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"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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Year 4 Oak

Monday 4th July


This week we will be learning about angles, symmetry and triangles in maths. Here are a few links to some games that will help reinforce the facts we have learned and the skills we are developing!




Save the world from symmetrical invaders!


Find the reflective symmetry


Create symmetrical paintings




Reading angles from a protractor


Acute or Obtuse?




Which type of triangle?


Name the triangle




Term 6

Week 3


Today Oak class did some amazing art work lined to our geography topic of Climate and Biomes.

They each created a picture of the biome of their choice.  We think you'll agree they look fantastic!

Term 6

Week 2


We are all back to normal this week thankfully, after a bit of a strange start to term 6.


We have Sports Day next week on Tuesday 21st June. A letter went home last week.


This week we are practising our KS2 events on Thursday so please, normal uniform on Wednesday 15th and PE kit on Thursday 16th- just for this week!

Then next week, normal uniform on Monday 20th and sports day PE kit on Tuesday. If it is sunny, please ensure you're child has sun cream and a sun hat as we are outside for most of the afternoon!

If they have a castle team coured tshirt that would be great, if not our standard white tshirt is fine.


Enjoy the lovely weather!

Term 5

Week 6


We have made it to the end of term 5! Congratulations to all of Oak class who have continued working hard over the last few weeks.

Today was no different and in maths we were busy finding improper fractions and working out what they would be as mixed numbers.  Complicated stuff!


Term 5

Week 5


Oak class continue to work hard this term and this week we are preparing for our class sharing assembly next week!

We are also learning YMCA by the Village People as part of our Jubilee celebrations - please find below  the karaoke video we have been using!


Village People - Y.M.C.A. Although we have watched this several times, Youtube often adds adverts which you may not be happy with. Please watch before you allow your child to view if you are unsure.

Term 5 Week 4




In our computing lessons this term we are going to be developing our own blogs. The children have researched some examples, looking at what they like and what they don't like so they can use this information to make theirs the best they can possibly be!

Here are links to some of the blogs they liked.


Truly Madly Kids


Alex Know it All


Sports Illustrated Kids


Childtastic Books


Dara McAnulty



Term 5 

Week 2


Please find below a selection of online X table activities for the children to use.


Hit the Button


Coconut Maths


Finding Multiples

Bowling Maths 


Tables Teaser


Meteor Maths  (In this game you have to choose which area of maths to work with, choose any of the X tables.)


Times X table Practise


Explore these games and see if any help you remember your multiplication tables!


Here are this week's spellings too!


Welcome back to Term 5!


We hope you have had a lovely break and are ready for all the challenges of the next term!

You will see our homework has a multiplication theme as this term we will take part in the Government online tests. This is nothing to worry about and is just a check which takes place in year 4. If your child starts to get stressed or worried about this, please reassure them or speak to one of us. In the past the timed aspect of the test has caused some worries but as we have said all year, the more we practise, the more confident we can feel!

If any links are needed for the homework they will be on here for you to access.



Term 4


We have made it to the last week! 

This week is also the last week Oak class go swimming - they have been brilliant over the last 2 terms and their swimming teachers have said they are a joy to teach and always so polite. We are very proud of them all.


**We will be having an art day on Tuesday 29th, please could you ensure your child has an old t-shirt/shirt they can put on over their uniform as paint will be involved!**


Please find here some links to X tables activities that we would love the children to play over the holidays. Also there are some lovely Easter colour in sheets if anyone would like a little colouring activity.


More X tables games

Top Marks multiplication tables games


All of us in Oak Class wish you all a wonderful Easter break and we will see you back in class on Tuesday 19th April!


Term 4

Week 4


We are over halfway through term 4 - time is flying by!

Oak class have been producing some great work in geography this term, firstly in our Amazing Agriculture topic where we learned about pastoral and arable farming, and  now in our new topic of Crazy Coastlines!








Term 4

Week 2


We started this week with a new topic in geography. We will be learning about coastlines and how coastal landforms are made.

Today we looked at erosion. We built our own coastlines and created waves to see what effect they had. From this we could see erosion, transportation and deposition for ourselves!


Term 4

Week 1

We hope you all had a great half term and were not too badly affected by the terrible stormy winds. School had a bit of a battering but is fine and waiting for you all to return!


Please find below the homework for Term 4 as well as this week's spellings. We will attach our term 4 newsletter as soon as possible.











Safer Internet Week


Oak class have watched a video this morning all about how to stay safe and be respectful when playing or working online. 

We looked at examples of messages sent to other people and decided if we thought those messages should  be sent or deleted!

Monday 7th February


We have almost made it to half term! We can definitely see that lots of the children need a good rest, and to be honest, so do we!


Before we break up at the end of the week could we give a few reminders please:


  • If your child's collection arrangements change during the day please will you contact the office who will give us a message. We are still receiving emails during the afternoon relating to that day's pick up and we are afraid that when we are teaching we do not have time to check them!
  • As you know Oak class will swim until Easter - please ensure they are in PE kit on Monday (when we swim) as this makes it so much easier to get dressed/undressed. Your child should still wear a school jumper/cardigan/fleece on this day - not different coloured tracksuits please.
  • Whilst we are swimming there is no PE on Tuesday. Please ensure your child is in normal uniform on this day.

Thank you for your support in this.


Please find below this week's spellings - however, the children wont be tested until after half term now.


Have a wonderful break


Oak Team

Monday 31st January

Please remember that this week we are holding our parent consultations on Tuesday and Wednesday. It will be nice to see you all and be able to chat!

Please find below this week's spellings and also a link to some information about Chinese New Year!



Monday 24th January

Term 3 Week 3


The end of January is finally in sight! It feels like it has been a very long month!


We are very pleased to report that Oak class were second in the school with regards to attendance last week - we were beaten by Poppy class by just 1%. (They got 100% so we can't complain!). 


Our learner of the week was Darcy. We were really impressed with the humour you managed to get into your writing this week - well done!


As we now swim on a Monday, the children can wear their PE kits to school if they wish as many will find getting changed after swimming a lot easier! You will be pleased to know that all of Oak are now sorted into the correct swim group for their skill and had a really fun session last week with every child spending the maximum time in the water as possible! We look forward to this week's swim too!


Please, another reminder that we do not read emails during the day as our hands are rather full! If you have an important message it MUST go via the office. An email sent to us at 1.30pm informing us of a change of pick up that day will not reach us in time. Thank you for your understanding with this.


This week's spellings are attached below. Have a great week!


Monday 17th January

Term 3 Week 3


We feel well into the term now and Christmas already feels like a distant memory! Mrs Hillsdon is back this week after catching Covid. She is very pleased to return and is really looking forward to seeing everyone.

The children in Oak class have really impressed us with their positive attitudes and have settled back into working hard. Great work Oak!

Congratulations to Brooke A for being our first Learner of the Week in 2021 - keep up the positive attitude and hard work Brooke!


To echo Mr Rye's message in the newsletter this week, if there is a change to who is collecting your child at the end of the day, please telephone the office and let them know. They will pass the message on. We have had several times where emails have been sent to us regarding the change of collection of a child during the afternoon of the changed day - we do not get a chance to check emails until after all the children have left. This has caused a few problems, so we ask for your support with this.  Thank you!


A few useful links to help with learning multiplication tables:


**A reminder that clubs start again this week.**


Please find below this week's spellings.

Have a great week!


Monday 10th January

Term 3 Week 2

Welcome back to term 3, we hope you all had a fantastic break and have had some time to catch up with family and relax. This week sees the start of Oak's swimming lessons which is very exciting for all of us!


Please find attached our homework for the term, this week's spellings and also our class newsletter.








Monday 13th December


We made it! It's been a very long term and the children have worked very hard, we are super proud of them all.


After talking to lots of Oak class, I have decided to call my acorn Oakley. I think it's an appropriate name!


The teaching team in Oak wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and we look forward to seeing you in 2022!

Monday 6th December


After a terrible week for germs and illness, Oak are (mostly) back and (mostly) raring to go! This week our class Christmas tree has gone up and we will be making decorations to put on it soon!

We continue to bubble in school and ask you to be extra vigilant regarding coughs/temperatures.


Thank you!


Year 3-4FitnessLesson 1

Monday 29th October

Week 5


Sadly, Oak class has been hard hit with illness lately, adults and children alike. For those who are learning from home please find below work for the week.

The link to the Oak Academy maths lessons goes over the work we have completed this term already so is brilliant revision work. The English link is a great replacement to our in class guided reading sessions and the history lesson follows the work we are doing in class. We appreciate these are hard times, again, so please do the best you can!




Guided reading / English lessons






Have a look at some of the Scratch games other children have produced. What do you think about them? Which ones do you like and which don't work very well?



We will add more work as we move through the week.


Our weekly spellings will be attached below as well as a PE video from Mrs Barratt!


We wish you all a happy and healthy week!

Monday 22nd November

Week 4

I am sure you have read the letter that was sent home yesterday, explaining that Oak class have several confirmed cases of Covid 19. Please be vigilant with any symptoms that the children may show and carry out a LFT test if in any doubt. In class, we will be more observant and let you know if your child appears to have any symptoms.


For those with children at home please find some work attached below to keep them busy and we wish you all well!

Monday 15th November

Week 3

40 Sleeps to Christmas!


This week is Anti Bullying week across the country. We will be taking part on some activities in class and as a school. If you would like to know more, please see the video and download below.



Anti-Bullying Week 2021: One Kind Word - official Primary School film

The Anti-Bullying Alliance has worked with over 400 young people and 100 members of school staff to develop our theme for this year's Anti-Bullying Week. Ant...

Week 2

Monday 8th November



(sorry smiley)


Can we ask for your help in ensuring the children are in class on time in the mornings. Register closes at 8.55am and children will be marked late if they are in after this. From this week, the outside hall doors will be closed at 8.55am promptly and children will need to be bought in through the office if they are late.

When children are late into class they miss vital maths revision tasks that start at 8.45am. We will remind all the children to hang up coats and bags as quickly as they can and would very much appreciate your support in ensuring they arrive on time! Thank you!


Some more amazingly artistic autumn homework this week, I have put a selection in the gallery below for you to have a look at.


Spellings this week all have the - sure letter pattern (pronounced zhuh) sp we will be working hard on those.


Christmas Shoebox Appeal

We are sure the children have told you about this by now - the aim is to donate items in a shoe box that will be collected and sent to children who have nothing. We have talked about this in several worships over the last week and the children are very keen to be involved in this whole school charity event. We appreciate that filling an entire shoe box  at this time of year can be a bit of a challenge, so we have a collection box in Oak class where children can donate items and we will sort into shoe boxes just before the collection date. A leaflet with all the information will follow as soon as we have them!

Times Tables RockStars Parent Guide


The TTRS website has produced this guidance that may be of interest. :) 

Monday 1st November 


Welcome back to term 2!


We kicked the term off with an amazing Ancient Greek day today.

We solved Greek engineering problems, played Ancient Greek strategy games, learned about weaponry and even voted in our own leader using Ancient Greek democratic methods. We also were drilled in army techniques and acted in a performance of Jason and the Argonauts. 

It was a very busy, but brilliant day!




Monday 11th October

Parent Evening Week!

There may still be a few appointment times left if you haven't managed to book a slot yet - please call the office if you are having any difficulty.


We will start our mini marathon this week - our aim is for 3 laps of the field a day which will total our target by the end of the week. Thank you for all the funds you have raised, we know the children are really proud of themselves.


This week's spellings have been taken from the words that many of the children have struggled with this term, so some of them may look familiar. Please find the sheets below this post.


 I have added links to some websites which have some fun maths games, they are organised by topic and age, so feel free to explore!


Here is a link to a timed multiplication tables challenge similar to the one the children will complete at the end of Year 4.

Between Monday 11th October and Friday 15th October we will be taking part in the 2021 Mini London Marathon. We will be running, jogging and walking 2.6 miles through the week. Children should therefore wear their PE kit to school every day of that week.


On Friday 15th October, to mark the end of the challenge, children have the option to dress up for the day as their sporting role model. They are welcome to dress up as any sporting star from tennis to gymnastics to swimming or anything in between. 


As part of this challenge, we will be raising money for local charity the Heart of Kent Hospice to support our school community’s contribution to ‘Elmer’s Big Heart of Kent Parade.’ Each child should therefore gather sponsorships to take part in the event and donations can be made via our school ‘Virgin Money Giving’ page on the link below.


We hope that this will be a fun, inclusive event where children of all ages and abilities can raise money for a fantastic local cause, whilst taking part in a whole school event.

Charlotte Purdue | Virgin Money Giving Mini London Marathon In Schools 2021

International Great Britain athlete, Charlotte Purdue, discusses her love for running, how she got into the sport and the Virgin Money Giving London Marathon...

Monday 4th October


We are very excited about our planned Ancient Greek visitor who will be coming to see us on November 1st. Please fill in the form which was sent home and send back in as soon as possible so we can secure this wonderful experience. The day looks like it will be a lot of fun with acting, games, quizzes, a mini Olympic games, and of course, lots of learning! 




In worship today the children will be hearing about our participation in the 2021 Mini Marathon. Watch out for more information coming home soon.




Parent Consultations

Please sign up for an appointment for a parent consultation. These will be held next week Monday - Thursday. Mrs Hillsdon will be taking Monday's appointments, both Mrs Hillsdon and Mrs Sands will be there for Tuesday and Wednesday's appointments and Mrs Sands will finish the week on Thursday. It would be great to meet as many of you as we can - even if it is remotely! 


The spellings for the week are attached below - Tenners are now moving onto the key words for Year 4, with the Fivers concentrating on some of the most frequently used words in the English language.



Have a great week!

Monday 27th September

Can you believe it is October at the end of this week! Before we know it Christmas will be here... speaking of Christmas, we are creating our cards this week which will come home soon after in case you want to order any prints.


We are also working hard to arrange a visitor to come into school to support our Ancient Greek topic - a letter will be coming home very soon! 


We have had some more incredible  homework this week. Well done to all the children and thank you for supporting them!

Some amazing homework this week!

Monday 20th September

We hope you had a great weekend and managed to do some fun things. Mrs Hillsdon bought 2 new chickens ... photos to follow!


Please find below our spellings for the week along with a "spelling menu" which is full of ideas to help learn the weekly spellings.


Our words of the week LAST week were:


vacant (adjective)

Her eyes appeared vacant as she stared at the TV.


demolish (verb)

He couldn't wait to demolish the huge pizza as it was placed in front of him.


Can you use them in your everyday conversations?



Spelling Menu

Here is the spelling help mentioned above, but we have also attached it as a document if you would like to print it.

Monday 13th September 

We think perhaps a mixed message came out last week - please can homework be in on Monday mornings to allow us to mark it - not Tuesdays. The children will bring their books home on Tuesday for the following week's work. Thank you for your patience!


We have started our Ancient Greek topic this week and thought perhaps the children might like to play the game below to get some idea of what life was like in Ancient Greece.


Latin continues this week with the children learning to say hello and goodbye and also introduce themselves.



hello - salve (sal-way)

goodbye - vale (wal-ay)

I am - sum

we are - sumus

quis es? - who are you?


Below, you will find a Youtube video that practises some of the Latin we have learned.


Good Morning

Please find below the spellings for this week - your child will also bring home a paper copy which will let you know which group they are in.

Mathletics has been set for your child too - please ensure they only complete the tasks assigned as these will follow our learning in class. The children have their Mathletics and TimesTables Rockstars logins inside their homework book covers so please do make full use of these resources. 


As a reminder, spellings will usually come home on a Monday and we will test the children on these the following Monday. Homework books should be back in school on Monday as well, these will be marked and the children will bring them home on Tuesday. 



This Friday (10th) is school photo day- it is also a PE day. Please can the children come into school in their normal school uniform NOT PE kit. We will adapt our lesson for that day. Thank you!




Our words of the week are ...


swagger (verb) and grating (adjective)


Mrs Hillsdon watched Oak class swagger into assembly knowing they were the best class in the school.


The terrible shrieking noise was really grating on everyone in Oak class this afternoon.


Can you sneak these words into your everyday conversations?!


6th September

Welcome back to you all! The Oak team hope you have had a great, restful and healthy summer break and are definitely ready to get back to school!


We will always try our best to put any information you need onto this page, along with photos or videos we think you may enjoy - so check here regularly!


Oak Class spellings and homework will also be on here, however the children will be given a paper version too. You will soon find our newsletter here (and again, we will send one home) with all the practical information you will need about this year.


With our spellings this year we are starting with some words from the key Year 3 list to ease the children in gently! We have two spelling groups in Oak - the Fivers and the Tenners - to suit your child's needs. These groups are not set in stone and we tweak and adapt as we go throughout the year so please bear with us as we get to know your wonderful children! We will give your children their spellings on Monday this week (6th) and they will then know if they are a Fiver or a Tenner! After this the spellings will be on this site weekly. We allow a week for the words to be learned and they will be tested on the following Monday. We really appreciate your help in supporting your child with these.


Our class email address is , please email us any questions or comments you may have - if it is something of an urgent matter please contact the office as we often do not have time during the school day to check our emails.


Our PE days are Tuesday (outdoor) and Friday (indoor) so please send your children into school in appropriate PE kit. School jumpers or hoodies only please, and dark blue or black leggings or shorts. We have found in the last year that lots of the children get cold during the day (even when the weather appears warmer) so again, please make sure they do have their school jumper to wear in class where we have the door and windows open as much as possible!


We are reminding all children (and parents) that playtime snacks should only be fruit or vegetables please.  We ask for your support in this and request no cereal bars or fruit snacks such as winders or yoyos.


Wishing you all a great Term 1!

The Oak Team