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Thursday 4th March 2021




Today is ALL about celebrating books! Of course that means a deviation from our usual home learning plan. As we discussed on our Zoom call yesterday morning, there are LOTS of activities for you to choose from today. 

Wonderful Mrs Woodhouse created the below 'World Book Day Bingo' grid, which details a whole host of reading-related activities. 



You can also open the grid here:

World Book Day Bingo Grid

How many of these activities can YOU complete today? 


You had some FANTASTIC ideas yesterday in our Zoom call, too. 


  • Designing a new book cover for your favourite book 


  • Creating your own mini-book 


  • Creating a crossword or quiz with book-related questions


So please feel free to choose an additional activity like that, too, if you wish. yes


There are also three videos of Ash children reading a story that you might like to listen to:

  • Supermarket Zoo read by Kian
  • A Kitten Called Moonlight read by Isabella
  • Jumblebum read by Joseph

What a wonderful idea, thank you, Ash Class! heart


We will ZOOM at 1.15pm. Bring your favourite book along to show off to us. If you like, you can also bring an object as a clue for us to guess it, too. If you want to, of course. 

E.g. If my book were 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', I could bring a chocolate bar as my clue. 


If you would like to dress up - you are more than welcome to! laugh