon kind of thing. Kitty wants her school to adopt a turtle. indecision

Her reasoning? If it escaped it wouldn't be hard to catch if it ran away...I have to give her that one! She also said people with animal allergies would be OK with it (she has an allergy to animal fur) and also it would be easy to clean his shell. 


I guess this one is kind of cute...but what when it becomes this?!



I do NOT want to be in charge of cleaning his tank out!

I wonder what school pet you would like. I'd love rabbits bouncing around the classroom, maybe I should write Mr Clark a letter!


Those of you who saw Mr Clark's letter about the reopening of school will have seen that our lovely Miss Richards is now in school teaching a Year 1 pod. This means your home learning will be set and checked by Mr White and myself - so you may get an email from either of us. Mr White has told me he is in the middle of developing some home learning 50 club challenges which we will put online soon. The fact that there are 50 questions doesn't mean they aren't as tricky as 100 club - there are just less that you have to do in less time, so as always challenge yourself! Keep your eye out for those.


Our learning continues!

I have reallocated Mathletics tasks making sure you only have a maximum of 2 per day.  Keep on trying with the TTRS. To those of you who are still challenging me, i'm still blaming my old laptop and trackpad for my scores! 


If you prefer reading "real" books to the BugClub ones, that is absolutely fine. Just make sure you read for at least 20 minutes a day.


I hope you enjoy your learning about Tutankhamun this week - I find it interesting that he is probably the most famous Pharoah, yet he didn't rule for very long.


Have a great Tuesday!

Monday 1st June

Welcome back everyone!

Wow! We are now in the last term of the year, your last term of Year 4! I cannot believe it has gone so quickly and I really hope we manage to all get together again before you head off to Year 5!


As you know some of your friends will have returned to school this week if they are in R, Y1 or Y6. Things will look a bit different for them, but I am sure it will be great to see some of their friends and the Staff have all been working so hard to make it as safe and as wonderful as always. School has never been closed during all this time and there are always Staff in the building looking after and working with the Key Worker children, so there will also be some of those children in too. Our Oak classroom will be used by one of the year 1 pods of children. I have given Mrs Woodhouse a stern talking to and asked her to make sure they don't make a mess (you know I hate mess!). I also told her she wasn't allowed to eat my and Mrs Sand's secret chocolate stash but Mr Rye told me he'd already eaten it! 


I hope you all had a marvellous, sunny and restful half term. I spent a lot of time in my garden and I am VERY pleased to report I have 2 pumpkin plants growing, 3 strawberry plants and 2 beetroot plants! This is a very big deal for me, I have always failed at growing things but as we do in school, I have persevered and not given up!  I may treat you all to some photos of my babies later in the week (my plants, not my daughters laugh). I have also managed to fit a few BBQs in, drink a lot of iced coffees and read a few books. I look forward to hearing what you have all been up to!


Onto our learning!


Please remember not to move ahead and complete more maths activities than we set for you. We are trying hard to keep everyone together with their learning and some of you have completed everything in mathletics- this makes our job very hard and almost impossible to set you appropriate work from where we are at the moment.

You will see in your Mathletics account that I have set you 2 tasks - these are tasks from your Autumn term work that you did not score as highly as I would like you to have. We will be going through the previous terms' work before we restart the Summer work - this does 2 things: 1) reinforces your learning and 2) allows us to make the most of Mathletics as a learning platform.


If you would like more maths activities remember you can find games on .


You can also look at the White Rose website which is providing daily lessons which I think are very good.


Remember as well to log in and challenge yourself on TTRS!    Your mathletics login should work for you on here too!



I have allocated lots of Bug Club books, and also some SPaG tasks. Remember to let me know if you need your account updated!



We are continuing with our Egyptian topic! This week we are learning about Tutankhamun. Your work so far has been really inspiring and so many of you have worked so hard. Please keep it up as at the end of this situation you will have a wonderful book full of brilliant work.

I have attached the topic work below - please let me know if you have trouble opening it and I will send directly.


Week 6 Egyptian Topic

Friday 22nd May


Good morning everyone! Can you believe it is already the last day of term? 

Here's hoping we all get to see each other very soon - I have been so looking forward to meeting you all properly! You should feel really proud of all your fantastic effort you have put in these lockdown weeks. Mrs H and I certainly are! We always knew Oak Class are the best and you have proven it to us week after week. 


I have released the last statistics lessons for you on Mathletics. Really push yourself to get that glorious green score - even if it takes more than one go. I believe in you! 


Should you be keen to continue some form of home learnin next week, there is an intriguing opportunity for you:


Luke Temple is a children's author who is very passionate about getting children engaged with reading and writing. He has made his most popular book 'Felix Dashwood and the Mutating Mansion' completely FREE to download (link below). On top of that, he has also created a KS2 toolbox, which contains lots of the tools he uses to make his books really exciting, fun and scary to read (sounds like my kind of book). You can use the tools to create your own story! I wonder what you will come up with...

There is also a competition in the activity pack that can win you a signed copy of the book, as well as an author visit to our school. How cool would that be?!

The closing date of the competition is 31st May. 


Here's the link to the toolbox:


Of course, this isn't a mandatory task, simply one us teachers thought you might like to explore on a cloudy day. 


Have a wonderful half-term break. Be good and we can't wait to see you after half-term! 


Love, Miss R


PS: Watch this space for our learning gallery - I am currently doing battle with a few pesky, technological gremlins! 



Learner of the Week

Still image for this video

Thursday 21st May


Hello everyone! How are you all? I cannot believe it's Thursday already; where does the time go?! 

Speaking of time, a big 'WELL DONE' to all of you who have been working so hard to score 100% on Mathletics this week. It is brilliant how you are pushing yourselves and shows a real sense of determination and grit - both excellent learning skills to have. 

I have set you the first two lessons on our next unit: statistics. In case you're unsure of the term, it means data-handling with tables, bar charts, pictograms and such like. 

Some of you have again whizzed ahead of the set work. While it is wonderful to see you enjoying Mathletics so much, may we gently remind you to instead explore the additional materials, problem-solving tasks, online games and TTRS we set. This will help us to keep everyone 'together' as much as possible. 

Remember, we can see everything you get up to on Mathletics - that goes for those of you who attempt a task only once and do not push for that 100%, as well. 

So, if you have already completed statistics, I will go through your work and challenge you to score higher on a few units. In the meantime, why not tackle the data-handling challenge pack (see below). 


Here are a few links and materials you might find useful in learning about data:


Bitesize shows different ways that data can be organised:


All the Bitesize clips on the various types of charts can be found here:


Once you finish the Mathletics tasks, you may like to have a go at the data-handling games from Topmarks:


As is tradition (now it is anyway), here is your dash of daft Thursday fun:

Why did the boy throw a stick of butter out of the window?

- He wanted to see a butterfly. cheeky



Have a wonderful Thursday! 



Miss R x


A little help sheet and a challenge pack to get your brains steaming

Wednesday 20th May

MIDDLE of THE WEEK ALERT! Halfway to the weekend!

I hope the beginning of your week was wonderful and the end, even better! The weather was gorgeous yesterday so I tried to do some gardening. I think my garden is looking the tidiest it has EVER looked, I really should have taken before and after photos!

Wednesday's mathletics is just 1 task - the time test. Push yourself to get 100% ! If you would like more maths challenges look at the games I posted links to yesterday. The BBC bitesize website also has some fun things to do too. Their lessons are a little behind ours- they are looking at fractions, but what great revision!


Here is Wednesday's puzzle picture. Hope it gives you a few minutes of fun! I thought this one was appropriate this week!



I'll see you all on Friday (kind of) as it's my week to record our learner of the week video! Even though Miss Richards is here as your teacher and at the end of our email, I still check in on you all every day!

For those of you who love Monsters Inc as much as I do...


Always watching Oak Class, always watching...

Love Mrs Hillsdon



Tuesday 19th May

Wow. So many amazing pieces of work already coming in! Oak you really are the BEST class ever! 

I have given you all the next 2 mathletics sessions on time - make sure you aim for green - if you are struggling with time I will attach some things below that might help you. Try these and then have another go.

If you have had fun and have achieved green, I have attached a document which has lots of time problems to solve - you can type into the document too, so that saves printing!

 Also, a special treat AND a West Malling exclusive...some pictures of Abigail, Mrs Sands new daughter. They are both doing brilliantly and I have passed on all your best wishes.

Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs Week 5

Monday 18th May


Hello hello hello!

Now Miss Richards is working with us in Oak, I don't get you for 5 days a week so I miss you all even more!  It's been wonderful getting to know Miss Richards better and I know she cannot wait to meet you all properly!



Remember the TTRS challenge Miss James and I set?

Well....OAK ARE THE WINNERS!! Well done to everyone who logged on, our class were the most active in THE WHOLE SCHOOL! YAY FOR OAK!

Here are our statistics - I wonder if we can beat them this week! That would be amazing!


Onto this week's learning, the usual:

  • mathletics daily - this week we are all moving onto telling the time and answering time problems. Tomorrow I will pop up some time games for you to play. You may find you have more than 2 activities as I also reassigned some of the decimal tasks people missed out.
  • TTRS daily
  • BugClub or reading daily


and our next topic challenge! As always the work will be attached as a document at the end of this post.


Who Were the Pharoahs?


Use your amazing research skills, this YouTube video and the PowerPoint which is below and find the answers to these questions. Remember to write in full sentences and add as much detail as you can!

We have checked this video is appropriate for children.  Please preview and make sure you are happy with your child watching it.



ANCIENT EGYPT: The Pharaoh civilisation

An example of a detailed answer:

Question: What were hieroglyphics?

Not great


Egyptian writing.

Hieroglyphics were a form of writing the Ancient Egyptians used. They were made up of little pictures. Examples have been found on walls in tombs.


Task 1


  1. What was a Pharaoh?
  2. Were Pharaohs only male? Is there any evidence of female Pharaohs?
  3. How do we know about the Pharaohs?
  4. Why do you think the Pharaohs built such huge statues and monuments?
  5. What is the legacy of the Pharaohs? What have they left behind for us?


Task 2

Get Crafty!

We would LOVE you to use your creative skills and make or design something beautiful. It could be a necklace like the Pharaohs used to wear, it could be a head piece. How about trying to recreate a picture of YOU as a Pharaoh?

Have a look at the pictures below and be inspired! It would be fun to try the activities below but don’t worry if you can’t – you can create amazing drawings and designs for us to see!



Horrible Histories - Awful Egyptians | Compilation

Learn all about some of Egypt's most ruthless rulers & their beliefs of the afterlife in this video!

Our learner of the week is...

Still image for this video

Friday 15th May 


Happy FriYAY dear Oak! 

Thank you for sending in your work on the Rosetta Stone and hieroglyphs - it is fan-tas-tic! We thoroughly enjoy seeing what you have learnt at home each week and the level of neatness in drawing your cartouches was utterly superb. 


Today is the final day of our Times Table Rockstars challenge with Year 3. Most of you have finished the mathletics tasks and rather than setting more, we are challenging you to earn as many coins as you can on TTR. Let's show Mulberry what maths rock legends we are! Yeah! *plays air guitar furiously*


You may also notice, that Gigi Storm has challenged you to a personal rock slam. Can you score higher than your teacher? I hope so, as I spilled tea on my mouseboard halfway through (do not recommend it, definitily keep drinks far, far away from technology).


Have a brilliant weekend! 



Miss R  



Work! Glorious work! Cartouches aplenty... what marvellous efforts by Oak Class this week. Keep it up all of you x


Welcome to the world Abigail!

Mrs Sands gave birth to a wonderful baby girl yesterday! They are both doing fabulously. 

I will send on any messages you wish me to!

Thursday 14th May 


Good morning everyone! You might have guessed already - I love a joke. 

Here is one that made me chortle for longer than I care to admit...


What do you call a dog magician?

- A labracadabrador. laugh


It is wonderful to see so many of you working hard on Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars - 14 of you logged in the latter yesterday! Let's try and kick that up a notch... we can't let Year 3 beat us!

I have assigned the last 'money' lesson, as well as the test for today's Mathletics. Take your time and give it your best shot. I know you can do it!

Don't forget that we have also assigned you some problem-solving tasks on Mathletics that you could try once you have finished the main tasks. Mrs H also recommended having a look at the money games on Topmarks - here are my top 3:

Spot the coins hidden in the picture


Customise a sports car


Calculate change from a virtual toy sale



Well done if you have already sent your hieroglyphs work in.  

You might like to try your hand at this code-cracking activity, too:




Wednesday 13th May

It's the middle of the week and I am handing over to the lovely Miss Richards. Just before I go, a quick word about mathletics.

Our new topic is money. It appears quite a few of you have moved forward in the challenges so several of you have already completed the tasks for this week. Please try to not do this as it makes it really hard to keep us all together in our learning. If you discover that you have no new tasks set because of this, I will attach a few extra bits in document form below this post.

Also TopMarks has a few fun games:


TimesTables Rockstars

We now have 5 of you in the RockStar categories! 19 of you have played today - well done! Remember our challenge against Mulberry - Miss James is really confident they will have more logins and points earned than us. I told her NOWAY!


Have an amazing week everyone, remember...we are always looking out for our Learner of the Week!


Over to you Miss Richards!



Money - the documents have 3 levels of challenge and the answers so be careful if you print them! Drop us an email if you need advice!

Tuesday 12th May

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I have entered our school into a competition to win £5000 of book tokens! Wouldn't that be a lovely thing to return to school with!

You can help our chances by voting for us on:

So, spread the word and let's get voting!


Times Tables Rockstars

Well done Oak! Yesterday 14 of you logged into our Oak TTRS which is a big improvement! We already have a Rock Legend and a Rock Star among our class members - let's see if we can get a few more of you in those ranks! I can see that some of you have been challenging your friends in class! Well done! Check your messages as you may have been challenged!


Great work on decimals today Oak!  So many of you got green on your first attempt! Just one more practise and then the test...go carefully, I know you'll all be brilliant!


Monday 11th May

Another new week!

I would love to tell you all about my busy and productive weekend, but I am afraid I can't because I haven't had a busy or productive weekend! I did have a lovely BBQ on Saturday but now, as I type this, it is raining!

I have just checked in with Mrs Sands and no baby news yet!


A challenge for OAK CLASS!

I have noticed that not many people have tried out the fun games on our new Times Tables Rockstars website. As Mr Clark told everyone a week or so ago, we have a new subscription so you can practise your X tables and challenge each other (and your teachers!)

I have challenged Mulberry to a competition. I have claimed that Oak class will have more logins and more games played and points earned than Mulberry will by Friday 15th May. Don't let me down Oak!! I know we can do it.

If you haven't logged in yet don't worry  - we have set up your accounts to have the same login details as your Mathletics accounts. If you need a reminder, drop me an email!


So, our learning this week; BugClub is checked and some new bits have been assigned to those of you who need them.

We are carrying on with decimals in Mathletics for the first few days of this week - please remember it is important to not move onwards and complete extra tasks as we are trying to keep us all together in our learning. If you complete the tasks and want more you can try the BBC Bitesize website which has some great ideas.


Our topic learning continues with looking at the way Ancient Egyptians wrote and how we are able to translate this. I think a lot of you will enjoy this one! As always I will attach the task as a word document below.


How Important was the Rosetta Stone?



Hieroglyphics were the way the Ancient Egyptians communicated in writing. They used pictures instead of letters.

Task 1

a) Read through the power point presentation attached separately below. Create a cartouche for everyone who is living in your house or for your family or friends. Use the hieroglyphics above and draw carefully. You can colour them if you wish but if you do, can you use similar, natural colours like the picture has used.


b) How long did that take? Which alphabet and style of writing do you prefer and why?


Task 2

Historians were really stuck when it came to translating hieroglyphics. Can you imagine how hard it must have been?! Can you work out what the coded message below is asking and can you write the answer?



It’s impossible to know the answer isn’t it?

How about if I give you this…

That makes it much easier doesn’t it? This is kind of what the Rosetta stone did.

Use your amazing research skills and find out about the Rosetta Stone and how it made translating Ancient Hieroglyphics possible.

You can include pictures, diagrams, writing, maybe even a map!

In your writing try to include the answers to these questions:

  • Why were hieroglyphics so hard to translate? How long had people been trying to do so?
  • Where and when was the Rosetta stone found?
  • How was it found and by whom?
  • How was it used to translate the hieroglyphics and how long did this process take?
  • Where is the Rosetta stone now? 
  • So, how important has the Rosetta stone been to Historians? Would we understand as much as we do now if it had never been found? Do you think technology would have been able to translate it eventually?

Challenge: Do you think the Rosetta stone is being kept in the right place? Can you explain your thoughts?

Wowee, Oak! You have delivered yet another round of fantastic learning this week. We are so impressed with your focus and creativity. You are AMAZING!

Learner of the week...

Still image for this video

Thursday 7th May 


How did you all get on with Mrs Hillsdon's puzzle? I think I felt my brain melt a bit trying to find the required items. 


It is so great to see your learning, so do send us an email with a picture of what you have been getting up to. 


Before we move on in our mathletics learning, Mrs H and I want to make sure we feel really secure about the maths so far. I have re-assigned a few lessons for some of you and others have now been allocated the remaining decimals tasks. I hope this gives everyone a chance to catch up a bit before we begin a new module next week. It would be FANTASTIC if we could turn those oranges green - push yourself. 

Remember, you can also pop me an email if you're really stuck on something. Sometimes we suffer a bit from 'brain fog' and cannot figure it out! I find it best to get up from my desk, move about, shake it out, have a little dance and then I have another go. 


I have really been enjoying my daily yoga sessions and I wondered whether some of you might like have a go, too. 

Here are a couple of videos you could try when you're wanting a brain break.



Star Wars | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

A kids yoga adventure inspired by Star Wars! Enjoy being a Jedi Knight and giving your body a good stretch.

A big HELLO from my home to yours!

Still image for this video


Still image for this video
Hello Everyone! Here's a little video I made earlier - with some help!
You'll see that our amazing special effects didn't really work but we thought they'd make you laugh anyway!
The second video here is Miss Richards and I trying to work out how to save the video and then realising we were still recording!

Blooper 1

Still image for this video

Welcome Miss Richards!

Still image for this video
Later today Oak class get to meet Miss Richards, who is the Oak class teacher while Mrs Sands is on her maternity leave. I'm just here to say hello to you all and welcome Miss Richards to the West Malling family.

Wednesday 6th May

It's the middle of the week and therefore time for a Mrs Hillsdon puzzle picture!

I like this one, looks a bit like Kitty's bedroom!


We only have 2 decimal number tasks left on Mathletics so I will allocate those for today. Please let me know if you were unsure about the learning - remember to aim for green!

Tuesday 5th May

On mathletics today we move to looking at decimal numbers. We have not done very much of this in class,  so make sure to check the advice in the i button on the side or drop me an email if you get stuck!

Here are a few bits that might help.

Below you will find a link to a game that might help you understand what a tenth and a hundredth is.


Remember you can now also challenge yourself AND your classmates on Times Tables Rockstars! Your login should be the same as your mathletics one. Have a go and set up your own Rock Star complete with rockstar name and outfit!

Topic Learning Week 3

Monday 4th May

Today is Star Wars day!

I hope that means this drizzly rain stops and the sunny weather comes back!


So, onto our learning for this week:


We have 2 more activities on area to do today (Monday). Some of you have done a great job and have already finished these as you chose to move on. If this is the case, why don't you look at the website and have a go at some of their activities which recently have been linked to the BBC too.

I have also set a problem solving activity on Mathletics so don't forget that!


As always, our X tables are vitally important, so keep practising! Remember there are lots of fun games on to make things a little more interesting!



I have checked BugClub and you all have lots of great books - some of you were getting low so I have topped you all up. Enjoy exploring the new titles!


Topic/Extended Writing

Some of you have sent some amazing topic work to me over the last 2 weeks. I am thrilled you are taking your learning so seriously. Remember, this isn't just something to do to fill the time; this is to replace the lessons we would have had in class so it's wonderful to see lots of you working so hard.

This week we are going to look at daily life in Ancient Egypt. Please find your learning and activities below, and as always, attached as a document if you wish to print it out.


Daily Life in Ancient Egypt



We have checked this video is appropriate for children.  This is from a children's BBC site so has to be viewed directly from there. Please preview and make sure you are happy with your child watching it.


Watch the video (above) to find out all about daily life as an Ancient Egyptian.


Use what you learn and your research skills to complete TWO of the following tasks:

  1. Draw a diagram of an ancient Egyptian house like you saw on the video. Label each room, write about which activity and objects you would find there. Compare with pictures or a diagram of a modern house. Which one would you prefer to live in and why?
  2. Extension:  both types of home would have positive and negative things about them. Can you think of one of each for the Ancient Egyptian home and modern day one?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
  3.  Look at the way Ancient Egyptians dressed. Draw 2 figures in your book – one in typical Ancient Egyptian clothing and one in clothes you would wear today. Label both. Explain how they are different and yet similar.
  4. Historians think that a typical Ancient Egyptian market or street could look like this:


Use what you learn on the video, the picture above and your own research and ideas to write a paragraph describing the scene. Imagine you are walking through the streets, what would you hear, see, smell, taste?  Would it be crowded? Clean? You could even use a thesaurus to level up your word choices!

5. Ancient Egyptians did not use money like we do today. What did they use? How did they buy things?  Did this system work?

Write 2 paragraphs , one discussing all the positive things about this system and the other looking at the negatives – what could go wrong? Would you like us to use this method now? Why or why not?

Friday 1st May

Thank you for all the wonderful Ancient Egyptain work this week. So many of you are really working so very hard and producing some great pieces of work. Here are some examples of the work you have sent me - I am sorry, not every piece is here, so don't feel sad if you don't see yours. Maybe yours will appear next week!

The Oak class learner of the week is...

Still image for this video

Thursday 30th April

The last day of April! This month has felt very loooooooooong!  I wonder what May will bring us. Back together I hope.


Most of us are moving away from fractions in our mathletics and onto area now. Just in case you need a quick reminder I will pop a powerpoint below to help you remember everything you need to be super successful. Remember to aim for 100%!


A reminder of how to find the area of a shape.

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning! Already this week I have seen some amazing work  - really carefully thought out and well presented. Well done to all of you who are working so hard.


Now, a Mathletics nag from me. Please try your hardest at each activity. If you get a red or a yellow score then have another go. I can see that some of you are getting 0 on your activities and are not trying again. Remember this is your learning for now and we really do expect you to continue to try and be the best you can be. If I can see that you have had 4 or 5 tries at an activity and still have a low score then I can send you some work to help you understand. 


At our weekly Staff Meeting via Zoom all the teachers sang Happy Birthday to Miss Hallett. I have to say we were not very tuneful - we were not even all in time! Poor Miss Hallett! West Malling teachers will NOT be making an appearance on Britain's Got Talent for their singing skills any time soon!

Here is my weekly puzzle pic...not too tricky this time!

Monday 27th April

Hello, hello Oak! The beginning of another strange week of learning! I hope you all had a lovely sunny weekend. Mine started off strangely as I woke up on Saturday and I had no water! My village had a huge water leak and we were all without water for hours and hours. It was lovely to have a cup of tea eventually!  I spent a lot of time in the garden cutting things down and tidying things up. It looks much better but now I have a HUGE pile of garden waste to get rid of which is annoyingly untidy. 


This week's learning:


You'll be very used to it by now, but as always I will unlock 2 sessions of mathletics a day for you - remember if you get a yellow or red score, have another go and if you get really stuck send me an email on .



Please keep reading, if BugClub doesnt have any books that you fancy on it, don't worry, you can of course read your own books - maybe drop me an email and let me know what you're reading and what you think about it! I'm reading "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman.


I'm just over halfway through and so far i'd give it about a 5/10. In my opinion the beginning was really interesting but as the chapters have gone on it feels like the story has lost its way. I'll let you know when I have finished it!


Topic/Extended Writing

I will attach this week's investigation challenge as a document below, but in case you cannot open the document I will also add it below. This piece of work continues the Ancient Egyptian topic we have started - work carefully and thoughtfully and create a piece of work you are proud of.


Ancient Egypt Week 2

Why was the River Nile so Important in Ancient Egypt?


Watch this quick video to see the modern-day River Nile and some of the sights you would see of you were travelling along it. The link will be at the bottom of this text.


We have checked this video is appropriate for children.  Nevertheless, to avoid opening You Tube, click on the red play arrow and watch the video staying inside the school website.


We would like you to create a piece of writing all about the River Nile. You could split it into two sections:

  1. The Nile during Ancient Times
  2. The modern Nile


Use these questions to help you think of what to write – you can of course do some research but make sure all the work is in your own words. We would love it if you drew diagrams or maps in your work too. Fill a whole page with your careful research, facts and illustrations!

This is a map of Ancient Egypt. The blue line is the River Nile.

What do you notice about it?

Where are the cities and settlements?

Why do you think this is?

Something called the “inundation of the Nile” happened every year. Research and find out what this was, what happened and how it must have had good and bad effects on the Egyptians.

Why doesn’t it happen any more?

Can you include some interesting Nile Facts?

What wildlife would we expect to see if we visited?


Egypt: Nile River | Are We There Yet?

Ancient Egypt Knowledge Organiser

Friday 24th April

One of you will find a very exciting message from Mr Clark just below!

As Mr Clark says it was very hard picking just one of you to be the Learner of the Week - so many of you are doing amazingly well with your learning in these tricky times.

I am very proud of all of you and how well you are showing me that Oak class really are the BEST!  I think when we are back in school we will have to fill our Star Jar right up and have a celebration!

I have added a document that Mr Rye has put together for everyone with lots of websites and extra bits for those of you who would like to push your learning a little further.

Have a lovely weekend, and I will be back here bright and early on Monday.

The Oak class learner of the week is....

Still image for this video

Thursday 23rd April

What a lovely sunny day yesterday was.  My girls have started to do some of their work outside- the only trouble is that it keeps blowing away and we end up running around the garden trying to catch paper! Today Kitty did some work on fractions in the garden in her nightie. It will feel funny to have to put school uniform on again!


Remember it's really important to make sure you keep reading. has lots of free stories that you can listen to - including Harry Potter!

Kitty has loved listening to "Foreverywhere" and I have to say, even though I thought the cover of the book was awful, it was a pretty good listen. They do say don't judge a book by its cover!


To keep your brain ticking along or maybe to frazzle it, have a go at this puzzle...can you find the ballerina among all the flamingos?


Week 1 Ancient Egypt

Wednesday 22nd April

Hello, hello, hello. How are you all today? This is very strange for me, working on a Wednesday! I wonder what Mrs Sands in up to!

Today I have had a really good look at how each of you are doing on Mathletics. 

Well done to everyone who is trying to keep up with their learning as I know it isn't easy. 

I have reassigned several activities for some of you - if you scored red or yellow in any activity I would like you to have another try. For some of you this may seem to be quite a few extra activities but they won't take you long and I have not put a time limit on them so you can do them whenever you can,

Lots of you struggled with the FACTORS work in the last unit we did. I will upload a powerpoint below, that will explain what they are and hopefully remind you of how to find them - then you can have another go at the task if it was reassigned to you.

Remember, keep being the best that you can be!

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning everyone. How are you all today? I have given everyone some new lessons in mathletics today -  we are starting to look at fractions!


I have had lots of great Ancient Egypt work emailed over already! Well done for starting straight away. Remember you have all week to create a great page (or two!) of work - really think carefully about how you are going to present your ideas and feel free to illustrate or decorate it too! Keep in mind that we do expect this to be your written task for the week - so challenge yourself. Think about vocabulary, spelling, sentence structure and the quantity of work you do. 


 A HUGE well done to all of you who are trying several times at each mathletics activity to improve your score! I can see your attempts and it is so good to know that you are pushing yourself to improve. If you score a red or orange in any activity I  expect you to read through the i (information on each page) and have another go.

If you are completely stuck and the i button doesn't help - please drop me an email and most importantly, don't worry!

Remember you can reach me on:  



20th April Week 1 Term 5

Hello Oak! I hope you are all feeling well and looking forward to lots of learning!


This week I will unlock 2 maths sessions a day for you to work on- please do not move on further than these two lessons, otherwise it is hard for us to keep you all together like we would in class. If you have completed the work set and would like more maths work you can always concentrate on your times tables or even set your family the challenge of playing our X tables marathon game (it feels so long ago that we last played it!).


Your BugClub accounts should have lots of books in, if not do let us know, so you can keep reading AND completing the comprehension challenges along the way.


As some of you guessed last term, our new Topic is ANCIENT EGYPT. This should be a great topic and Miss James and I are really sad that we aren't all learning together in school as we love teaching it.

You will have an investigation per week to complete. We will upload these as Word documents but also put the task on the page here in case you can't open the document. 

As always, even though we are not in school, we expect your work to be careful, thoughtful, accurate and well presented. Put lots of thought into everything you do - so many of you are sending us amazing pieces of work and we are so proud of you. We will be setting you challenges which will need you to research, give your opinions and maybe even use your design skills. Each week you will need to produce at least one whole page in your book showing us your learning. 

So for this week your investigation is...


What do you know about Ancient Egypt?

What have you seen in films, on the TV, heard or read about?

Create a mind map and show us what you already know – do not use your research skills for this, just what’s in your brain! You can write words, phrases, draw pictures – it’s up to you!

Set this out in a page in your book like this, with Ancient Egypt in the middle. Add as many things as you can think of, the diagram has space for 6 but I know you will think of more! You could decorate this page in an Ancient Egyptian way if you wish!



          Be a Detective!

What can we learn about Ancient Egypt from this painting found on a temple wall?

Look closely, what can you see? Create a list in your book of all the things we KNOW about Ancient Egypt if we are to believe what we see in this painting. You could print the picture out and stick in your book and write your list next to it if you wish. You may also want to enlarge the picture to make it easier to spot clues!

Historians use evidence or sources to make conclusions about people’s lives. There are different types of evidence sources, two are called primary source and secondary source.


A primary source is something written, made or said by someone who was involved in the event. This could be a letter, a diary, photographs, poems or even spoken word.

A secondary source is an account of something that has been created by someone who was not there at the time.

 We think this painting is a primary source of evidence as it was found on the wall of an Ancient Egyptian tomb, but it could actually be a secondary source.


Can you explain why it could be either source of evidence?

You might wish to start your explanation with this sentence:

The painting on the tomb wall could be either a primary or secondary source of evidence.

To be a primary source it…


However, to be a secondary source…



You could watch this short video to show you some of the things will be learning about this term.


Hello Everyone!!

I really hope you are all well and expect,  by now, that you have finished your Easter eggs and are ready for a new term of learning!


We had a zoom meeting yesterday with all the staff from school, Mr Clark, Mrs Lyall, Mys Woodhouse, Miss Bled, Mr Shield - everyone! It was an online party to say "goodluck" to Mrs Sands, so please don't feel sad that she didn't have a leaving celebration - we all tried to make her feel very special!  I will be sure to let you know as soon as Baby Sands arrives!


As Mrs Sands wrote yesterday I am now going to be your full-time online teacher! Miss James and I have planned what we hope will be an interesting research topic for you where you can discover all about Ancient Egypt and of course, we will all carry on with our reading, BugClub and Mathletics. I have to admit I have not kept up with my Joe Wicks exercises but my sofa does seem to have developed a lovely Mrs Hillsdon shaped dent!

Have a great weekend and I will see you here bright and early on Monday for a new term of work!

Mrs H

Friday 17th April


Good morning children! I hope you are all keeping well and busy?


Have you completed your writing that was set from last term? If not, you still have today to give it a go! Why not start the time capsule I put on here yesterday? This could be a fun activity to do with siblings or parents at home?


Today is my last day as your Oak Class teacher, as I start my maternity leave next week. It feels very odd as we have not seen each other for quite a few weeks now and I am very much missing seeing you all. I wanted you to know that I have really enjoyed teaching you all and seeing you transition into mature year four children, I know Mrs Hillsdon feels the same. I am sorry that we won't get the opportunity to have a fun 'goodbye' afternoon today but I will come and visit you when you are in year five and see how you are all getting on :-) . 


Mrs Hillsdon will be taking over, updating the class web page, setting your learning and responding to your emails. Certainly before my baby arrives I will dip in and out of the emails as I like seeing what you have been up to! Try your very best to keep up reading everyday, logging on to Mathletics and exploring the enquiry questions - it will really help you when we are back in school. 


Please keep safe and take care of yourselves. 


Mrs Sands smiley

Thursday 16th April 


Good morning! We hope that you had a lovely Easter break, even though this year it would have been a bit different. We can see that some of you have still kept up your reading and your maths during the break, so well done! We also hope that you managed to get out and enjoy the beautiful weather, on a walk, a jog or a bike ride. I was busy with my daughter doing Easter crafts, baking and playing in the garden. I think Mrs Hillsdon was doing similar activities too. Let us know what you have been up to. Have you tried out a new skill? How have you been communicating with friends and family? Have you found a new local walk? Played any fun games at home? Helped cook any new meals?


Mrs Hillsdon and I have been sent some writing based on the picture we uploaded  three weeks ago, well done to those of you who have emailed your writing across to us. If you haven't done so yet, please can you in the next couple of days as we would love to see it.  


If you have completed that writing and would like another activity to do, I have uploaded a covid19 time capsule pack. Feel free to print it off, if you are able to. If you don't have access to a printer, why not use some paper at home or use your exercise book and design your own? Or take ideas from some of the pages? Through completing this, you are creating your own historical artefact! In the future, you or others can look back and read about what you did to keep busy, your feelings and how you celebrated milestones during lockdown.  For example, it is my daughter's third birthday in three weeks time so I would write in mine how we celebrated at home, the differences and the similarities. I am also going to have my baby during lockdown, so I would include that too! Have you or a family member had a birthday? I am creating my own kind of time capsule at home through writing a diary for Evie so that she knows what we did during this time. I would like to stress that this is not compulsory, this is just a fun idea to complete if you would like to and feel free to email yours across to us!


On Monday, Mrs Hillsdon will be setting a new enquiry question to do with our new topic (some of you have already emailed us to guess what our new topic is)! In the meantime, please keep completing your Mathletics activities and reading your Bug Club books. If you have been doing any extra learning, let us know as we do love hearing from you!


Have a lovely day and keep safe.


Mrs Sands

Did you spot our attempt at catching you out for April Fool's day?!  Did anyone  at home prank you or did you trick someone else?!  Let us know if anything funny happened.


End of Term Worship


Please take a few minutes to check out Mr Clark and Rev Green's Easter Service on our school website. You can sing along to the hymns and maybe even get everyone at home to join in!


Wednesday  1st April

We hope you are all well on this lovely sunny day.  Some interesting news caught our eye this morning,  let us know what you think. What an amazing invention! I may well try this out on my hamster when she wakes up!

Tuesday 31st March

Thank you to everyone who has emailed us over the last 24 hours, please remind anyone else from Oak who you might chat with to let us know how they are getting on. 

It's been lovely seeing so many of your activities, photos and work.  Today my girls and I made Easter themed chocolates! 

I bet they don't last until Easter! Yum!

Good Afternoon everyone, how are you doing today?

It's been another lovely sunny day where I am and I am hoping it stays like this for a while longer!

Please can you make sure you send Mrs Sands and I a message on our Oak Teacher email address please. This lets us know how you all are and lets us communicate with you, offer advice on your learning and have a good chat about what we have all been up to!


Just to remind you the email address to use is:


Have a lovely evening - i'm off to set you all some mathletics for tomorrow!

Mrs Hillsdon

Week 2 puzzle! Can you find the lollypop?

Monday 30th March

We are beginning week 2 of working like this! Mrs Sands and I hope everyone had a great weekend and managed to get out and get some fresh air.


We are really pleased that so many of you have been completing work on mathletics (remember we can see!) and BugClub. Keep up the hard work! Just because we are not in class with you, we still are interested in whatever you are up to - have you done any cooking? Found a great new walk? Played a fun new game? Some of you have sent us amazing pictures of the work you have been doing and also some fun extra bits! We have seen you playing at home, delicious things you have baked and even a facetime chat with other members of Oak! It makes Mrs Sands and I really happy to see all this and we are trying our best to answer your emails as soon as we can!


This week's work will continue to be set in BugClub and Mathletics. I will not unassign the work you already have but I will now start adding Spring term's work for you to complete.

Your extra task for this week is below, I have also attached it as a document in case any of you want to print it out. Please remember you do not have to do all the tasks we just thought some of you might like a little more to keep you busy! I have also added some of our 30/60/100/maths masters sheets. Maybe challenge someone else who is at home with you to a race to compete them!


The Easter holidays start on Thursday this week, after which we will be starting a whole new history topic which we know you will LOVE! There will be 10 virtual castle points to the first person who can email us and correctly guess what it might be!


Look carefully at this picture. There are so many things to notice in it.


Mrs Sands and I thought you might like a choice of work to do this week (as well as your mathletics and reading of course!).

You do not need to do all of these activities, we would love you to do just one REALLY well, but if you want to do more we would love to see!


Write a story

Can you create a story linked to this picture? Perhaps one of these openers will give you a spark of an idea…

“Leave us alone! This is our home!” the animals all declared as one.

The humans didn’t seem to care…

Can you continue the story?

Or, can you persuade the humans to leave the animals alone? This could be a persuasive poster, leaflet or even a letter.


Writing challenge

Can you write a paragraph to persuade humans to treat animals with respect?   You could use these openers/phrases to help you.

It is important that…

It is appalling that...

You could include a rhetorical question:

Did you know that... ?

How can we... ?

Will you...?


Question time

What is a habitat? Can you give an example? Perhaps draw one with the creatures that live in it.

What is happening in the picture? Do you think it is fair?

Which animals can you see? Can you make a list of things they have in common and things that are different?

What country do you think the picture is from?

Do you think there are any important messages to take from this picture?

If you were driving the digger, how would you feel? What would you do?


Perfect picture

Can you draw a picture that shows:

 1) the animals’ home before the diggers came along, and 2) what the scene looks like after the humans have finished on the site? Perhaps split your page in half!

Friday 27th March 


Good morning Oak!


Thank you to those families who have emailed across some work to us, it has been really lovely to see your learning whilst we are away from school. If you are able to, Mrs Hillsdon and I would love it if you could email across your brochures so we can have a read and learn lots ourselves! 


I want to say a big well done to every one of you for completing your Mathletics tasks :-) more will be ready to tackle on Monday. Remember, you can still practise your times tables and the corresponding division facts at home too. Have you come up with any creative ways to do this? Email us and let us know!


Take care of yourselves and enjoy this sunshine too!


Mrs Sands 

Thursday 26th March


Good Morning Oak - another beautiful sunny day! Let us know how you have been spending your days in the sunshine. Have you been on any interesting walks? Spending time in the garden? We are looking forward to having a teddy bear picnic in the garden later! 


I have logged onto Bug Club and have seen some of you have been busy reading - I even had to allocate a couple of you some more books, well done! If you haven't been on yet, have you been reading outside? Or any unusual places at home? If you'd like to, take photos and email them in. 


Have a wonderful day and we look forward to hearing from you :-)


Mrs Sands 

Wednesday 25th March


Good morning Oak! How are we all doing today?


Firstly, I wanted to apologise for not being able to come into school last week. I was thinking of you all, I am now and I know Mrs Hillsdon is too. 


Just a reminder, you all have lots of Bug Club books to read and I will be checking that there are plenty in each of your accounts. This doesn't mean to rush through them though. Why not read aloud to a sibling? Share with an adult at home? Ask an adult to ask you questions about what you are reading, similar to what Mrs Hillsdon and I do in class. 


Keep up the Mathletics too! If you fancy a change, practise your times tables. Can you think of any imaginative ways to do them? 


Keep in contact with us through our class email address. We both love to read them to see what you have been up to! Have you been spending time in the sunshine? Have you been creative? Learnt a new skill? Keep us updated! 


Take care,

Mrs Sands :-)


Can you find the cat among the owls?

Tuesday 24th March


Day 2 check in!

How are you all? How are you finding working at home? Is it more or less peaceful than our classroom? Are you finding you have too many distractions? 


Remember you can contact your class teachers on:


You can ask us any questions that you have, for a reminder for your logins and we would LOVE to hear from you - send us an email and let us know what you have been up to!  


My girls and I did the Joe Wicks PE lesson yesterday, but missed it today (my legs ache a bit!), however we are going for a long walk when we get dressed. YES! It's lunch time and I am still in my pyjamas! 


Keep healthy everyone and keep working super hard! At the moment the weather is lovely, so wrap up warm and try and get some fresh air - staying safe and away from other people who you don't live with of course.


Mrs H

We are nearing the end of the first day working like this - how did you do?


Remember to make sure to read every day and do some mathletics, (I have checked who has been working today, well done if you have!). I did the Joe Wicks PE lesson with my girls at home today, that was fun. It's on at 9am on his youtube channel every weekday.

Something else I am looking forward to is Steve Backshall doing live lessons on Wednesdays at 9.30am. These will be on his facebook, instagram and youtube channels. 

Happy day 1 everyone!

Mrs H x

Monday 23rd March


Hello everyone!

Mrs Sands and I really hope you are all well, healthy and not too bored! 


Today is our first official day of working like this and we want you to really try your hardest and be the very best that you can be. It will be tempting to think of these days as a holiday,  but please try and remember they are still school  days and we want you to learn as much as you can and practice as much as you can, so when we are all back together we can carry straight on from where we left off!


Remember,  multiplication tables are slippery little things,  if you don't use them often they slither out of your head! Keep chanting them, writing them down and doing our number marathons!


We want you to make sure you learn all the year 3/4 spellings, do your mathletics and read your bugclub books. We are also going to give you one piece of topic type work every week.  


You have books to work in so you can always draw us a picture,  keep a diary, write a poem or take some photos.  We are really looking forward to seeing your amazing books when you come back to us. Take pride in them, they will be a piece of history for you in the future.


Week 1


We have assigned lots of new books to you,  so read, read, read! We get emails telling us who has read which book so we know what you're up to!



We have unlocked ALL of Autumn term work. Do as much as you can this week and from next week,  we will unlock 1 or 2 pieces a day for you. 


For your topic task this week we'd like you to finish the brochure that you started in class. Lots of you have them at home so you can carry on working on your sheet.  If you don't, we will upload  a version so you can print it OR you could draw one out in your  book that you have at home. Please remember that you should take your time and be careful with your presentation. Put a lot of thought into everything you do,  we want to be super proud of all your work you do while you're away from us.


We miss you lots already and will be thinking of ALL of you every day. 

Lots of love

Mrs Hillsdon and Mrs Sands

We had a wonderful visit from author Ian MacDonald today.

He entertained us all with his stories and really made us think about how we could be even better at creating stories.

After taking time to look at everyone's homework this week, hearing how we all went about making our instruments,  we had a little concert in Oak class...sound optional!


Still image for this video
Amazing achievements by Emily! So many medals and banners won for her dance skills.  Well done, fantastic work!
Congratulations for an incredibly successful weekend! 2 medals and a trophy for dance skills. Well done!  All your friends in Oak are very proud of you!
We continued our science topic this week with lots of mini investigations to see how we can change pitch. A very busy afternoon!

Have you ever seen a whistle made from a carrot?

Now you have!

Well done on a very original piece of homework!

Multiplication table tests were a big discussion point at parent evening. Please find below a link to the Top Marks website which has lots of games the children can play. Hit the Button is a particular favourite!

This week we were lucky enough to have Kent Fire and Rescue service come and visit us to speak about fire safety.

They spoke about the importance of having a fire escape plan in our homes. The children had some information leaflets to bring home where you could all work together to plan your escape route. 



Happy New Year to all our families!

We got straight back into the hard work today by completing a BP STEM design  challenge.  The children were asked to design some wearable technology that fulfilled a need. They worked really well and we have some great ideas! The ideas will now be sent off and we wait to see if we win anything!

Dragon's Den here we come!

Mrs Hillsdon, Mrs Sands and Miss Walker wish all of our children,  parents and their families a very happy Christmas and a wonderful new year!
Christmas maths puzzles around the school this morning. We keep working until the last day of the school year!
A lovely time spent making our Christingles today. The classroom smells lovely!

Amazing work from lots of Oak class this week! Some marvellous PowerPoint presentations,  models made,  newspapers designed, archaeological digs created and wonderful Christmas baubles. 

Today the children had the chance to share their presentations and have a good look at what everyone else had produced. 

Well done Oak!

Our Egg-speriment!

Before half term we set up an investigation to see how various liquids affected egg shell.  Egg shell is similar to tooth enamel so we didn't want to test our teeth so this was the next best thing!


We used water, milk, coke, pineapple and orange juice. We predicted that.milk would have no effect and coke would have the most effect as it was full of sugar

 Below are a few photos of the results!

Term 2


Welcome back! Last half term seemed to go very quickly and we are all ready for another busy run up to Christmas!

This term we not only have our class assembly (dates to follow) but we have a visitor arriving from the Stone Age, so lots to look forward to!



As we said to lots of you at parent evening, learning the multiplication tables is really key this year. The children must know up to 12x12 by the end of year 4 if they are to stay in line with government guidelines. Although we practice as much as possible we really would appreciate your support in making sure your child has a great understanding of these facts.

For the first 3 weeks of Term 2 we will not be setting official homework as we have done before, and we ask that you spend time with your child learning the multiplication tables. (The government suggests they should be able to recall an answer within 5 seconds.)

We have put some links on Oak's page on the website which links to some games the children might enjoy, but nothing beats chanting /saying the table facts aloud to help stick them in their heads.

Alongside the usual multiplication facts the children are expected to know the corresponding division facts, so:

if I know 3 x 4 = 12


I also know that 4 x 3 = 12 


12 divided by 3 = 4


12 divided by 4 = 3


The order the multiplication tables are taught in are:


2/5/10x  (year 1 and 2)

3/4/8x (year 3)

6/7/9/11/12x (year 4)


We are focusing on the 6 x table at the moment in class but please help your child with any they are unsure of. 

Monday 14th October


Some more  amazing homework appeared this week!

Oak class had obviously put a great deal of time and effort into thinking about what inventions were needed by their friends and families!

We had such a mixture of incredible ideas, from a "Google doll" to a soap maker to a tie tying teacher!

The children had great fun sharing their ideas and showing the class their creations. We look forward to seeing even more

 Roald Dahl Homework!


We have had some amazing homework this week!

Taylor and Ollie channelled their inner Willy Wonka and made chocolates and biscuits! Both were shared out and we all agreed were delicious!

Luca created his own Enormous Crocodile who has taken up residence in our book corner for now!

Update: Olwyn treated us all to some vanilla and smartie fudge. Oak class really are inventive when it comes to homework!

To help us with our instruction writing, we created Stone Age pizzas with delicious toppings such as mud (chocolate), maggots  (cheese) flaky skin (ham) and lots of other quite horrible things!

However horrible our ingredients were,  we all agreed that most of our creations were very tasty!


Worst combination: ham and strawberry!

Best combination: jam,  chocolate,  strawberry and raspberry. 

Music at Malling

The annual concert is to be held at the church next Tuesday 17th September. Oak class are the only class who are playing in the concert, although children in other KS2 classes are invited to watch. This year the theme is the Roald Dahl version of The Three Little Pigs.

The concert is from 2pm - 3pm so we arrive back at school slightly after 3pm on that day. Children who get taxis will be escorted back to school for 3pm.

Multiplication Practice

As explained in the newsletter, Year 4 have a compulsory multiplication table test at the end of the year. Here are a few websites that your child may like to use at home.



Monday 9th September


This week's spellings will come home with the children today. They will be tested next Monday so they have a week to learn them. Please help your child learn as many as you can, at the moment all children have 10 to learn. Thank you.


Our class newsletter will come home this week - we will also upload one onto our class page.


Homework will be coming home next Monday. We ask that it is returned for marking the following Monday and then the children bring their books home on Tuesdays to complete the next week's tasks.

Term 1 week 1 spellings

Welcome to Oak 2019-20!


We look forward to seeing you relaxed and ready to work on Tuesday 3rd September!

Please remember PE kits as we will be jumping straight into our curriculum.


Mrs Hillsdon & Mrs Sands