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"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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Learner of the Week

Friday 26th February


Our learner of the week is Ati.


Ati, you are always enthusiastic about your learning and you share explanations and comments during our zoom meetings everyday.

You have also shown a good understanding of fractions.

Well done Ati, keep up the hard work!

Friday 12th February


Our learner of the term is Henry.

You have let your light shine this term Henry. 

Mrs McConnel and I have been very impressed with the way that you have organised yourself, participated in lessons and with the work that you have produced this term.

You have answered questions and provided explanations during zoom lessons, showing good understanding of area, perimeter, multiplication, and division.  When you have found questions difficult, you have not given up, you have persevered and you have asked for help from us and mum. You have listened carefully and managed to correct your own work realising where you made mistakes.

You have also demonstrated that you are very creative.  Such as making a surfboard that can also be used as a chalk board and creating an attractive face book page for your end of term project.  You thought very carefully about the end of term project sharing lots of great ideas about how you could promote your event and you also offered to help one of your team members with their work, which showed that you are kind and caring.

Mrs McConnel and I have also enjoyed seeing your den develop over the weeks from pictures that you have sent to us.

We are so proud of the way you have approached your learning during lockdown Henry.  Keep up the hard work!


Friday 5th February


Ivy is our learner of the week, this week. 


Ivy we are so proud of you because you have worked so hard!  Everyday you send in work that is of a very high quality.  Your written work includes ambitious vocabulary, technical words and is organised very clearly.   You are happy to join Mrs McConnel and I to read your work on a zoom call, which you do with great enthusiasm. 


Well done Ivy, you are continuing to let your light shine!

Friday 29th January


Our learner of the week this week is Emily.  Emily, Mrs McConnel and I have been very impressed with the work you have sent us this week.  We can see that you have been working very hard!  The presentation and content of your work has been super.

Well done!

Friday 22nd January


Lola is our learner of the week this week because of her fantastic attitude towards her work.  She perseveres when activities are tricky and never gives up!  Lola has produced some fantastic pieces of work this term and we have seen her confidence grow!


Well done Lola!

Friday 15th January

Brooke is our learner of the week, because she is really letting her light shine!  We have seen Brooke's confidence grow and with that confidence she is now one of the first to put her hand up to answer a question in class. Well done, Brooke!