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Wednesday - PRODUCE

Welcome to our wacky art Wednesday!

Today's project focus is art-themed! We are going to explore the artist Henri Matisse and his abstract collages. 


Here's a brief overview of your learning today:

  • Zoom 1: 10.00 am Art Lesson (or Power Point)
  • Create Matisse-inspired artwork 
  • Research Matisse and present at least 5 interesting facts about him
  • Maths: IXL question tasks (links below)
  • Reading: Bug Club 
  • Zoom 2: 2.00 pm Virtual Art Gallery (share your work) 



If you can join us - and technology remains on our side - we will learn about Henri Matisse, his life and style of art in our first Zoom. After the lesson, you are welcome to stay online and work at our art creations with company. However, this is optional and you are welcome to log off and go about your learning your way.



In addition to creating your artwork, you are also tasked with researching Matisse and finding 5 interesting facts about Matisse. You might find the following websites useful:

Remember to check with your parents before going online. 

Think about how you will present your findings: an artist's fact file? Mind map? Acrostic poem? You choose! 



Today you will be using your knowledge of the 6/7/9 times tables. Below are links to tasks. REMEMBER: The webpage will allow you to do 10 questions per task without signing up for an account, so just do the 10 questions.

You do not have to do them all at once, you might spread them out during the day. This is for you to practise and increase your knowledge and understanding. We know you will try hard so please don't worry about sending us evidence as it will be hard today!



Bug Club! How many books can you complete today? 



In the afternoon we come together at 2pm again to share our finished artworks. It will be wonderful to see you all then! 


Once I have received photos of your works, I will also upload the art as a virtual gallery to our website. 


I can't wait to see what we all come up with! HAVE FUN!




I know a lot of you were having technical difficulties with Zoom yesterday. I have set-up a new meeting and sent those details to your parents.

All information covered will also be in the pre-recorded Power Point lesson, so please do not worry if you cannot join us on Zoom. Fingers crossed it all works fine today!


Zoom 1: 10.00-11.30          Online lesson and creation


You will need:

  • scissors
  • a glue stick
  • about 5 pieces of different-coloured card. (If you have more - great! If you have scraps to use up from previous projects - also great! But you will need one big piece, ideally A4, to use as the background) laugh



Zoom 2: 14.00-14.45            Virtual gallery


You will need:

  • Your finished artwork 



Henri's Scissors - Read Aloud Story Book Inspired by Henri Matisse - This is a WONDERFUL way to learn about Matisse's life and the illustrations are just beautiful.

Henri's Scissors is an inspiring story that celebrates the expressive life of Henri Matisse. This book was written and illustrated by Jeanette Winter.

Art Lessons For Kids: Matisse Paper Cutouts

Mr P is an American art tutor with a wonderfully exuberant way of showing you different techniques that you could use in your collage.This video is a little longer (just under 12 minutes) but is worth watching for inspiration. I like how he describes his own response to Matisse's work at the beginning, too.

Henri Matisse for Kids - Watch this video if you are tight on time or simply prefer the basic info!