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"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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Year R - Chestnut Class

Tuesday 2nd June


Hello Chestnut Class,

Every Tuesday we will be setting you a little challenge linked to rhyme.

Todays challenge is to say or sing as many Nursery Rhymes as you can. Can you identify the words that rhyme? Ask an adult to help you write these words down. What do you notice about them?

Have you got any stories at home that are rhyming? Can you identify the rhyming words as an adult reads the story?  (Julia Donaldson books are ideal)


Good Luck!

Picture 1

Monday 1st June

Monday 1st June 1

Hello Chestnut Class!

We hope you have all enjoyed the lovely weather over the half term and are all keeping well.

We are looking forward to having lots of fun and working hard in term 6!

Our topic for this term is 'The great outdoors' and we have closely linked the learning for children completing 'home learning' to those children learning in school.

Below is the weekly activity grid and other supporting documents. There is a slight change to how Mathletics will be set so please refer to the weekly grid for more information.

We will continue to update our class webpage everyday with little tasks/challenges. Please remember these are only suggestions and you can pick and choose which you feel are ideal for your child and family situation.

We love to see what you are doing so please send us any photos or updates either by our class email (chestnutteacher@west-malling.kent.sch) or tapestry.





Friday 22nd May



Chestnut Class once again we are so impressed with all the amazing things you are completing at home. We are so proud of every single one of you for letting your light shine!

Below is a gallery to celebrate some of the amazing things you have been doing.

Also please see the video to find out who our special learner of the week is.


Friday story time: Mrs Penfold is reading 'Ruby's Worry' which we based our literacy tasks on this week. Don't forget to log onto Tapestry to enjoy her story.


We would like to wish you all a safe and fun half term together. We will not be setting any more 'home learning' until the beginning of term 6.


Below is also a special surprise from Mrs Head!


Take care!

The Chestnut class learner of the week is. . .

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Picture 1

Celebration of learning

Hello from Mrs Head!

Still image for this video

Thursday 21st May



Our challenge for you today is to try some of the fun activities below and on the documents attached. All these games support and encourage listening skills and following instructions. Listening skills are so important and help us in so many aspects of our daily lives. Sometimes it is nice to slow down and just listen. What can you hear?

Suggested activities

*Play a game of 'Simon says'.

*On your daily walk see how many different things you can hear. Can you draw or write them down?

*Play musical statues.

*Go onto the website and play the game 'listen and match'


Have fun! Please remember to send us some photos.



Wednesday 20th May


Today we have a blending challenge to help you practise your reading.

Check out the fun blending ideas in the photos below and give one or two a try.

​​​​​​​Or if you enjoy playing on the computer or iPad then go to and choose one of the free games on Phase 2 such as 'Buried treasure'. 

We have also attached some blending board games and worksheets if this is something you would like to do.

Have fun reading!

Tuesday 19th May

Hello Chestnut class!

Thank you to Betsy, George, Luke and Sienna who made some beautiful Natural Art collages. They are amazing. Well done! Take a look in our gallery below. Maybe they might inspire you to make your own!

We hope you enjoyed watching Mrs Penfold's video on 'Addition Pairs' yesterday.

Today we would like you to get busy practising them. Look at the photos below and give some of these a try. Why not get outside to do it in the lovely sunshine?

If you would like to try another game on the internet then go to:  'ten frame'. Choose number 3. 'Fill' (finding how many more to make 10)

Have fun with your adding!

Chestnut class Natural Art Gallery

Monday 18th May

Monday 18th May 1

Hello Chestnut class!


One more week until half-term. Parents, children, we CAN do this!

We hope you enjoyed a lovely weekend with yet more glorious sunshine! What did you get up to? Don't forget to send some photos to We are missing you all and love seeing your photos. 


We have uploaded this week's learning for you and will add little challenges daily to the website. We are sorry but we forgot to upload the Literacy tasks for our story focus 'Ruby's worry' last week so we have uploaded all of it today. Please do not feel you have to do it all. As with all tasks we have suggested, please remember they are just that, suggestions. Pick, choose, adapt in whichever way you feel best suits your child and your family routines. There is another video below by Mrs Penfold to help you with the number tasks this week. We hope you find these little videos helpful in modelling some of the language and strategies we use in class. 


Today our challenge for you is to make a 'worry monster'. Some of our tasks are based around the story "Ruby's worry." Have you ever had a worry? What do you do when you have a worry? Can you make a worry monster for Ruby, yourself or the whole family? We look forward to seeing your worry monsters! Check out some of the ideas below to get you started.


Ruth Miskin 'daily phonics' lessons (speed set 1) continue on youtube at 9:30am.


Lastly, don't forget to log into Tapestry to hear Miss Penighetti read the story "You can't take an elephant on the bus!' Any problems logging in please do email us.

Have a good week, have fun and learn lots!

From the Chestnut Team

Addition pairs

Still image for this video

Ideas for making a worry monster. . .

Friday 15th May


Chestnut class, we have been so impressed with all the amazing things you keep doing at home. We are so proud of all of you for working hard, learning, having fun, helping, being creative, singing and so much more! It was so difficult choosing learner of the week. Please see the video below to find out who was chosen as our special learner of the week. 

Friday Story time: Miss Penighetti is reading 'You can't take an elephant on a bus' this week for our Friday Story time. Don't forget to log in to Tapestry to listen. You can also watch all the other stories we have recorded if you haven't seen them yet. Any problems logging into Tapestry please let us know via the class email. (

Thank you to those of you who have sent their 'Natural Art' picture for our class page gallery. We are going to give you the weekend to do this if you haven't already and would like to. Scroll back through the class page to Wednesday 13th May to find out more. Please send any photos to us by Monday ready for 'The Big Art Gallery' on Tuesday! 

Lastly, we have uploaded a selection of all the amazing things you are doing at home below the Learner of the week! Well done everyone!

Keep having fun, keep learning lots and keep letting your light shine!

From the Chestnut Team

The Chestnut class learner of the week is. . .

Still image for this video

Thursday 14th May



We are so pleased lots of you have been on Mathletics. Well done! You have the whole week to complete the tasks as no new tasks will be set for this week. Once you have completed all your tasks you can play on Mathletics live. 

Mrs Hillsdon has entered our school into a competition to win £5000 of book tokens! Wouldn't that be a lovely thing to return to school with!

You can help our chances by voting for us on:

So, spread the word and let's get voting!


Today we would like you to continue to be creative while practising your cutting skills. 

Why not try cutting a range of materials, you may like to try using some of the things you collected for your natural art. 

Can you cut different shapes out? Or cut along a wiggly line? 

You could try cutting different pictures out of an old magazine or newspaper and create your own collage.

Below are some more fun ideas to encourage and support cutting. 

Wednesday 13th May

Today we are getting creative! On a walk or from your garden collect some natural objects such as flowers, leaves, twigs, pine cones. Then make your own picture or collage. You could lay the objects out in a pattern and take a photo or glue them to a piece of paper. You might like to make a frame from a piece of card such as a cereal box to add a special touch to your artwork. Don't forget to send us a photo of your art work. We would love to make a gallery of pictures at the end of the week on the website. (

Have fun being creative!

From the Chestnut Team.

Natural art and craft ideas

Tuesday 12th May

Our little challenge for you today is a key words game. Pretend you are at sea. Grown ups,  could you put some key words on pieces of paper to be the 'Islands'. Pretend to start swimming around the Islands. Grown ups say a key word, for example 'said' and you have to swim to the Island with the word 'said'. Each time you get it right you could get some 'treasure'! You could adapt this game for outside if you have chalk as in the photo below.

We have also attached the list of key words again.

Have fun!

Picture 1

Monday 11th May

Monday 11th May 1

Hello Chestnut class!


We hope you enjoyed the lovely long weekend with some glorious sunshine too!

We look forward to seeing some photos of you celebrating the VE Day with your family. (email or upload to Tapestry)


Below are this week's activities, along with a couple of handouts for addition. Please do not feel you have to complete all the activities. We have suggested a range of activities to suit the different learning styles of all the children, just pick and choose which works for your child. Some children need practical hands on activities, some need a visual, some enjoy doing a worksheet. The most important thing is your child is happy and engaging with some learning. We have also uploaded a video by Mrs Penfold this week to help with the different addition strategies and language. We hope you find this helpful. 

​​​​​​​Lastly, don't forget to listen to Mrs Penfold reading 'On Sudden Hill' on Tapestry.


Have a good week and have lots of fun!

From The Chestnut Team

Addition strategies

Still image for this video

Adding ideas

Friday 8th May


We hope you have a lovely day celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day. Please do send us photos of your decorations, flags, celebrations. We would love to see them! 

Don't forget to log into Tapestry this weekend to hear our next Friday Story time. Mrs Penfold is reading the story 'On Sudden Hill'.

Below is our very special learner of the week and below that is a celebration of work and activities from this week, with some surprising visitors! We have been blown away with all the amazing things you are doing! Wow!

Keep on having fun and keeping safe Chestnut Class!

From everyone in the Chestnut Team

The Chestnut class learner of the week is. . .

Still image for this video

Thursday 7th May

Hello! How did you get on with your activities this week?

Don't forget to send us photos of your story map, obstacle course, numbers or anything else you want to share!

Tomorrow is a Bank Holiday to mark the 75th anniversary of VE Day. VE Day is also known as Victory in Europe Day and it marks the end of World War Two in Europe.  

We have attached a simple powerpoint about VE Day if you would like to share it with your family. Maybe you would like to make a flag or some bunting? We have attached a template if you would like to use this one or you could draw your own! 

Are you doing anything on Friday to celebrate?  This is a nice idea:

Picture 1

Please send in some photos of how you have chosen to celebrate VE Day. We would love to see what you've been doing. (email or upload to Tapestry)

Our learner of the week will still be uploaded to the website on Friday along with our Friday story time on Tapestry.

Have a lovely and enjoyable weekend.

From all The Chestnut Team!

Wednesday 6th May

Hello! The sunshine is back so it's time to get active!

Have a go at some of these fun gross motor activities:-

*Create a hop scotch using chalk or masking tape.

*Set up an obstacle course inside or outside, make sure it is safe!

Try to include some activities that involve going under and over. You could even use a cardboard box to create a tunnel to crawl through.

*Using a 1 minute timer, how many jumps, star jumps, squats can you do?

*Make a skittle set with plastic bottles and a ball.

*Play ‘balloon tennis’- simply use a balloon and your hand!

*Do step ups on the stairs or a step.

*Hang a balloon from the ceiling, use a cardboard tube to practise hitting it. 

*Use recycled materials to make a golf club or a hockey stick. Then dribble a ball along a line such as masking tape or chalk.

Please send a photo, we would love to see them. There are a few photos of ideas below.

Lastly, we had one or two questions about the sight words on the website yesterday. These are the key words that are sometimes tricky to sound out and/or are 'common' words children will see in their books. In Read Write Inc, they are called 'Red Words'. We have attached a set of 'key words' and the list of reading games sent out in the Autumn term to assist you in supporting your children.

Have fun!

The Chestnut Team

Tuesday 5th May

Finding those sight words a bit tricky? Why not try out some of these fun ways to practise them below. Also, for a game on line try 'The Dinosaur's Eggs- High frequency words' on

Happy reading!


Monday 4th May
Picture 1

Hello Chestnut class!


Hope you have had a lovely weekend. Thank you for sending us all the photos. It has been lovely to see what you are getting up to. Some of you have said you are missing your friends and school. We are missing all of you too! If you want to show us anything or tell us anything please put it on Tapestry or send an email to:  We check these daily.

We have uploaded this week's activities below. Please remember they are just a guide. It is not compulsory to do them, they are simple there to support you with your home learning. Keep on doing all the amazing things you are doing and most importantly, have fun.

Don't forget to listen to Miss Penighetti tell the Story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' on Tapestry. Mrs Penfold's daughter loved it!

Also try out the Ruth Miskin Daily Phonics Speed Set 1 at 9:30am and don't forget to log in to Bug Club and Mathletics.

If you need anything else, or want to ask a question please email us on the Class email. Thank you!


Have fun, stay safe, learn lots!

From The Chestnut Team

Further Home-schooling opportunities

Friday 1st May

Hello! It's 'Friday story time'. Log in to Tapestry to hear Miss Penighetti tell the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'.  

We would also like to celebrate some of the amazing things you have been doing at home by sharing a few photos. (See below Mr Clark's message for Learner of the term.) If you would like to share anything with us just send an email to or put it on Tapestry. 

Have a lovely weekend.

The Chestnut Team


The Chestnut class learner of the week is....

Still image for this video

Celebration of learning. . .

Thursday 30th April

Hello! How has your week been so far? Well done to so many of you for logging into to Bug Club and Mathletics as well as continuing to keep having lots of fun.

This week there is only one activity on Mathletics linked to our 'topic maths' of Positional Language. If you are looking for more ideas you might find something of interest on the link below:

Have fun!

From the Chestnut team.

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning!

Struggling to get children to write at home? There are lots of fun engaging ways for children to practise their fine motor skills ready for writing such as threading, cutting, using tweezers or pipettes, picking up buttons or hanging out the washing! Check out these 'funky fingers' ideas below!

Have fun!

Tuesday 28th April

A blending and segmenting challenge for you today - 'What's inside the box?' 

In the story 'On Sudden Hill' the children enjoy playing with a box. Can you hide some things in a box, then sound them out to a grown up to guess what they are? For example, 'In my box is a p-e-n, pen!' Maybe they could hide some things and sound them out for you to guess.

If you are looking for more ideas on blending see the handout below.
Also, if you didn't manage to log into Tapestry yet, below is a message from everyone in the Chestnut Team.

Happy blending!


Picture 1
Monday 27th April
Picture 1

Hello! Hope you have all enjoyed a lovely weekend.

Thank you for all the emails and uploads to Tapestry. It's so lovely to see what you are getting up to and the fabulous learning you are doing. Keep them coming!


We have attached this week's activities below. Please remember these are for guidance only. Continue to do all the exciting 'fun' things you are doing and log into Bug Club and Mathletics.


Don't forget to try out 'The Body Coach TV' PE session at 9:00am and the

Ruth Miskin 'Daily phonics' Speed Set 1 at 9:30am. For a story time, Mrs Penfold has uploaded a video of her reading 'Stanley's Stick' to Tapestry.


If you would like any more support please do email us on We are still here and only to happy to help!


Lastly, log into Tapestry to see a special message from the whole Chestnut Team!smiley

Have fun, stay safe and learn lots.

The Chestnut Team.


Further home-school opportunities. . .

Friday 24th April

Good morning! Hope you have all had a fab week.

Don't forget to check out our special learner of the week in Mr Clark's video below!

We are going to introduce a Story time on a Friday. Our first story 'Stanley's Stick' read by Mrs Penfold will be uploaded to Tapestry today. We hope your children enjoy listening and talking about the story with you. If you have any problems logging into Tapestry please do let us know on the class email 

Also don't forget to let us know how you are getting on. Send us a photo or a message of anything! It doesn't have to be any of the tasks we have set. So many of you have been doing such fun things at home like gardening, baking, building, making bug hotels, camping, helping out with some jobs. These are all so important in making special memories of our time at home. The best learning is done through play and first hand experiences. So play, play and play!

Have a lovely weekend, enjoy the sunshine and our first 'Friday Story time'!

From the Chestnut Team

The Chestnut class learner of the week is...

Still image for this video

Thursday 23rd April


There has been lots in the news this week about online learning. The attached document below has some free resources that have been offered by the BBC, the government's new online National Academy and our own PASS PE network. Our expectations for the children's learning have not changed from when we first started online learning. These are additional ideas that you may wish to use or for those who would like a more formal learning routine. As always all ideas offered are for guidance only, not to put any stress or pressure on anyone. 


Most importantly, keep on having fun, playing, talking, sharing stories and creating special memories with your family.


Do please email if you would like help or support with anything.  (

Wednesday 22nd April


How are you getting on? 

We have uploaded the RWI handwriting rhymes given out at the workshop in the Autumn term as well as the 'phonics games to play at home' if you wish to refer to them.

Also, if you are looking for a 'storytime' CBeebies have some lovely stories on iPlayer. Search CBeebies bedtime stories. There is also a lovely CBeebies story time app which is free.

Have fun!

From The Chestnut team.

Picture 1

Tuesday 21st April


A little challenge to make your maths fun today.

Have a look at the photos and try out one or two. 


The Chestnut Team

Monday 20th April

Monday 20th April 1
Monday 20th April 2

Hello Chestnut class!


We hope you are well and have enjoyed some lovely sunshine this weekend.

Thank you for sending us such lovely photos. We love seeing what you are getting up to and have put some on the website for you all to see. See below!


We have attached this week's activities. Please don't feel that you have to do all of them. They are for guidance. The most important thing is that you are having fun and playing. Remember the best learning can be done through play and real experiences.

Joe Wicks continues his PE sessions at 9:00am (Body Coach TV youtube).

Ruth Miskin continues Phonics lessons at 9:30am (Daily Phonics Speed sound set 1 youtube)

Both are available for the day and can be watched at anytime throughout that day.


Please let us know how you are getting on via Tapestry or the class email ( We are always happy to answer any questions.


Lastly, if you haven't seen Mr Clark's 'Welcome back to Term 5' video do take a look. Go to 'Key information' on the website and scroll down to videos. 

Have a fun filled week!

The Chestnut Team

Thursday 16th April

Hello Chestnut class! How are you all? Hope you had a lovely Easter.

Welcome back to online learning for Term 5!

We will add some more fun activities for you to do from next week but until then we have another little challenge for you! Can you teach a grown up the Dinosaur song that Mrs Head taught you. We have attached it so that a grown up can remind you of the words. 

Also we have set a couple more tasks on Mathletics for you to have a try.

Thank you to those of you who kept sending us photos. We have loved seeing photos of you baking, gardening, building, painting, colouring, writing, digging and so much more! We would like to say a big thank you to parents for supporting your children so well and keeping in touch. THANK YOU!

Lastly if you made or drew a habitat for your Bog Baby or made an Easter garden we would love to see them! Please email a photo of them to or upload a photo to Tapestry.

Have a lovey weekend.

From the Chestnut team.

Monday 6th April

Dear Chestnut class,

We hope you are enjoying the holidays, the lovely sunshine and most especially time with your family. How are you getting on with your acts of kindness?

We have another challenge for you! Tell your parents about the photo below. Do you remember why Tess put a cross in her Easter Garden? If you are able, and would like to, can you make your own Easter Garden? Or you may wish to draw a picture instead. Please send us any photos, we would love to see them! (email or via Tapestry)

Stay safe and have fun!

From The Chestnut Team

Picture 1

Wednesday 1st April

Dear Chestnut class,

So, we have reached the last day of Term 4 and a strange term it has been indeed.

We have really missed you and have enjoyed seeing all your photos, work and videos. We have been very impressed that so many of you have tried the daily tasks on Mathletics and logged into Bug Club. Today will be the last Mathletics challenge until after the Easter break. If you haven't got your log in please do email us on You can still play on Mathletics live. We will keep an eye on your books on Bug Club and update them if you run out.

Please keep photos of your Bog Baby habitats coming. Check out Sienna's at the bottom of this message!

Please check in on the website occasionally. We will update with little challenges if you wish to do them. It is the Easter break so please don't feel you have to but we hope you will feel they are something fun to do while we are all staying safe at home. The first challenge will be linked to Easter after the weekend.

So, a holiday challenge for you! Each day see if you can do one act of kindness - help set the table for dinner, tidy your toys without being asked, get dressed by yourself or anything that helps your family. 


Enjoy your Easter break.

Have fun, stay safe, be kind!

From The Chestnut Team


Sienna's Bog Baby habitat!

Sienna's Bog Baby habitat! 1

Tuesday 31 March

Dear Chestnut class.

A challenge for you. How many of these activities can you complete over the next 30 days?

Keep us posted with some photos.

The Chestnut team.


Monday 30th March

Dear Chestnut class,

We hope you have enjoyed your first week of home learning and had lots of 'Favourite days' with some very special people. 

A huge well done on your hard work. We have really enjoyed seeing photos of you learning and having so much fun. Please keep sending us photos either on Tapestry or the class email: We have been checking Bug Club and Mathletics and noticed that some of you have been on every single day. Gold star to all of you!

Below is our home learning for this week. Remember to give 'The Body Coach TV' a try at 9am and Ruth Miskin 'Speed sound set 1 Daily phonics lesson' at 9:30am. These are 'saved' on You tube so you can watch them at a time convenient to you. 

Stay safe and have fun!

The Chestnut team

Picture 1

Thursday 26th March

Dear Chestnut class,

Hope you are well and enjoying the lovely sunshine!

It's been lovely to hear from some of you. Keep the photos coming either via Tapestry or the class email. Here are some 'Spring activities' for you to try.

From The Chestnut Team

Dear Chestnut class

A special email address has been set up ( that you can contact us on. The Chestnut team all have access to this. The email will act a bit like a virtual classroom, so it would be lovely to hear from you. Of course you can ask us questions about the work you are doing, and we’ll do our best to help you, but it would be lovely just to hear what you’re up to and how you’re keeping yourselves busy!

Stay home, stay safe. . .

Stay home, stay safe. . . 1

As we enter a new way of virtual learning, for now, please find attached home learning for this week. We hope you will find these helpful and easy to use. 

Please send us any photos via Tapestry, we would love to see them!

We are missing you already. Please do keep us posted on your learning, either via the email set up or via Tapestry. We will check these daily.

Remember, we are still here to help.

From Everyone in the Chestnut Team!

Keeping fit - Try giving this a go. . .

Keeping fit - Try giving this a go. . . 1


Ruth Miskin is showing free phonics lessons on her website for the next two weeks.

Please go to

Go to the tab titled 'Find out more' and scroll down to 'Help during school closure'.

Choose videos (you tube link) for 'Set 1 Speed Sounds' at 9:30am

Bog babies

Term 4 information 2020

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a lovely Christmas.

Wow slips.

Please do send us in any 'wow' moments your child has at home. We will add them to their 'Learning journey'. Alternatively you may wish to upload any photos, pictures, writing or learning to their Tapestry account. We love sharing their learning at home in school!

Wow slips

Hello and welcome to Chestnut class!

We are so impressed with how Chestnut class have settled into school. 

They have quickly picked the routines and have already started learning their first sounds. Please do ask if you have any questions, we are always happy to help. 

From The Chestnut team.



Cued Articulation

Still image for this video
Here are some of our children signing the sounds of the alphabet A-Z and showing the 2 common ways of saying and signing Y.