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Year 6 - Ash Class

Picture 1 Reach for the Sky!

Welcome to the new Ash page

I hope you are all managing to have some fun and stay warm in this snowy weather but if we are to continue to reach for the sky, the leaning must go on!


Please remember that you all have books allocated on Bug Club - so log on to have a read and try some comprehension activities.


Mathletics has been updated with current activities on fractions, decimals and percentage - have a go and see what you can remember!

Please read the Easter fundraising letter below which was due to go home this week.

Writing - creating tension and suspense!

Try writing a short paragraph that is full of tension and suspense - remember the techniques to use:

  • short snappy sentences
  • punctuation - use of ellipsis
  • sentences that appeal to the senses
  • metaphors and similes


You could write about:

  • walking through the woods in the snow
  • a noise in the night
  • overhearing a whispered conversation
  • or something else?

Vocabulary Lists

Print out the following maths and grammar vocabulary lists, write the definitions for each word (look them up if you need to) and work on learning them.

Grammar Board Activity

Choose a page from your reading book at home, find an example of each of the items on the grammar board and write the sentence in the box.  See how many boxes you can fill.