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"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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It's Tuesday! That means you have already completed 1/5 of your school week! Well done smiley


Today we will carry on with the fraction "warm up" before we return to our Power Maths books tomorrow.  Tuesday will also bring your usual Tuesday tasks of computing and PE as well as carrying on with English ( a spelling task today) and reading.

What did you all think of the ending of Who Let the Gods Out? The book left it open for the next adventure didn't it?

If you did enjoy the book and want to know what happens next, number 2 in the series ( there are 4 books in total) is called Simply the Quest. The cover is familiar isn't it?!



Onto your tasks!



As we spoke about yesterday these first two days back are a gentle introduction and reminder what fractions are.

Today I would like you to watch this 1 Oak Academy video that is 15 minutes long. You will need a pencil and a piece of paper to make some jottings but there is no work attached to this video lesson that you need to do . (Hooray!)



As always aim for 10 of each question, but you can always do as many as you wish -make sure you are really confident with them. smiley



Remember we expect you to read for at least 20 minutes a day. If you need more books on your BugClub please let us know. 



Today is a (quick) spelling lesson. You will be looking at the suffixes -er and -est.


If you would like to continue to practise these skills (and I know some of you will!) I have attached here some worksheets that you could complete, looking at comparatives and superlatives.



I am sure you managed lots of lovely walks in half term even though the weather was a bit soggy!

As always with out PE, you do not HAVE to do this activity, but we do expect you to do some physical exercise that makes you out of breath. 

The PASS video carries on our keep fit lessons although you can of course do any form of exercise you wish. Maybe a walk, a jog around an outdoor space, a chilly bounce on your trampoline or even set up an indoor assault course! I do believe Jo Wicks is still teaching his PE (although after one of his lessons I was too scared to attempt another!).



year 3-4FitnessLesson 5

We have also had the information about the PASS challenge for this term. If you choose to take part, let me know your data and I will pass it on!


Did you know you are a digital citizen? (Your first task is to find out what one is!)

You have 2 tasks for computing today- I have attached sheets that you can fill in, but you cold just write your answers into your book.


Task 1

Keep a log of all your online activity for one week. Do you play games? Chat with friends? Meet a teacher for some school work? Check your email? Record when you went online, what you went online for and think about how you made sure you were safe whilst you did it.


Task 2

Your second task is to interview and adult! It could be someone you live with or maybe you could call a relative and talk to them over the phone, facetime or zoom. Find out how much they know about online safety, you could even ask more than one person if you would like to!

Online Safety