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"Let your light shine”, Matthew 5. 16

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Keeping Children Safe

West Malling CE Primary School and McGinty Language Centre Safeguarding Statement



“Safeguarding Children is Everyone’s Responsibility”


Keeping children safe at West Malling CE Primary School is everybody’s responsibility and we are committed to working with partner agencies to ensure that children are protected and safe from harm. All staff must be aware that there is a clear duty for everyone supporting or working with children and young people to safeguard and promote the welfare of every child. Each individual employee is expected to carry out their responsibilities in such a way as to minimise risk of harm to children or young people and promote their welfare in accordance with the Children Act 2004 and Working Together to Safeguard Children, HM Government.

All staff should carry out their functions and duties to support and enable West Malling CE Primary School to fulfil its statutory obligations with regard to keeping children and young people safe and protecting them from abuse or neglect, getting the right support in place as early as possible and creating an environment which promotes their wellbeing and life opportunities.



Everyone working with children and young people has a role to play in improving outcomes for children and ensuring they are safe.


All West Malling CE Primary staff have a statutory duty to report concerns to the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead who will consider whether the matter should be reported to the local authority.


It is important that children and young people are listened to and taken seriously should a disclosure be made. In the case of a child who makes a disclosure against a professional or adult working with children these allegations must be referred to the Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) and guidance is referenced below.


Safeguarding in Education

Safeguarding and Child Protection training is mandatory and the minimum requirement is for staff to receive refresher training every 3 years. The training is divided into levels:


  • Levels 1 and 2 for staff who have no contact with children in their role or who have limited contact with children and young people under 18 or visit schools or other settings

  • Level 3 for staff who visit family homes, undertake direct work with children and young people and/or have unsupervised contact with them. .


Key contact personnel in School


Designated Safeguarding Lead(s) : David Rye (Head teacher), Gay Adam (Inclusion Leader), Joanne White (Families and Community Manager)

Named Safeguarding Governor : Ann Lee

Click on the link below to visit our School Policies page, showing our Safeguarding and Child Protection Policies.

We want to help parents and carers talk to their children about staying safe.


The Underwear Rule - PANTS - is one way of helping promote awareness of and preventing child abuse. No adult wants to have such a conversation with their children, but thankfully it does not have to be scary. In fact, you don’t even have to mention ‘sexual abuse’. Simple conversations really can help keep your child stay safe.

The NSPCC have developed a series of materials to help parents and schools pilot their way through this difficult subject.


Please have a read of the parents guide as this will help you have that conversation with your child