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Welcome to the Friends of West Malling C of E Primary School’s PTA Page

About your PTA
Our aim is to benefit your children’s learning experience, and we do this by organising activities to raise funds. The money raised helps to buy equipment or provide opportunities that help your children learn and have fun in the process. Some of our activities are not about making money but about giving the children an experience that they may not have otherwise had. For more details please go to About your PTA.

“We are all volunteers. Whether parents/carers, staff or friends of West Malling C of E Primary School, your contribution makes a huge difference. Thank you.”  
Pippa Blythe (Chair)

Upcoming PTA Meetings
Friday 19th January 2018
Venue: Portacabin
Time: 1:30pm

Please come and join us and see what we have planned for the coming year. Small children welcome!

Latest News
The Giving Machine
As of the end of January, 47 givers from our school have made purchases raising an amazing £558.73! Thank you very much for your continued support for The Giving Machine!
For more details please go to PTA Giving Machine.