West Malling CE Primary School

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West Malling CE Primary School

– and The McGinty Speech and Language Centre

We Maximise Potential

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Who's Who

Head teacher:                                  Mr M Clark
Deputy Head teacher:                     Mr D Rye
                                      Mrs D Woodhouse                  (KS1 & Foundation Stage Leader / Year 1)

                                      Mrs J Lyall                               (KS2 Leader / Year 6)

                                      Mrs B Bartholomew                 (Head of McGinty Centre / KS1)
                                      Mrs G Adam                            (Inclusion Leader)
                                      Mrs J White                             (Families & Community Manager)
                                      Mrs C Petrucci                        (School Business Manager)
Teachers:                    Mrs J Lyall                                     (Year 6)
                                      Miss D Morrish                             (Year 5)
                                      Mrs E Reeves & Mrs L Sands    (Year 4)
                                      Mrs K Hillsdon & Mr D Rye        (Year 3)
                                      Mrs S Ogden                                (Year 2)
                                      Mrs D Woodhouse                      (Year 1)

                                      Mrs L Penfold                             (Year R)

                                      Mrs B Bartholomew                 (McGinty Centre - Foundation & KS1)

                                      Mrs Z Parsons                         (McGinty Centre - Foundation & KS1) 

                                      Mrs F Ray                                 (McGinty Centre - KS2)
HLTA:                            Mrs J Lofting


School Librarian:         Mrs C McConnel

Teaching Assistants:   Mrs J Smart
                                       Mrs G Hobley
                                       Mrs C McConnel
                                       Miss G Brookes
                                       Mrs J Harris
                                       Mrs D Fuller
                                       Mrs F Macdonald-Gay
                                       Miss E Fuller
                                       Mrs L Babadi 
                                       Mrs H Martin                      (1:1 TA)
                                             Mrs S Cantello                   (a.m main school/p.m McGinty Centre)
                                       Miss H Burr                       
(McGinty Speech & Language Centre)
                                       Mrs D Head                        (McGinty Speech & Language Centre)
                                       Mrs A Denby                      (McGinty Speech & Language Centre)
                                       Mr R Huggins                     (McGinty Speech & Language Centre)

                                       Ms S Skelly                        (McGinty Speech & Language Centre)

                                       Mrs E Manson                   (McGinty Speech & Language Centre)

Office Staff:                 Mrs C Petrucci                  (School Business Manager) (Tues/ Weds)
                                       Mrs D Atkinson                 (School Burser) (Mon/ Weds/ Thurs)
                                       Mrs T Holman                   (School Administrator) (Mon/ Tues/ Thurs/ Fri)
                                       Mrs J Spencer                   (School Administrator) (Wed/Fri only)
                                       Mrs C Snell                        (SEN Clerical Assistant) (Mon-Thurs)
Site Staff:                      Mr M Shield                       (Site Manager)


Breakfast Club:            Mrs J Smart
                                       Miss H Burr
                                       Mrs L Bennet
                                       Miss J Houston

                                       Mrs S Hook

Lunchtime Staff:         Miss J Houston
                                       Mrs L Bennet

                                       Mrs H Wenborn

                                       Mrs S Hook
                                       Miss A Hay
                                       Miss I Webb

                                       Miss L Crann